Getting Started with Seed Bead Jewelry: What Supplies Will You Need?

Have you heard of seed bead jewelry? This kind of jewelry is also referred to as “beadweaving.” The process involves stitching tiny glass beads together using a needle and thread and I mean really, really tiny seed beads are used for this type of jewelry art work. The basic supplies are easy to maintain. It will be your patience the hardest thing to master as a beadweaving artisan jewelry maker.

There are several tools to buy if you really want to master beadweaving to make seed bead jewelry. If you want to try a little at a time, then just purchase what you need for a simple project to start out with. You might find seed bead jewelry is what you like the best and then again after completing a small project you might just ditch the entire thoughts of seed bead jewelry.

I actually am not very interested in this type of jewelry at this time. I might be in the future, but I thought well just because I am not interested does not mean someone else will feel the same.

Basic Supplies You Will Need:

Seed beads is top priority on your list of supplies to purchase. There are a variety of seed beads to choose from as you might guess such as Japanese seed beads and Czech seed beads. I have read in different places the Japanese seed beads may be best for a beginning seed bead jewelry artisan.

The choice of course is totally yours. From what I have seen in comparison of prices between the two types of beads, Japanese seed beads may be just a little more expensive, yet might be less frustrating to work with as the holes in Japanese seed beads are more even making it easier to pass needles back and forth through as you will need to in completing projects.

Silamide beading medium size “A” such as off white or light gray is a good choice to start out with for seed beading thread.  Silamide beading comes on large spools that look like big sewing spools while some smaller amounts come on cards instead.

Silimade is good also in that it comes waxed eliminating this step to do after purchase and allowing you immediately start to weave beads. This is just one example of a good beading medium to start with.

If you like a product that comes in different colors, you will like the Silamide beading medium as it comes in a variety of colors which allows perfect matching of color of beads to thread.

Your next priority tool is a beading needle. They are a lot larger than a sewing needle but resemble them quite a bit. Invest in a high quality beading needle. Purchase a needle between the sizes of 10 and 13. You will also need to purchase a bead tray unless you have some low bowls to put the seed beads for easy retrieval.

A well-lit area to work in is an absolute. Some kind of mat to keep beads from rolling away from you is essential. A piece of fleece or felt works very well. Trust me, if these beads start rolling off your table, you will have a heck of a time gathering all of them back up. Use any kind of surface that keeps this from happening. Also be sure and invest in a small scoop to help you quickly scoop up beads to put back into a container.

That is about all you need to get started as a seed bead jewelry artisan with an easy first project.

Written by: Connie Limon for Carmilita’s Handmade Jewelry

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