The Story of Gemstone Beads

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Semiprecious natural stones is what most bead jewelry artisans use today. Precious gemstones are more costly and less abundant than semiprecious stones. Common semiprecious stones are Agate, jade, quartz, jasper, and turquoise. You can find varieties of more expensive semiprecious stones in emeralds, rubies, amethyst, and citrine.

Did you ever wonder how semiprecious stones are shaped? It is all done by hand. The quality and cost of semiprecious stones are determined mainly by where they are made. India produces some of the most affordable gemstones. Gemstone beads from India are very colorful as well as beautiful, but their shapes and sizes are less consistent than more expensive gemstones made in China.

Gemstones that are treated with oil, dye, heat or injected with wax improve the look of a lower quality gemstone. Treated stones are less valuable than untreated stones.

A synthetic stone is still yet different from a treated gemstone. You will find many synthetic stones manufactured in jewelry in mass numbers and sold in common retail chains.

Synthetic gemstone beads are not really stones. I have seen bags of synthetic gemstone beads sold at places like Hobby Lobby and Wal-mart. Many of our name brand retailers carry jewelry made of synthetic gemstone beads.

It is rare that a bead jewelry artisan will use synthetic beads. We use mainly semiprecious and precious gemstones for jewelry projects. Synthetic gemstones are typically considered inferior to semiprecious untreated natural stones.

Common shapes of beads in general are:

  • round
  • tube
  • cube
  • oval
  • drop
  • barrel
  • bicone
  • coin
  • potato
  • rice
  • melon
  • wafer or disc
  • Keishi
  • chip
  • chicklet
  • donut
  • heishi
  • button
  • lentil
  • rondelle

Gemstone beads come in a variety of shapes and styles including:

  • Quartz
  • Agate
  • Obsidian
  • Carnelian
  • Citrine
  • Labradorite
  • Fluorite
  • Amethyst
  • Amazonite
  • Lapis
  • Malachite
  • Aquamarine
  • Sodalite
  • Onyx
  • Sardonyx
  • Azurite
  • Jasper
  • Goldstone
  • Rhodonite
  • Aventurine
  • Unakite
  • Garnet
  • Turquoise
  • Howlite
  • Bronzite
  • many, many more

You can find them in sizes from 4mm to 12mm and beyond. There are also chips and puff coins in the semiprecious gemstone family.

With such a variety as is available for bead jewelry artisans today, creativity soars, and the market for bead jewelry made from semiprecious stones soars as well.

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Aqua Glass Beads and Aquamarine Gemstones in Handmade Jewelry

One of the most feminine stones loved by most women is the “aquamarine.” The pretty blue color goes well with any complexion or eye color. These same qualities make the Aquamarine gemstone perfect for bead jewelry making. There are shades of lightest sky-blue to deep blue of the sea. Aqua glass beads and aquamarine gemstones explode with “romance,” which makes this particular color a perfect romantic gift to someone very special. It is a gemstone for lovers especially. Aquamarine in its different shades gently caress our skies. It is divine and eternal just as marriage is suppose to be. Give your spouse a pair of aqua or aquamarine gemstone earrings for your next anniversary present to celebrate the love and romance between you.

I love making bead jewelry using the “Aqua” color of glass beads. In this article I feature a pair of dangle earrings made with aqua teardrop glass beads. They are accented by contrasting beads in texture and colors for a high impact look. I added these dangles to Carmilita’s Simplicity Collection of Handmade Dangle Earrings in my Etsy Shop. (Link to purchase page at end of this article).

What feelings does the aquamarine gemstones evoke within us? I say those feelings are many times sympathy, trust, harmony and close friendships. The aquamarine gemstone’s ability to evoke such an array of positive feelings makes it one of the best gemstones to share with lovers or your spouse. Legends say, “carry an aquamarine gemstone to guarantee a happy and prosperous marital union.”

Water in the seas is light aquamarine blue. Of course water is a life-giving substance. Aquamarine blue brings to us a close view of the oceans. Legends say aquamarine gemstones are a lucky stone for sailors to carry out to sea. Never go on a cruise without your aquamarine gemstone to provide you with a safe journey. Before you go out to sea immerse your aquamarine gemstone in sun-drenched water to activate its luck properties.

