Jewelry Box Makeover Tips for a Rainy Day Plus Matching Jewelry to Clothes

Problem: Jewelry box is full of old, dull or not so exciting pieces of jewelry. Solution: Makeover to the rescue.
Are you tried of looking into your jewelry box and seeing the same old pieces of gold and silver jewelry day after day after day? It gets a little boring after awhile to pull out the same pieces of jewelry for the same outfits every day of your life. I agree with you on that.

You need to make some changes to brighten up your days. Don’t worry about the budget. There are many wonderful and beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry at bargain prices. Don’t be afraid to get rid of the old and bring in some new. It is time for a change in you.

There is no better place to start than right in the old jewelry box to help give yourself a perked up mood for tomorrow’s day at the office. Coffee is just not doing it for you anymore. You need some new and exciting fashion jewelry accessories. If you have a lot to spend then the happier you. You will have fun just building up a brand new collection, and then some more fun when you start wearing it and start receiving all those compliments for your new looks around town.

Steps to a brand new you in the jewelry box:

Look first at what you have now. I know I said just dump it all out, but wait a minute, there might be some pieces you can use with newer pieces that you can save. It is always an important step to first look at what you have to decide what is missing, and what you need to replace or add.
A good way to be able to see everything clearly is to lay out a huge piece of fabric, white if most of your jewelry is very colorful, and dark if you have mostly light colored jewelry. With everything laid out in a huge space you will probably find jewelry you forgot you had and could have been wearing all this time that now is ready to be added to your all new collection.

You might even think about a new jewelry box to place everything you decide to wear, keep or add. If you have a nice wooden jewelry box, think about a renewal process like a new paint job or decorating the box a little differently. It is the simple things in life sometimes that perks us up enough to reach higher. It is not good to stay “stagnant” in one place for very long periods of time.

If your jewelry is not completely visible to you, then how can you possibly be making use of it in the very best ways. It seems we are always confronted with the decision to protect our jewelry hidden away in air free boxes, but then at the same, tempted to know what exactly is inside the box and if we are forever hidden from what is inside the box, we never make full use of the contents of the box.

Your next step here is to get rid of any clutter you find in the jewelry box. Regardless of how well we think we have taken care of our jewelry there will always be times in which you are careless. Be aware that what you find during this step may be a little heartbreaking.

One of your favorite pairs of earrings has only one and even when you dump out the entire box onto the huge piece of material or cloth you still can’t find it. Face it. It is gone. You will never find it now. Perhaps it slipped down into the sink while you was busy washing your face some cold January night. You will sure not find it now.

The next good thought comes from, well maybe I can find a pair just like those or at least a pair similar. Right now is a good time to have out a pen and paper to start jotting down what you want to put back into the new box but do not have at the moment. A list of what to buy is what we must call this list.

In the old jewelry box you will also find broken necklace and bracelet clasps. Now how does that happen you wonder as you find each piece, and whoops, some broken beads or crystals with tiny chips. You begin to feel a little heart sick as some of these pieces were pieces you actually wanted to keep but now it is impossible. Cheer up. I have your solution. There are even prettier pieces than these that are broken. Add this to your list.
A good thing to know is if you find missing parts in good shape, lay them in a separate pile to make new pieces of jewelry later on. You will soon forget all about your favorite ones and have new favorite ones. The day you clean out your jewelry box will be a day of special cleansing in many ways.

The next step here is to think about what kind of clothes you wear on a daily or nightly basis. What are your favorite outfits? Visualize what is missing from each of them in terms of jewelry. Do you have jewelry in the correct styles and colors for every set of outfits you wear?

If you find that you do not, do not panic. I have the solution for you. Just know that these are obvious gaps you must fill in with new selections. Oh happy day you say, out with the old and in with the new!

Keep in mind those ethnic pieces you really loved at the time you bought them will not go with the usual attire worn in offices and the plain silver chain necklace with the cute little tea kettle charm will certainly look out of place at the company’s party. Consider removing the charm and using it for something else. A box, or bowl right now will probably make a good place for your recycled items. Just make some mental notes as you go along if your list on paper becomes to hard to keep up with. Some things are easier to remember than other things.

Adding to your new jewelry box or replacing items into a new jewelry box:

A focal point to whatever you wear is always an important element you should never overlook. Think of adding jewelry pieces to your collection that will enhance your entire look instead of just your clothes. Every outfit needs just one focal point in reality. Of course, you can have more if you wish, but why overdo things and why go over board when less may be the correct answer. At least one is your first objectives is to find just one focal point with jewelry to help enhance your entire look.

