The Art of Handmade Bead Jewelry: Jewelry Made from the Heart

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They say anything made from the heart is superior to all alternatives, and the same thought applies to the art that is handmade jewellery. Every kind of jewelry is beautiful, but there’s undeniably something wonderful in knowing the care it took to make a handmade piece. That each and every line was carefully sculpted with a human eye and a human hand, not chiseled out by some machine. Humans have a profound ability to draw out the beautiful from the bland, and where better to do this than in the objects we commemorate to beauty itself? More and more people are coming to see the true gift that handmade jewellery is, and it’s fantastic. There is something in the devotion required to make a beautiful piece that simply adds to the beauty, and that’s an aspect to jewelry those crafted otherwise will never be able to touch. Not to mention how much buying from a real artist helps them in their life and career. There’s a reason a shift is underway in the jewelry world, and why handmade art is at the centre of it all.

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Using Ornaments Made Of Christmas Beads During Christmas Festival — Fashion Beads and Accessories

During Christmas day each and everybody wants to have a fancy ornaments especially made of Christmas beads. Beads are well known for making glittering ornaments and that is why we always like to make our Christmas ornaments using them. In this case, we have to use Christmas beads to for making our ornaments. On the […]

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Ways to Spark Creativity for New Jewelry Designs

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When it comes to making jewelry, sometimes you may find yourself as a creative jewelry making professional getting a little stuck with coming up with some new ideas. If you rely on making creative jewelry to earn an income or potentially as gifts for the holidays, here are some ways that you can activate some extra inspiration for creative jewelry making.

Take from nature: going out for a walk or hike through a garden or even taking some time to browse through a greenhouse can give you some incredible inspiration for jewelry making. Nature has some absolutely wonderful blooms and colors. Emulating some of these colors which can be found in nature in your jewelry designs can make for truly inspired pieces.

Take a new approach: If you have a process that you generally use for all of your jewelry making, consider taking a new approach or potentially even working with some new materials. If you have always avoided using materials because they are difficult to work with, consider throwing old rules out the window and trying again. Taking on a new approach or even doing some research into some new materials you could be using, could help you find new levels of inspiration.

Talk to a good friend: getting some advice from a good friend or mentor could be all that you need to find a spark of inspiration. When we spend too much time thinking of our own designs or we get immersed in our own lifestyles, this can sometimes lead to our line of thinking staying the same. Speaking with other people is a great way to learn about new topics or potentially approach a situation entirely different.

Try different art form: Sitting down to write some music or even paint could bring you some newfound inspiration in your jewelry designs. Sometimes by activating another creative part of our brain, we can let that creativity seep into other aspects of inspiration like jewelry design.

Keep some of these top methods in mind for building more inspired jewelry!

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Types of Beads and the Collection of Thereof


Beautiful pieces of jewelry begins with “beads.” Buy what you love and what fits into your budget. Don’t worry about whether or not it is in style, a one of a kind bead, vintage or anything else. This article is about the different types of beads available. Once you select your beads, there is more fun in choosing your jewelry findings.

Creativity comes and goes. I was inspired just today when I read “pink goes with brown.” I just happened to have a few “bronzite semiprecious beads” on hand as well as some round pink crystals. In my stash of jewelry findings I was able to quickly whip up a pair of brown with pink drop earrings.

From there, I saw light blue also goes with brown. I just happened to have some light blue crystals that went well with the bronzite stones. I used the same antique silver-plated jewelry findings on both pairs, but with switching around the bead caps came out with two completely different pairs of earrings in more ways than “color combination.”

The feeling of creativity in bead jewelry making is like a sudden rush you get caught up in and end up with a finished piece of jewelry. I hang my fresh pieces over the lip of a coffee cup to be able to adore the finished piece away from the bead work board. Months later I might come back to these 2 pairs of earrings and say to myself, “hey those are really cute,” after I have long forgot the creative rush that created them.

Metal Beads include:

Gold-filled, Silver-plated, sterling silver, Gold, and base metal. There are other finishes such as antique silver, gunmetal, antique bronze and copper.

In this category of beads you will find spacer beads to accent and extend projects, spacer bars with 2 or more holes to keep multiple strands together. Bali-style beads have patterns created by tiny balls of silver and black within the recesses. Hill Tribe silver beads are handmade inThailand. They are mostly made up of rustic and/or natural scenes with light color and high silver content.

Precision Cut Crystal Beads include:

Of the highest quality and most well known are from Austria brand name of Crystallized Swarovski. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes. These beads will add flash and sparkle to your bead designs. You can also find a line of Swarovski glass beads.

Cultured Fresh Water Pearls include:

Shapes that are round, rice, rondelle, potato, stick, coin and keishi. Pearls are always classic. They add a beautiful deep luster to jewelry designs.

Gemstone Beads are some of my favorite beads to use in jewelry projects. Gemstone beads are formed from natural rocks like quartz, turquoise, amazonite, bronzite and many, many more. Shapes are also many. There is round, nuggets, oval, rectangle, rondelle. The finishes can be smooth, faceted or natural.