Consider this pair of dangle earrings for your next cruise trip. Carmen is a pair of dangle earrings made with “aqua” crystal teardrop beads. Click link at end of this article to Carmen’s sale page for more information about this beautiful pair of dangle earrings made with aqua glass teardrop beads and contrasting colored, textured and size of round beads. The combination of different size, textures and colors in this pair of earrings makes for a “high impact” look you will love wearing as you cruise along the ocean’s aquamarine colored waters.


The aquamarine gemstone is ideal for necklaces, bracelets, earrings for the spring season and for Easter celebrations. Consider giving a handmade bead jewelry piece made with either aqua glass beads or the aquamarine gemstone for an Easter gift. Tuck it away inside a beautifully wrapped package inside someone’s Easter basket!

Combine aquamarine gemstones or the aqua glass beads with pastel light colored stones such as jade or light colored pearls. The aqua tear drop glass bead dangle earrings I feature here are made with Aventurine 6 mm semiprecious rounds and green 8 mm Cloisonne beads.

It is a pair of earrings made of contrasting materials, sizes and colors for a high impact appearance. Click on the link at end of this article to the purchase page to see more views of this beautiful pair of earrings. They are $15 which includes FREE shipping.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

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Cleansing Gemstones To Retain Healing Powers

There are beliefs among us that gemstones have healing powers. I can only speak for my own experience and know for sure I received a healing through the hobby of handcrafted jewelry. When I handle the jewels, the stones, the various jewelry components and assemble them together making a beautiful jewelry adornment I experience great relief of “tension and stress.”

It is a new feeling I have not experienced ever before. I can say for sure whatever the source is, I am experiencing now the healing powers of gemstones. I contribute the healing to come from the activity of creating which I contribute to prayers for help in a time of extreme emotional upheaval and crisis.

Many people feel like healing stones need to be properly cared for before their healing capabilities can be experienced. You might compare this process to a once cluttered desktop. During the time of clutter the owner cannot get much accomplished. Once the clutter is cleared away the owner can work more productively. It is the cleansing of the clutter on top the desk that sparks the flame to greater productivity or creativity. Some people believe it is the same with healing gemstone jewelry pieces. They need to be effectively cleansed in order to function appropriately.

It is felt “therapeutically,” gemstones release unwanted energies from the person’s body and aura. Again, I have to say I believe I have experienced this type of therapy while handcrafting bead jewelry. I do feel a release of unwanted energy as described above as being “tension and stress.” Tension and stress for me and anyone is certainly an unwanted energy that binds up the inside of us making us unable to function properly or productively.

But…..further in our study here of the healing power of gemstones is as those unwanted energies leave our bodies they may rest upon the gemstones that then must be cleansed in some way or another to in turn return to us their healing powers.

I can feel this sort of thing in “new” jewelry beads and stones and jewelry components, and after I have assembled them into a piece of jewelry, they are beautiful to look at and for a moment in time it seems I can feel the transfer of my personal tension onto them, then suddenly, they have to be stored away, and I need a new piece to transfer more of my own tension onto the new pieces. Sounds strange, but I am experiencing this now.
In order to revive the older pieces I store away I must now cleanse them and get rid of the tension that was transferred from me to them. Common methods of cleansing gemstones is running water over them, giving them sunlight, moonlight, and soil cleansing. I will choose sunlight, moonlight and running water. I can open my plastic storage boxes of pieces already finished and set them in the sunlight or the moonlight for sessions of cleansing.

There are also specific cleansing sprays on the market. Wouldn’t you know it. Someone out there observed that people with healing beads, healing jewelry will require a method to cleanse off the tension transferred onto these pieces and has created a product specifically designed for us, or is it specifically designed for them. Either way, it is a win-win situation for both of us. I still choose the natural method of moonlight or sunlight. However, it is believed by some people the commercial sprays (probably most who created the sprays to begin with) is the fastest, easiest and more effective way of all to cleanse gemstones and gemstone jewelry pieces.