When you begin to shop for new jewelry try to go on one shopping trip in which you just look for jewelry that stands out from all the rest. Now I know this is difficult as there is so much jewelry out there in outer space and inner space it really makes it difficult to choose just a few pieces that stand out from all the rest. If you try real hard, you can do it. You spot some that stands out from the rest, now take it off the hanger and if it makes you smile, purchase it. We want our jewelry to make us smile and feel happy on the inside. With this technique you then match up the jewelry that made you smile to clothing that fits you well or fits the season in which you are in or the event in which you wish to attend. In most cases, the use of this technique will take you beyond a regular jewelry store retailer and into the hands of a handmade jewelry artisan or attend jewelry craft fairs and shows. Regular jewelry store retailers that produce mass quantities of pieces of jewelry just does not satisfy the person who yearns for “something more” than the ordinary.

I will just share with you here my complete process and journey when I started working as cashier at the Barrel. They require a specific style of dress each shift with very specific requirements in color and style as well as what earrings a woman can wear. I had to go through this very process to find what would work for me. I ended up hand crafting my own stud earrings out of glass cabochons and and stud earring backs. Perfect solution for me! Instead of happily choosing an outfit for each shift of work as I would do in an office environment I happily choose a pair of earrings with a pop of color on each side of my face for each shift. I put them on and they make me smile. I have a very satisfying collection now of glass stud earrings in an array of patterns, colors and glass designs all smaller than a dime (which is part of this job’s requirements).

I know this jewelry make over project is beginning to be a huge project! Look at it this way, wait for a rainy day in which you can do not much of anything else for your jewelry box makeover. Then, wait for a bright and sunny day to do your shopping. Sunny days usually brings a smile to everyone’s face anyway! Inner happiness comes in small pieces.


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Buying Jewelry for a Very Special Lady

Do you really worry about buying jewelry for your special lady? If you do, there is no need to keep worrying. I am about to ease your mind. Before you set out on a journey of buying your love a special piece of jewelry for a gift make a few decisions first. Do some research. Gather some information. Think about it.

Questions to ask:

What type of jewelry does she like or do you see her wearing most often? Easy one. Right?

Would you like to see her wear jewelry but she does not wear it? Then ask her what she would prefer to wear if you began purchasing jewelry gifts for her.

Does she wear silver or gold? Usually every woman has a preference between silver and gold jewelry pieces.

Does she wear delicate pieces of jewelry or big statement types of jewelry?

Does she have a favorite color and what is her birthstone?

If you notice she wears certain pieces of jewelry a lot, consider getting her a piece of jewelry that will compliment her favorites.

A lot of women have specific pieces of jewelry they wear almost every day. Does she always wear earrings and sometime a necklace or does she wear bracelet, necklace and earring sets? There are beautiful beaded necklace, earrings and bracelet sets available. If she is a bead person, you can’t go wrong with a beaded set in a color combination that matches a particular outfit she likes to wear or a set that will go with several different outfits.

If you can look into her jewelry box it will give you many clues of what she has already purchased. If you see pieces of jewelry you never see her wear, then that is a clue to NOT buy the same kind of pieces for her as a gift. If you see pieces in the jewelry box that you see her wear a lot, then that is a clue to purchasing a jewelry gift she will most likely wear often and like to wear.

As you are trying to put together all the information you will need to start shopping you might also think about looking through a few magazines together and see what catches her eye. You can even find clues to what kind of jewelry she would like by watching T.V. closely with her. Comment on jewelry you see women wearing on T.V. and ask her what she likes and does not like.

Handmade beaded jewelry is a great choice if you find out she likes the styles. You can purchase handmade beaded jewelry pieces without having to take out a loan or make payments. The great thing about “beads” is all the color choices and the variety in how the pieces are made.

Once you have gathered all your information using these tips, you should feel more confident in buying jewelry for your very special lady.

by: Connie Limon

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Choosing Appropriate Jewelry For on the Job Best Performances

