Summer 2015 Most Popular Jewelry Trends


Do you like following the seasonal trends in fashion and jewelry? Actually I am not a person who does this. I choose whatever suits me at the moment in time regardless of whether or not others think it is the hottest thing for the season. If you are one who likes to follow each season’s fashion and jewelry trends. This article is for you.

For summer 2015 “statement earrings” seems to be one of the most popular predicted jewelry trend. The statement to make is “bigger is better.” Here again, is a spot in which I do not fit, as I like petite style earrings.

To get started following summer 2015 most popular earring trend, look or create earrings that really add something to your outfit. Again, my preference here is at least matching the color to whatever I am wearing and I wear petite all the time. I won’t be following summer 2015 hottest trends in jewelry, except in the area of “vintage,” as I am a pure vintage jewelry person at this moment in time. I like earrings that dangle like old fashioned lamp shades with sparkles here and there.

If you would like to start making your own earrings, dangle earrings are really very simple to make. As with all bead jewelry, the creative possibilities are endless. Matching beads and findings to your outfits is very easy.

You will probably be seeing a lot of “wood jewelry” this summer 2015 as it is predicted that “wood” for jewelry making materials is going to be extra “hot.” Look for wood slices, wooden beads, wood bangles and cut wooden shapes for your jewelry designs or finished pieces. Summer 2015 is going to be a season for the person with a taste for the naturalist. Consider staining rather than painting your handmade jewelry pieces to add to the “naturalist look” of these pieces.

Natural stones are also predicted to be incredibly popular for the summer 2015. Natural stones are similar to wood as they are still within that “natural material” category. The look can turn out to be Bohemian or an elegant vintage. I like more the elegant vintage, and is what I tend to wear most of the time.

Feathers and fur: Now here are two materials I have never used. It seems though the outlook for summer 2015 is going to include “feathers and fur,” going along still yet with the natural materials and the theme of “naturalist.” This look was popular back in the 1960’s when the hippies were making debut. On the runway we are seeing a return of this hippie/boho style for summer 2015 in feathered earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Again, the bigger the piece, all the better. Let your imagination run wild with feather and fur this summer for a hot summer 2015 jewelry look.

Are you just a little bit too much on the feminine side at times? Consider adding some chains to toughen up your look.

To achieve more of the hippie/boho look use wood, stones and feathers from earthy colors, hammered metals, animals, and fringe for the casual look in summertime 2015.

Ah, and last but least, for this article is the “vintage styles.” Here is where I stay most of the time regardless of the season or what I wear. It is a throwback in time. I love vintage just about anything. If you want to be right in fashion this summer 2015 you can go “total vintage” and be right in style. Pearls, lace, filigree and flowers are all basic staples for the vintage jewelry box that take you back in days gone by.

Written by: Connie Limon
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