Water may be damaging to certain kinds of stones, so I would limit the water method cleansing gemstones. Honestly, in judging by the number of dangle earrings I now have created from all the beads I need to handle, I must have had a serious bout of an emotional trauma requiring much more of a treatment than I realized.

I contend prayer sent me my relief, and it has been probably more expensive than the doctor’s prescription which may have been covered by my insurance. Yet, I think not as effective and I expect not to suffer financially at all from this remedy I received. In fact, I expect financial gain in a way that I never sought for through the lust of a dollar bill kind of feeling. God moves in mysterious ways for each of us, ways in which none of us may ever fully understand and what God does for us never brings any kind of harm to us, but only that which is good ultimately comes from God the Father in heaven who has sent me this particular healing remedy.

I do advise against water cleansing more if your water contains chlorine as the chlorine may eat away at the gemstone, not cleansing unwanted energies, but just destroying the gemstone completely. You don’t want this.

Bright sunlight is also another no-no as it may change the color of your stones, yet sunlight will loosen unwanted energies. Place the gemstones behind a windowpane and not out in the direct sunlight. Some authorities now advise against sunbathing gemstones, probably the group that has created the commercial spray for sale.

As for moonlight, I will use direct moonlight as I do not feel this is harmful. However, probably the creators of the commercial spray that you will have to purchase still advises you spray your gemstones with their commercial spray and then bathe them in the moonlight for a few hours. The choice is yours. I choose just moonlight cleansing as I feel the commercial sprays are more created for the money than anything else. Yet, be your own judge about it, and do whatever you think is best and whatever works for you best.

Another method for cleansing gemstones is if you live in the suburbs or a rural area, which I do, the gemstones can be cleansed effectively by placing outside on the soil or buried in it. This process is said to rejuvenate them with earth energy. Be sure your pets are not around during the process as they may dig up the gemstones and destroy them.

The makers of gemstone cleansing sprays tell us their product has solved all the issues involved with other natural cleansing remedies. They may have some good points which are: (1) sprays eliminate possibility of premature breakage; (2) sprays allow you to remain in constant contact with your gemstones; (3) Rhodocrosite, Fluorite and other soft gems are not at risk under the care of sprays.

There are claims that the commercial cleansing sprays provide many benefits such as (1) removing unwanted energies and the surrounding energy fields; (2) they can remove negative energies, emotional energies, thought forms, entity contamination, pain residues, electromagnetic radiation and accumulation of unwanted energy causing blurs. That is quite a list of positive benefits one might consider extremely valuable to abandon other methods of cleansing and purchase the commercial sprays instead.

Whatever method you choose, just know that it is necessary to cleanse gemstones from the unwanted accumulated energies transferred from you and the environment onto them in order to “unclutter” them and make them anew again with continued healing energy for you.

Written by: Connie Limon

Meet Azalea

dangle earrings azalea

Azalea is a beautiful blooming bouquet of flowers handmade dangle earrings. She dangles from the hook about 1 1/2 inch. She is made from an earring kit.

Materials used:
2 silver plated French earring hooks
2 silver plated 3 inch head pins
2 silver plated 2″ ball pens
22 Purple 5 x 9 mm Flower Beads
22 Pink 3 x 2 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Light Plum 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Rose Quartz 12 mm Semiprecious Rounds

Azalea’s Price is: $15 (includes shipping)

She will be securely wrapped and enclosed in a organza jewelry bag. She is suitable for gift giving for wedding gift or any other kind occasion.

I just can’t describe in words how truly gorgeous this pair of earrings really is.

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Handmade Gemstone Jewelry To Fall In Love With

Handmade gemstone jewelry is a term used synonymously with beaded jewelry made from gemstones. Typically the gemstones will have two holes for wire or thread to pass through. Cut stones commonly used in engagement rings are not usually handmade gemstone jewelry. However, diamonds, rubies and emeralds cut extremely round and small may be seen in some types of handmade jewelry.
The two main types of gemstones used in handmade gemstone jewelry are larger stones that can be cut into a variety of shapes either round, square, oval, twisted, and hammered stones. The hammered stones are commonly size 4 mm to 20 mm wide. The hammered stones are seen most common in chunkier styles of gemstone jewelry.

