Is an Online Jewelry Business Your Heart’s Desire?

If you are thinking of starting a business online selling bead jewelry designs, the thought is absolutely attainable.

If you are already making your own bead jewelry and often get requests from others asking you to make items for them, there is a strong possibility your bead jewelry designs would sell online.

Are you ever asked or stopped suddenly and asked, “where did you get that pair of earrings?” If so, consider making bead jewelry for sale online.

There is a strong possibility the bead jewelry you like to wear is in demand by many other people. Don’t get carry away too soon. Keep in mind any kind of new business takes time to make money and make a presence online.

Start out by setting yourself a budget on how much to spend on materials. Don’t overspend initially and lose your goal by not being able to recoop the initial investment. It can be a little confusing especially with bead work to know just exactly what to spend on materials in order to make some profit.

It takes time and much work, so do not think this is a get rich quick scheme. You must absolutely LOVE to make bead jewelry and wear the items yourself as well, that is, in my opinion if you ever becme successful at selling bead jewelry online or elsewhere.

If you like using a lot of different types of jewelry components, making bead jewelry is the perfect hobby and/or business for you. Of course, you will need more raw materials than a designer who specializes in a certain type or style of jewelry.

Beads are available in an endless variety of shapes, colors, designs and jewelry components are the same. You can always, however, settle upon a few designs at least to start out with to make your initial purchase of raw materials more feasible and cost effective.

Another important consideration in the beginning is to determine how many products you can make in a certain period of time and where will you sell them online. In addition, where is the best place to buy your materials.

There are a variety of choices of “where to sell.” For example, Etsy is probably the most popular choice for handmade items. Ebay is also another auction type choice and you can build your own website.

Keep in mind though if you put up your own website, you will need to do all your marketing for that website, whereas with ebay and Etsy, the marketing is a little easier. Getting traffic to your listings is still a lot left up to you, but at least, you have a head start with Etsy and Ebay, two already popular sites for selling almost anything.

There is the usual word of mouth selling, business cards and flyers everywhere as well that you can begin utilizing immediately as marketing and promotion tools.

Consider how much you need or expect to sell your items. Check out prices from your competitors. Consider acquiring a mailing list to send out specialized information about your designs or jewelry making in general. Once you get started, you will be plenty busy with many aspects of your online business.

It is not one of those jobs in which you can work at from 9:00 to 5:00 and then be done with it. Consider it to be, at least at first, somewhat of a much longer work day than you would have to work for someone else.
Starting, owning and maintaining an online business is not as easy as most people would like you to think. Being your own boss is nice and being able to work in your own space at times in which you decide is nice, but in the long run, you will more than likely find out it could be even more difficult than working for someone else selling their jewelry designs.

However, don’t be dismayed, if an online jewelry business is what you want more than anything else, then it is very possible.

Good luck and stick with it. You can succeed if you really want to.

Written by: Connie Limon

Carmilita Earrings

Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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