Did you know your professional career performance is directly related to “fashion and jewelry?” If you have not thought of this before, just sit and think about it for a minute or two and see if you don’t agree with me on this one.
Many jobs will have a code of dress you will need to adhere to. Choose your jewelry to match whatever the code of dress is for you in your corporation, business or job. Avoid trying to show off every piece of jewelry you receive as a gift or purchase for yourself. Limit your jewelry pieces to go along with the style of your company’s dress code. In some cases, your company may even inform you of what jewelry is appropriate while on company time.
People in creative positions are usually able to choose trendy eye catching jewelry designs. If you work in a more serious occupation such as a bank, office or hospital setting, choose majestic designs having a simple size and look. Always match jewelry to your clothes or outfits.
Wear a tight or short necklace for open-necked dresses like those having a V neck or shirt collar. Long necklaces are suitable for high-necked dresses or blouses.
Small necklaces or earrings should be worn with hair kept away from the face and soft make-up, and should help keep the focus upon your jewelry.
Stay harmonious when choosing jewelry pieces. For example, if you wear a watch that is gold, then select other pieces of jewelry with gold components to harmonize with your watch. You can also match up your gold jewelry with a leather watch band. Diamond jewelry goes well with a white metal watch or watches with black leather bands.
Selecting the appropriate and harmonious jewelry pieces matching your clothes and your work environment helps you to appear more confident. Confidence is a key element in work performance, and performance is bottom line or main goal for any job career or position.
Whether you realize it or not, the type of jewelry you pair up with your clothes actually either helps to make or break your work performance. It is wise to keep this fact in mind as you choose your daily wear jewelry pieces for the job.

by: Connie Limon

Carmilita Earrings

So, just what is beaded jewelry?

It is a fabulous world of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings made from a wide variety of beads in an even wider variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Once you enter this magical world of glass beaded jewelry you most likely will never leave!

Glass beads are actually very simple and less expensive yet absolutely out of this world “stunning” works of art when artfully created into pieces of jewelry. Combine these exquisite little treasures with semi-precious stones or pearls and just see for yourself how pleasing they are to the eye and senses. Wear them and feel joy, happiness, elevated mood and sense of self esteem. Yes, it is true, all these things are true when you fall in love with beaded jewelry.

Women and men everywhere are now finding beaded jewelry made from glass beads and other kinds of stones and pearls are so easy to highlight and enhance any kind of outfit as you can mix and match the colors with absolutely “everything” you own in your closet.

Forget about just plain silver or gold jewelry. Step into the magical world of “beaded jewelry,” and experience a journey in jewelry like you have never known before. The feelings are “magical.”

Jewelry designers all over the world have finally learned “glass beads” instead of the more expensive precious stones such as diamonds and rubies are much more economical as well as “beautiful” in pieces of jewelry, on clothing, on purses, on shoes, on hats.

Have you ever seen anything in your life sparkle so beautiful as the “Swarovski crystals?” Well you might say, oh, you just have not seen some of the most beautiful diamonds and rubies in this world. I would have to say, I need to look no further as I am hooked and stunned by the shine and sparkle of the Swarovski crystals instead.

Swarovski AG  is an Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass (‘crystal’), headquartered in Wattens, Austria. They produce some of the most beautiful glass crystals you will ever see in a wide range of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes that can be assembled into a variety of jewelry designs. You wil be amazed at how beautiful the final product is.

Swarovski glass crystals are widely used by jewelry artisans all over the world from small to great to make amazing jewelry sets of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets for women, men and children.

Wondering what to give the little girl next door who sent your little girl a birthday party invitation? Give her a beaded bracelet made of pearl, glass beads and Swarovski glass crystals and watch her eyes light as she opens her package.

Buy exclusive handmade beaded earrings, bracelets and necklaces individually or as matching sets for every gift giving occasion year round. Women and men prefer exclusive and stunning jewelry made of colorful glass beads nowadays more than any other kind of jeweley. Don’t settle for just plain gold or silver pieces of jewelry anymore with a chip of a diamond or ruby placement. Shop for handmade beaded jewels instead.

Some jewelry artisans prefer to make their own lamp work beads. The process is heating a glass rod in a flame until it melts. As it reaches a molten stage, it is wound around a mandrel until a perfect bead is formed. There are many, many designs in the lamp work beads.

Believe it or not, some of the prettiest I have seen is on my website now. I have a pair of red and gold lampwork bead dangle earrings paired with gold jewelry components so perfect for Holiday Celebrations. I added these to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection. They are exquisitely beautiful. As light flickers through these beautiful red beads, there is a gold floral pattern inside the bead. I honestly would not trade this pair of earrings for a pair costing $1,000 or more. I have them for my everyday price of $15 with FREE shipping and in addition to receive a free gift with each purchase from that website.

It is a deal worth taking advantage of. What is the FREE gift? Just whatever I decide at the moment to place in your package. It could be a pair of stud earrings or another pair of dangle earrings. Don’t you just love getting surprises in your purchases from online retailers? A fancy jewelry store would not think of giving you anything extra. They mostly think of how much extra in money they can pull out of you. I purchased dangle earrings from a regular jewelry retailer online and did not even receive the “backs” to hook them onto my ears and for a price much more than I charge for exquisite handmade beaded jewelry. I never wear them. I always reach for beaded jewelry instead.