Fine faceted gemstones are usually round, briolette and rondelle in shape cut especially fine for the extra sparkle. You will find these gemstones in sizes ranging from 2 mm to 7 mm. The faceted types are very delicate. We see the faceted gemstones used mainly to create earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and hair jewelry. Headpins of various colors and materials are the foundation pieces to many styles of earrings. Wire wrapping is also a common technique using faceted gemstones to create delicate and petite looking handmade jewelry pieces.

How to choose the right sort of gemstone for you:

A larger build person obviously can more easily wear larger pieces of jewelry having the “chunky gemstones” as focal points. The tinier finer gemstones are sometimes worked within these chunky pieces as well to create a fabulous looking necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings that a larger build person can easily wear beautifully.

Many people prefer an organic look in jewelry collections. There is a beautiful range of large rough looking nugget gemstones that create exquisite looking jewelry. Some jewelry artisans may even mix in a few rubies, sapphires or emerald gemstones. You should keep in mind that the chunkier styles of jewelry are going to be heavier to wear as earrings, bracelets and necklaces or hair jewelry. If you are a person with very thin or fine hair you may not be able to use the heavier types of jewelry.

For the petite ladies, the smaller faceted sparkling gemstones styles are beautiful. Mix in some expensive rubies, emeralds and sapphires here and there with the sparkling gemstones and you have created a fabulous one of a kind look in jewelry accessories. Cut gemstones like those used in engagement rings are not the only types of expensive gems that can be blended in with the finely cut gems. Rubies and emeralds in a bead style make exquisite looking stones to be used in handmade jewelry pieces.

The wide variety of colors in gemstones attracts many people. There is lots of choice in gorgeous stones of many different colors to fall in love with. Handmade gemstone jewelry may quickly take the place with you of the more expensive types of jewelry on the market today.

by: Connie Limon

Meet Rosemary:
This is a bracelet and pair of earrings that goes to a set of 3, necklace, bracelet and earrings I am working on now for my Etsy Shop. I am planning to make the necklace today. This set is done in fall colors, but can be worn at any time. Visit my Etsy Shop here: Carmilita’s Earrings


The Fascinating Queen Cleopatra, Her Jewels, Her Powerful and Seductive Personality

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt known to us in history as “Cleopatra,” was the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. The meaning to her name, Cleopatra, is from the Greek name Kleopatra that meant “glory of the father.”

Her family was of Greek origin and members of the Ptolemaic dynasty that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great’s death. The Ptolemies spoke only Greek refusing to speak Egyptian. Cleopatra learned to speak Egyptian. She actually could speak nine different languages according to most historian’s documentations. Among those languages it is said she could speak Middle Egyptian, Aramaic, Syrian, Nubian, and Persian. She obviously had been in contact with many, many different kinds of people and cultures. She also obviously believed in reincarnation as she thought she was the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess, Isis.

Cleopatra at first ruled with her father and then later with her brothers. Eventually she was sole ruler of Egypt. Queen Cleopatra had a set of twins with one of her husbands, Antony, “Cleopatra Selene II and Alexander Helios as well as another son, Ptolemy Philadelphus. Unions of marriage with her brothers as was their custom at the time produced no children.

Antony, father of her twins, committed suicide after losing the Battle of Actium to Octavian’s forces. Cleopatra also committed suicide shortly thereafter Antony’s death according to their traditional beliefs killing herself with a cobra bite on August 12, 30 BC. How ironic….my birth stone is in August and is the Peridot. It has been said the emeralds Queen Cleopatra wore were actually Peridot stones instead.

In this painting of her at her death, I wonder if she was really found unclothed like this. I see what looks like a crown on her head and some “dangle earrings.” Is she wearing a pair of pants that in my traditional Pentecostal belief system today would be a deadly sin? No, she is wearing what looks to me like something similar to a dress. Perhaps she thought pants were a sin to wear as well as so many of the Pentecostal people I come from.