Glass and Crystal Beads: The best of these come from Czech Republic. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some of my favorite of these are the fire polished beads. Fire polished beads are those that have been heat-finished to create an iridescent glow.

Lampwork Beads are made one at a time. I have made a few pairs of earrings from lampwork beads. I think they are extra beautiful. Lampwork beads are made by heating the glass with a torch flame until it is molten and shapes around rods. Some of these beads are really unique and extra gorgeous within jewelry designs of matching sets like earrings, bracelet and necklaces.

The beads I mention here are probably the most common and basic you will find. There are of course many other different kinds of beads. You will find yourself at times overwhelmed by the selection of available beads today. If you select what you like and fits into your budget you most likely will be happier than trying to follow the latest fads or trying to find one of a kind beads that “you think” nobody else could possibly have. Think again! Somebody else does have those kind of beads. I honestly think there is a bead craze going on right now. They are so addictive. Before you know it, you will have a stash bigger than you will know what to do with, and still see yet another bead you must have for your collection of just beads, let alone what you might make with those beads.

Organization begins to become unreal, but the craze and conquest for more beads will continue on. Eventually you will say to yourself, “I will definitely make something with all these beads.”

A great beginner’s book for people interested in the hobby of bead work is “The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry” Written by Karin Buckingham, copyright 2010 Karin Buckingham. In this book she explains 14 stringing projects in detail; 7 connecting projects; 8 projects using fiber; the top 10 stringing techniques and more. If you are a beginner,you will love this book.

Resource used: “The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry” Written by Karin Buckingham.

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Stunning Jewelry Making Supplies That Can Add Life to Any Beading Project




Stunning Jewelry Making Supplies That Can Add Life To Any Beading Project

By Jasmin Z

When I first started designing jewelry, it seemed like a very difficult task. There are so many different types of jewelry making supplies, findings and tools to know about. The world of jewelry making has advanced a great deal and therefore for anyone to survive in this world, it is important to be familiar with the different jewelry making supplies that are out there. It is not just familiarity, but you must know how to use them in jewelry designing. Over the years, I have not only perfected my jewelry designing skills, but I have become more knowledgeable about the types of supplies that work and those they don’t work when it comes to meeting the demands of the customers.

These days, people are looking for creations that are unique and as a jewelry designer, it is important to incorporate elements that will help meet the growing needs and demands of the customers. Here’s a look at some of the stunning jewelry making supplies that I use to add life to my creations.

Mini tassels

Mini tassels made of silk with a golden binding at the top is one the most stunning elements that can be used in jewelry making. They are available in a variety of colors and they can be used as embellishments, connectors and even pendants.

Corrugated silver beads

These ball beads are great for beading, crafting projects and making earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and they work well with Swarovski crystal beads to create stunning jewelry pieces.

Gold filled cable chain

Now you can give your jewelry creations a golden foundation that is filled with splendid shine. These gold filled cable chains are durable and they last longer than those that are gold plated. They are an economical alternative to the high quality solid gold jewelry. They feature rounded links and they can accent any jewelry design or idea beautifully.

Rainbow moonstone cabochons

These are generally a white stone and feature occasional iridescence where their transparency ranges from translucent to opaque. Rainbow moonstone cabochons are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their body colors also vary greatly and some of them even feature the cat’s eye effect.

Personalized pendants

With the huge variety of personalized pendants available these days, it is possible to choose a color and metal of your choice and create custom necklaces for both men and women. Personalized necklaces can make great gifts as well. You have the option to choose initials of people’s names, full first or second names as well as how someone is related to you.

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Successful Jewelry Making Requires Successful “Organization”

Your best friend to creating fabulous bead jewelry pieces is organization skills. Set down to a mess of jewelry components and beads and you will soon find out creativity is not so easily achieved. Keep your beads and jewelry components nicely organized.

I find the simple plastic 12 or so individual compartments boxes ideal. They close shut securely and open up easily so you can SEE exactly what supplies you have on hand. Organizing your tools and jewelry components helps you to work faster and smarter.

Get started organizing by grouping like items together such as by color and design of beads, stringing materials, tools and so on. Create a specific spot for jewelry making and keep your supplies in that one spot.

Ziplock tight small baggies are great to store completed jewelry projects and supplies inside another tightly closed plastic container. You want to keep everything as free from air as is possible for longer life and preservation.

Organize your work space on a clean sturdy desk or table. Just about any kind of round container helps to keep tools in one place and easily accessible for the beginner.

As you progress with jewelry making you will add to your tool supplies and will require fancier organizational devices. Subscribe to a good jewelry making magazine for lots of ideas for homemade devices as well as retailers who specialize in organizational tools for jewelry makers.
Homemade organizational components might include a set of card catalog drawers for alphabetized by color boxes of beads.

Stringing materials can be spooled and hung on old towel racks on the wall.

A bead board can sit ready on top of your desk or table.

Proper organization is as essential in jewelry making as it is anywhere else in your life such as in your closet, kitchen or bathroom. As you go along making jewelry, you will discover more and more ways to help you work smarter and faster.

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Creativity Characteristics

What is creativity and is there a real connection between the genius creative person and mental disorders? What are some of the characteristics of a creative genius mind?