Bead Jewelry Artisans are some of the most creative people in art. Why is that, you say? It is due to the variety of colors, shapes and sizes of glass beads and other semi precious stones combined with the wide variety of gold, silver, copper, antique silver, antique gold, antique copper, gun metal jewelry componets.

The ideas for creative play with these jewelry pieces is absolutely endless. I can look at a pair of earrings and create a completely different looking pair just by changing the color of the jewelry components or the color, size, shape of the glass beads or stones. The variety here is what makes bead jewelry art so endless creatively.

If you have any kind of trickle of art creativity within you, I venture to say bead jewelry will get those juices flowing abundantly. If not, then just become a collector of these joyous creations and open up your world to a brand new collecting hobby. Find creative ways to display your collections and give, give, give to everyone on your gift list a fabulous piece of handmade beaded jewelry.

Carmilita Earrings

Written by: Connie Limon

Earring Style Tips to Compliment Different Shapes of the Face

Earrings are worn close to the face. It is important to create the best possible look to compliment the face. When deciding upon a pair of earrings take into consideration your skin tone, the time of year (fall, spring, winter or summer), clothes you wear, where you are going, and the statement you want to achieve.
A round face shape usually looks good in lean, long, angular curved lines of earrings to help make the face look a little longer rather than completely round. Choosing earrings in this category can add an angle to your face. Drop earrings as in dangles with oval and oblong shapes compliment the round face. A round face can also wear square and rectangular size earrings. Small stud earrings may not show up as well on a round face. A round face shape should probably avoid the small studs. Hoops is another poor choice for the round shaped face. Hoops might make your round face look chunkier.
A round face should go with a necklace style that will help make the face look longer. Choose a necklace that extends below the neckline (28″ to 32″) to help add definition to your face.
Short and wide styles of earrings look best on a diamond shaped face. Straight lines and curve combination work well for the woman with a diamond shape face. Studs of any size and small drop shaped earrings also look nice on a diamond shaped face. Try to avoid long earrings or thin earring styles. For the diamond shaped face choose chokers to help contrast and soften the sharp angle of the chin.

Women who have a square face look best in round and angular edge styles to help soften the face. Avoid hard angles and square shapes. Any other style usually looks good on women with a square face shape. If you desire to add roundness to your square face use hoops and curved edged earrings. Long tear drops also look good on the square face. Try the multi-tiered dangling styles to help give the square face length. For a necklace, choose a style that will make the face look longer. Necklaces that extend below the neckline 28″ to 32″ work well on women with square face shapes.
The oval face is said to be the most classic face shape. An oval face can wear just about any style of earring. Experiment with different shapes and styles to see which looks best on you. Ovals, teardrops, studs, and even fun cute looks look good on an oval face. It is the classic shape of face in which just about any shape or style of earrings looks good.

If you are a woman with the classic oval face and short hair, pearl, diamond and gemstone studs look great on you. One thing to avoid, however, might be extremely long and thin shaped earrings, even though an oval face could probably look “good” in any style, the extremely long and thin shaped styles sometimes makes the oval face look a bit washed out. Necklaces for an oval face can be either long or short. If you have a long neck with the classic oval shape choose a short necklace.
For the triangular face choose styles that will soften the sharp angles. Some good choices are large ovals or small circular earrings. Earrings with curves at the bottom help to soften a triangular face shape. Add a necklace that will lengthen the face, one that extends below the neckline 28″ to 32″ works well for the triangular face shape.
Do you have a long and/or thin face? Try wearing simple studs and elegant chandelier style dangle earrings. A three dimensional style will add roundness to the thin or long face shapes. Avoid flat and dangling earrings. Choose a choker for a necklace to help soften the overall appearance of the face.
The heart shape face should choose styles that are wider at the bottom. Tear drop dangles, elegant chandelier dangles and triangle shapes all begin with a point and work well for the heart shaped face. A heart shape face also looks good in circular and oval styles. Look for circular and oval styles that do not taper off at the bottom. The pyramid style earrings is an good choice for the heart shaped face. Avoid very short earrings of any kind.
In this article I shared a few basic tips for choosing earrings to compliment the shape of the face. Other decisions to make about choosing appropriate earrings involve where you are going, the time of year, and what clothes you are wearing.

by: Connie Limon




Materials used:

2 silver plated dangle earrings

8-  5 mm silver plated jumprings

14 – 2 inch silver plated headpins

4 – 4 mm Black Crystal Bicones

4 – Galaxy Blue 6 mm Glass Pearls

4 Turquoise 6 mm Glass Pearls

2 – Tourmalated Quartz Semiprecious Rounds, 8 mm

Carmilita Earrings

Carmilita Earrings