Queen Cleopatra has remained a popular figure in Western culture having a legacy that was obviously passed on through works of art and many dramatizations of her life’s biography in literature as well as media. I am usually one the very last of people in my surroundings to learn of things and quite honestly I am just now learning about Queen Cleopatra. I find her to be fascinating. I do remember Elizabeth Taylor acting in a movie about Queen Cleopatra. I will now have to see that movie straight through. I rarely get interested in movies of any kind except something “comical.” I am interested now though in seeing the movie where Elizabeth Taylor played as Queen Cleopatra. I think also Elizabeth Taylor was probably much more beautiful in real life, but one never knows. Beauty is always seen in the eyes of the beholder.

Examples of dramatizations and works of art include: William Shakespeare’s tragedy Antony and Cleopatra, Jules Massenet’s opera Cleopatra and the 1965 film “Cleopatra.” She obviously has remained a vibrant woman in people’s hearts and minds for 100’s of years and most likely will never be forgotten. I am just now meeting her.

Little is known about Cleopatra’s mother. Some historians still speculate that her mother may have been the sister of her father who was King Ptolemy XII. Again, I can’t imagine my mother being my Aunt Geneva, who was my father’s sister. I am a lot like Aunt Geneva, but it is no telling what I would be like if I was her daughter as well as her niece. It is just fascinating how people create their own traditional beliefs and believe in those things with all their hearts, minds and souls.

There is also much debate surrounding actual ethnic background. It was believed for a long time that she was Greek, while other historians think she may have had lineage of blask African. I have read in many places that historians say she was Macedonian. Macedonia is in Greece.

When her father died the throne was left to Cleopatra, who then was just 18 years old and her brother, who was 10 years old. It is speculated by historians that it is most likely the two siblings married as it was Egyptian tradition at the time. Cultural traditions always seem like the absolute written word to follow engraved in stone.

During this period of time there was great political turmoil. After complications between Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII, she escaped to Syria. In Syria, Queen Cleopatra lead an army to defeat her rival and to delcare the throne for herself. She returned to Egypt thereafter having great military might and was in opposition to her brother at Pelusium.

Julius Caesar met Cleopatra in Egypt while in pursuit of his rival there and fell in love with her. It was then that Cleopatra had access to even greater military power enough to dethrone her brother and get a greater hold upon Egypt as Egypt’s sole ruler. Romantic love and passion always seems to fuel the power of already powerful women. Caesar was assassinated in Rome. Soon thereafter Cleopatra returned to Egypt in 44 B.C.

Cleopatra was now in a position to answer many questions about her partnership to the empire’s fallen leader. Marc Antony who was part of the Second Triumvirate ruling Rome sent for her. Cleopatra entered the city of Tarus exhibiting great beauty and personality. It seems right at this point I am hearing some kind of Egyptian music playing. I actually like that kind of music.

Antony immediately pursued her into a love affair that eventually produced three children. Two of these children were the twins named “Alexander Helios” and “Cleopatra Selene.” Antony had many reasons for pursuring Cleopatra. He saw Cleopatra as a chance for financial and military support to secure his rule over the empire. Again, love and passion creates powerful unions among already powerful people. Cleopatra also was motivated toward Antony for acquiring greater power.

A great celebration came with the return of Antony and Cleopatra in 34 B.C. There were crowds of people trying to get a glimpse of Cleopatra and Antony as they couple rode in sitting on golden thrones elevated on silver platforms. Again, right at this point, I am hearing some Egyptian music playing.
They were obviously worshipped by these crowds of people. Beside the couple sat their children. Since long before the birth of Christ, people lived according to traditions they create within their cultures and groups of people.

The life of Cleopatra was filled with drama, love and passion, war, and battles for more and more power. After one return from a battlefield Antony was told Cleopatra died. When he heard this tragic news, he became so grieved he committed suicide by stabbing himself to death. Sounds like a horrible way to die and one in which I would think the person just absolutely hated life and their own flesh. His life must have now become meaningless and he had no choice but to end his life as well.

