Exploring the Positives of Nostalgia

You know, if we sometimes think of the past we might actually see it can be very rewarding. Some people say, “don’t live in your past, live in the here and now and look forward to your future. I say, think about your past and learn the rewards of feeling your life had roots and continuity. Thinking about your past relationships can actually make you feel good about yourself and your present relationships, that is, if you have moved on, moved forward and gain knowledge from the mistakes you made within them. If you find yourself not having learned from past relationship mistakes during times you look back, this could also be a healing event in that you now can see what you did wrong and can work toward improving. There is strength in “nostalgia.”

Researchers around the world today study the effects of nostalgia. Some researchers developed a questionnaire called the “Southampton Nostalgia Scale,” in social-psychology labs. After studying the effects of nostalgia some researchers conclude, nostalgia is not a disease, a sign or cause of emotional illness…..it is looking to affect us a lot better than was once thought. Some of those “good” effects are that nostalgia, or looking back in time and remembering counteracts loneliness, boredom and anxiety. Couples who share nostalgic memories feel closer to each other. On a cold, gloomy or rainy day people use nostalgia to feel warm and cozy. I have noticed sometimes during a light rain or thunder storm I will suddenly feel nostalgic, and begin to drift back in time often playing music that reminded me of my youth or days before now.

Nostalgia can also painful, yet still a bittersweet emotion and the final result can be to make life more meaningful in the present and death less frightening. Speak wistfully of your past and more often than not you will become more optimistic and inspired about your future.

Looking back on our life in nostalgic moments of time often makes us feel more human, not so perfect, but just a human being who had lived some, made some mistakes, had some happy times, had some sad times, had some victorious times, had some failures and so on. Every human being is subject to making mistakes and capable of gaining grand successes. We need not push our past so deeply within us that it is never part of our present day to day life. Nostalgia moments can be strengthening and extremely healthy thoughts. Did you get through some very hard times in your life? Remember those days and see how far you have moved forward now and you will feel a sense of immediate accomplishment that was not present before.

Nostalgia was actually one time thought to be a neurological disease and from a demonic cause long time ago around the 1600’s, but then again, around that time, there was many, many things people thought was “sick” that has now been proven to be otherwise and sometimes healthy mentally and emotionally.

Even in the 19th and 20th centuries nostalgia was thought to be an “immigrant psychosis,” a form of “melancholia” and perhaps even a mentally repressive compulsive disorder among other labels and thoughts.

When social psychologists began studying nostalgia in depth they found it to be very common around the world that included children as young as seven years old looking back fondly on special events such as birthday parties and family vacations. The topics among all age groups around the world of reminiscences nostalgic memories were universal about friends, family members, holidays, weddings, songs, sunsets, scenery, places and events. Stories were common at featuring the self as the protagonist surrounded by close friends.

Researchers try to distinguish reminiscing from nostalgia saying nostalgic memories can help people feel better. Most people admit to experiencing nostalgia at least once a week and sometimes even more often called up by negative events and feelings of loneliness. This is one of the reasons the social site of Facebook has become so popular. People are able to share their past memories in photos that helps call up their past and helps them to deal with who they are today, where they came from, who they came from and so on. It is proving to be very healthy to express ourselves in nostalgic ways. Many people live alone, young and old, and many people are confined within their homes. Facebook especially is a resource many people use to express nostalgic moments not even realizing they are coping naturally with the feelings of “aloneness and depression.” Nostalgic moments are healing moments in time and provide a form of therapy for those afflicted with depression and loneliness.

The memories are not always happy memories, but sometimes mixed with a sense of loss and regret, but on the whole, the positive elements prove to greatly outnumber the negative elements. There is even a magazine named “Nostalgia.”

Nostalgic stories might start badly, but often end well leaving the person feeling stronger and more belonging and affiliated with others around them. A person can even become more generous toward others when allowing nostalgic moments into their awareness and onto outward stories or expressions either verbally or written.

It has been discovered a quick way to induce nostalgic memories is through music. I know this one by personal experience with the help of You Tube. The videos of our past entertainers, such as Elvis Presley, for me, brought back tons of childhood and teenage memories. I could spend as much as 4 to 6 hours listening to Elvis Presley music and watching him in live performances on the videos others have shared on You Tube and receive an immense immediate stress relief and or escape from my present life into a past life that was filled with happy moments. I can go back in time as if I was there at the very moment, recalling those days in my mind and leaving my present world that may be a bit more chaotic than those days were. Nostalgic memories are very therapeutic for our minds and emotions.

Our own very special nostalgic memories belong to us; nobody can take those away from us. They are our treasures. It is no surprise to me that I have an interest in many things from the past even my most recent interest in “vintage jewelry.” I actually prefer watching old cowboy and western movies to newer movies. They give me a glimpse of what life was like in those days and I can then be so thankful for the improvements in which I have in this day and time. Exploring the positives of nostalgia is definitely healthy. If you ever hear somebody say, “you are crazy for living in the past,” or “don’t live in the past, live in the now and the present,” just say in reply, if you try to forget all your past and never recall it in written or verbal words, then you are the one who is really crazy and missing out on the healthy benefits of being able to vividly remember the details of your past life. Just stop for a moment, relax and indulge in nostalgic memories and see if you don’t come back up a stronger person for doing so.

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2 antique silver plated 1.5x4mm Rondelle metal beads

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2 Blue Diamond 12x9mm Glass Crystal Rondelle beads

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