First of all the process of creativity is being able to come up with unique ideas about anything, but often these are unique ideas that look at problems in a different way and present solutions nobody else has thought of. Creativity is the force behind all novel inventions. We are partakers of many inventions around us generated by creative geniuses, some of which may have mental disorders and other may not.

Often the creative person has personality traits that enable them to see new associations between objects and concepts. They usually possess high levels of intelligence and are nonconformist individuals or always slightly different than the norm.

Psychologists for many years have studied and researched and tried to explain creativity using “theories.” They are expressed in the usual psychological terminology of “cognitive theories,” and “behaviorist theories,” “psychoanalytic theories,” and so on.

One theory about what creativity is talks about the creative process being something that happens by chance or by sudden accident while the person is trying out several methods. During the process of trying out different methods, suddenly you discover something totally unique and different.
While other theories suggest the creative process is more of trying to find out new relations between older known concepts. Creativity has been described by some thinkers as being a sudden moment of “insight.”

Psychologists believe all highly creative people have certain common personality traits. Among these traits are:

(1) Complexity: Creative people love complex situations and problems that presents them with a challenge of their own mental abilities;

(2) Flexibility: Highly creative people are very receptive to new ideas and possibilities that hep them move beyond traditional thinking patterns;

(3) Confidence: A person has to be bold, step out first or have leadership qualities that open up new paths and new possibilities. Creative geniuses possess extreme self-confidence and are leaders. They are those who “blaze” the trail for everyone else;

(4) Non-conforming: The creative process is one in which brings forth something new, unique or novel, therefore, creative geniuses will be different form the norm, they will be non-com-forming to those things that are in place or worked before, always searching for something better, unique, or new;

(5) Intuition: Highly creative people are extremely intuitive. They sometimes can scare you with their ability to read minds and people’s thoughts. Being able to predict people’s responses is part of being able to create as you have to know the order of things and be able to predict an outcome before the creative process can begin;

(6) Sensitivity: Highly creative people are usually extremely sensitive;

(7) Curiosity: One of the greatest characteristics of a creative mind is one in which is never satisfied, but always looking around themselves to know and learn new things. They ask a lot of questions sometimes as well;

(8) Knowledge: Creative people usually possess good general knowledge and are interested in several subject areas, not just one subject, but many subjects;

(9) Independence: Highly creative geniuses are independent thinkers. They have to be if they are going to move beyond the norms of any situation and discover the new and unique;

(10) Imagination: Highly creative people live in their own world of imagination. They have a highly developed and enriched mental life. They thrive on fantasies;

(11) Impulsiveness: The creative process is a sudden realization. Creative people thrive on suddenness and love to work on impulse. Something new is an adventure. Many people who are considered to be risk takers are actually just highly creative people craving the adventure and sudden happenings in life which sometimes can be reckless;

(12) Criticism: Highly creative people are extremely critical of themselves and others. They are always looking beyond for something different or something better, for some kind of improvement or change. As they criticize others and themselves new paths open up to them;

(13) Fluent: Highly creative people possess fluent thought processes and have a huge range of ideas they draw upon;

(14) Charming: Creative geniuses are full of charm, have a humorous nature to them, and a personal attractiveness that helps position them as popular and attractive people. They have to be somewhat charming in order to get their creative ideas heard or seen;

(15) Egoism: Highly creative people usually think very well of themselves and have a “me first” kind of attitude, yet they may also be very generous in nature as well;

(16) Original: Creative people have a love for something novel and original, something radically different from the norm of things;

(17) Disorder: Creative people may also have a love for disorder as they are easily bored with the routine of events or the predictability of a course of events;

(18) Loner: Creative people are often characterized as being “loners” according to many psychological thinkers, also maybe just a little neurotic at times. The genius mind is isolated from society so it can come up with something extraordinary or something out of the norm or just something that is “genius” or “never heard of before.” They tend to avoid a lot of social interaction mainly so they can be alone with their own minds of which they adore. This is especially true of the painters, the artists, the writers of novels and poetry. Many of these types of people lead reclusive lives;

(19) Motivation: Creative people are usually highly motivated, almost drive by an inner sense of a higher purpose of some kind in life. Many highly creative people become highly self aware and enlightened as well as believe in the unexplained divine purposes of their existence.

These are just a few of the characteristics of highly creative people. Different psychological thinkers come up with different characteristics, such as some characterized highly creative people as being hyperactive and obsessed with work, being wise rather than having common and simple intelligence.

Then of course there are the thinkers who will go so far as to say highly creative people end up more with some kind of mental disorder or are more highly prone to have a mental disorder that is somehow connected to their creative minds.

There have been numerous studies and research done about bipolar personalities and the connection to the creative genius mind as well as some forms of schizophrenia. However, at the same time, many thinkers will tell you it is the creativeness within these individuals that actually help to keep them sane and functioning.


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Materials Used
2 Gold Plated French Fish Earring Hooks
6 Gold Plated 9 mm Jump Rings
8 Hot Pink 3 mm shiny glass beads
2 Heart Lampwork Beads 15 mm size
12 gold plated head pins
2 oblong shaped glass beads in a very light pink see through color

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