Creating Halloween Memories with Hand Craft Jewelry

If you was a child who enjoyed Halloween, as an adult you will probably have some very cherished memories of those days. Did you receive or purchase Halloween jewelry? I would venture to say if you did, those pieces became keepsakes of your childhood Halloween memories. A spooky Halloween pin your 2nd grade teacher wore still lingers in your fondest memories of childhood school days. The handmade jack-a-lanterns you and your mom made together to sit on the front porch are still bright and vivid memories of a fun-filled, happy childhood. Did you ever dress up in frightfully fun Halloween costumes? Ah, if you did, those memories are sweet and cherished as well.

Years ago, Halloween costumes were all handmade and sometimes more often than not inspired by the child’s imagination who would wear them during Halloween season. You remember them. The old baggy clothes you found in an attic box one day while snooping around and the stockings were there too that became the foundation pieces of your Halloween costume. Get into the make-up that belongs to an older sister and smear it all over your face in the most spookiest way you can imagine. You want to look the scariest you most possibly can. Right? Halloween season is a time of “let us be as abnormal as we most possibly can be.” Let us see the witches fly on their brooms and the gobblins and ghosts invade us at the full moon. Let us scare the socks off of our next door neighbors when they open the door and we say “trick-or-treat?” That is what happens at Hallowen. Right?

And then the retailers caught onto it all and started making up their own versions what spooky really was. You liked those too, but… took some of the fun out of Halloween as well.

You can still make your own Halloween jewelry and buy it from retailers as well as make your own costumes. The choices are just greater now than they ever were before. Time is the problem. Families have so little time it seems to do anything extra these days. Still yet, no Halloween costume is complete without the jewelry. You have got have jewelry for your Halloween costumes this year.

With our days passing so quickly by it becomes more and more difficult to take the time to create a complete Halloween costume. Purchase the costume and make your own jewelry is one answer. Making fun Halloween jewelry with your kids is a great way to get in the mood for the rest of the upcoming Halloween season fun.

There are often Halloween jewelry kits in the crafts stores online and in shopping centers. Go purchase a few and surprise your kids with a fun night of making their very own Halloween jewelry this year. Give your children the same childhood memories you have now.

Meet Cecelia


Cecilia is a delicate looking, dainty little pair of dangle earrings, so beautiful she is in the colors of baby yellow and baby pink. Cecilia’s focal point is the yellow and flower beads. I have added her to my Flowers in Bloom Dangle Earrings Collection. She is finished off with silver jewelry findings. Cecilia hangs very elegantly about one inch from hook. I assembled this pair of earrings all by hand from an earring jewelry kit.

Materials used:

2 antique silver plated 11x15mm leverback hooks
2 antique silver plate 0.022 x1.75×0.07 ball pins
2 antique silver plated 4×10 mm Curly 5-leaf bead caps
2 antique silver plated 2×8 mm 6-Leaf bead caps
2 antique silver plated 4×5 mm bicone metal beads
2 pink 7×10 mm acrylic flower beads
2 yellow 6×12 mm acrylic flower beads
6 light rose 4mm swaroski crystal bicones

Meaning to the name Cecilia:
The name Cecilia brings to my mind “royalty,” in the most subtle form (christianity). It is a latinate feminine form of the Roman family name Caecilius derived from Latin caecus “blind.” Saint Cecilia was a semi-legendary 2nd-or-3rd- century martyr sentenced to die because she refused to worship the Roman Gods. They first attempted to suffocate her and when this failed, she was beheaded. Later in history she was known as the patron saint of music and musicians. The name “Cecilia” became popular or common in the Christian world during the Middle Ages due to the popularity of the saint. In England it was common spelled “Cecily,” and the Latinate form Cecilia began use in the 18th century.

Usage:English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German

One of my most favorite songs using the name Cecilia was sung by “Simon and Garfunkel.”

Cecilia’s Price is $15. This includes shipping charges.

Purchase Here: Carmilita’s Earrings