What is the Most Perfect Piece of Heirloom Jewelry Easiest to Pass Down Generation after Generation?

Are you thinking about one specific piece of jewelry that would be easy to hand down generation after generation? A locket of any kind might be your answer. A cameo locket might be an even better answer. How many times have you read here and there that “gold lockets” are usually basic to every woman’s jewelry wardrobe? Oh, you might say not even one time. Well, it is true though, even if you have not read this fact, “gold lockets” are basic to any woman’s jewelry wardrobe. If you don’t have a “gold locket” in your jewelry collection, then you need to go out and buy yourself one, because this piece of jewelry is an absolute must and basic accessory for any woman’s jewelry wardrobe. In addition to that, it is an easy piece of jewelry to provide as a heirloom generation after generation of people in your family. Now doesn’t that sound spiffy? I think so.

If you already have a gold locket, buy yourself a “cameo locket” as the piece to hand down generation after generation. And….if you don’t have a locket at all, then start with a “cameo locket.” The cameo locket is fabulously beautiful. This is why I tell you now you should have a cameo locket in your jewelry collection. Don’t leave home without it!

Right about now I am certain you are asking, well why a cameo locket? What is so extra special about the cameo lockets? Read on. I am about to tell you. The cameo is an absolute classic. It is a molded image of a woman’s profile complete with the high collars and the hair all done up in a spiffy looking do. She has the face of an angel. Set the classic cameo on classic gold and you have got yourself a classic heirloom piece easy to pass down generation after generation of people in your family tree.

I have a pair of cameo dangle earrings I am considering seriously of handing down to my grandsons in the hopes they will give them to their daughters and their daughters will give them to their daughters. You get it now. What I am telling you about the cameo is something very worthwhile to know.

The cameo locket is a bit different. The most common cameo is the antiques that feature a white molded image set against a colored background. My cameo dangle earrings are of the most common type, white, but get this, set on powder blue ovals. I love them. Yes, I own them. They are really pretty.

A traditional cameo locket is a pendant featuring a classic cameo over top of a gold locket. Oh, so pretty…..yes these are pretty. I recommend you find one right away as these make great heirlooms to pass through generation after generation of your family tree. The classic cameo paired with a gold locket makes this locket extra special. You are pairing the timeless beauty of a cameo with the nostalgia of a gold locket. Get it? How simply marvelous! I know you will agree a cameo gold locket makes an excellent jewelry piece to hand down generation after generation of your family tree.

Moving along here, since you want this locket to last for many years being passed through many different generations of people, you will want to shop for the best in a classic cameo set over top of a gold locket. Charming! There will be many options once you start looking.
Here are some things to look for once you start shopping for this family heirloom. Of course you do not have to go with a gold locket as there are other options, however, since you are going to make this a heirloom piece you will need to choose a locket extra durable. The gold meets this requirement of durability.

Next, consider the karat weight of the gold. Do not choose 22 karat weight as this might seem like the best option due to the high number, however, the higher the karat weight, the softer is the piece even though it is more pure gold, higher karat weighted gold is softer and less durable. You might end up with a locket that has dents and scratches after a few years of handing it down. Choose an in between number like 14 karat gold instead of the higher weight in gold. Now we have narrowed things down a bit to a classic cameo on top of a gold locket that is 14 karat gold.

The next thing you will need to consider here is the actual size of the cameo locket. As you would guess cameo lockets come in several different sizes making your choice here a little more difficult.

What is your bone structure and the bone structure basically in the females of your family? In general, the smaller the woman is the smaller the locket should be. There are exceptions to this rule. One exception is perhaps you just in general like larger cameo lockets. When you open up the little secret door the treasure you see inside can be larger. This can make a big difference in what you eventually purchase.

Once you have answered all the necessary questions about size of cameo, size of locket, weight of gold, you are then ready to go shopping for the most perfect piece of jewelry to hand down as a heirloom generation after generation “easily” of people in your family tree. Now there, this turned out easier than you thought it would be. Right? Of course, I am right. You agree. Don’t you?

Written by Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan
Carmilita’s Earrings: https://carmilitaearrngs.etsy.com

Meet Faith

dangle earrings faith

I added these earrings to my “Carmilita’s Fancy Dangles” collection. The colors are Aqua, light blue and peridot. The findings are all silver plated. I assembled this pair of earrings all by hand using an earring jewelry kit.

Each pair of earrings in the Carmilita’s Fancy Dangles has a female name beginning with the letter “F.” This pair is named “Faith.”

Faith is the belief in something that has no solid proof of being a reality, such as having faith in God.

When you wear these earrings, it is my hope and prayer you will begin to have a greater faith in God to guide you along life’s way as well as to answer your prayers in whatever need you may have.

I of course do not guarantee an increase in your faith or anything happening due to your faith just because I have said this, but I have prayed this prayer now that whoever purchases these earrings will be a person who will gain faith in God.

Materials used:
2 silver plated 11×15 mm leverback hooks
2 silver plated 2″ head pins
2 silver plated 2×6 mm 4-leaf bead caps
2 silver plated 3mm rounds
2 silver plated 2x6mm beaded rondelle metal beads
2 aqua AB 12x9mm glass crystal rondelles
2 peridot AB 6×4 mm glass crystal rondelles
2 light blue flower beads

Shipping is FREE on this item. Add 25 cents when purchased with other items.

Purchase Faith here: Carmilita’s Earrings