He might have been filled with anger also about her death. For any one to stab themselves to death, I would think there must have been a terrible rage of anger and despair inside themselves.

Now, Antony was indeed dead and Cleopatra was still alive, yet, also following a traditional pattern of behavior she must die by suicide as well. She allowed herself to be bitten by an Egyptian cobra and died on August 12, 30 B.C. Cleopatra and Antony were buried together as their wish had always been. Even in the way she chose to die it sounds to me like a very intelligent choice as one would have to just be in the direct vicinity of a cobra snake and suddenly it would all be over.

They surely had a great love for each other that neither of them wanted to be alive without the other one, but then again, this was also a traditoinal belief among them in which they faithfully adhered to. Before the birth of Christ there were all kinds of traditional beliefs. After the birth of Christ, there still remains in our world thousands upon thousands of cultural and religious traditional beliefs. In some cultures it is believed “jewelry” is necessary for healing properties, or different types of stones promotes healing. In other cultures, to wear jewelry is a sin punishable in the afterlife in a burning lake of fire. As for Queen Cleopatra jewelry seemed to be a staple of her life at all times. She is even shown at her death wearing a pair of dangle earrings if that is indeed how she was found.

For centuries following the death of Cleopatra her life’s story has captivated people (including myself), historians, storytellers, the media and general public. Her great passionate love affair with Marc Antony and its tragic end became inspiration to William Shakespeare’s play of “Antony and Cleopatra.” In our movie industry several actresses, Theda Bara, Claudette Colbert and Elizabeth Taylor have played out seductive roles of Queen Cleopatra. She must have been a real sex bomb as well! In every picture I ever seen of Queen Cleopatra she is regal looking, sly and seductive looking. Through her eyes I can see how she felt passionate and seductive as she looked out onto the world.

Her life story is even more captivating because of her being such a powerful ruling woman in a male-dominated society. Most women in the days of her life were subservient to the men, rarely did the women occupy positions of rule and power as Queen Cleopatra.

She is noted to have held the country of Egypt together in an era in which Egypt was in chaos and filled with internal and external battles. It seems as if all she knew was to be in battle and constant pursuit of power and supreme leadership. She obviously intended to win every one of them in one way or another.

She was known to be an extremely intelligent woman, born to rule, with an extreme attraction for power. Her romantic affiliations and military alliances with the Roman leaders of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony as well as her exotic beauty and sedutive powers earned her a most prominent and enduring place in our world’s history. As stories are passed from generation to generation, however, we all realize some of it may not even be true and may be fascinating legends instead. Yet a lot is still well documented about Queen Cleopatra that tells us she must have been an extremely remarkable woman.

Queen Cleopatra definitely influenced fashion and jewelry. She was well educated, a writer, capable of charm and diplomacy as is documented by many historians. One of the most interesting aspects to me is the power she had over men and very powerful men. I so wonder what she really, really looked like in those days. We have many paintings and drawings of her that give us an idea of how she was seen to the artists who created them, but in reality, I wonder what she really, really looked like.

Her jewels are also of special interest to me at this time in my life. I wonder if she really wore “snakes” on her head as in this picture of her or if the snake headband just represents the way she committed suicide. It looks like a cobra snake in the middle of her headband in this painting of her, and history tells us she died from a bite of a cobra.

Her long earrings in this picture also fascinate me. I see many of these kind of dangle earrings in the year of this writing which is 2014. I wonder what the link is to Queen Cleopatra’s jewels and today’s jewelry fashion of these long dangle earrings. Is there some kind of sign or prophetic meaning here.

My neck is way too short to wear these kind of long dangle earrings. She must have had a long, swain-like neck if she really wore these kind of dangle earrings and she probably did. I see also in this picture her eyes and mouth are set in a “seductive” pattern as if behind the eyes she knows she is of great value “sexually,” which helped her to secure more power with the powerful men attracted to her. I notice the full lips and closed smile. I honestly see a closed smile as being a body language speaking about seductiveness or sexuality combined with great intelligence (just my opinion). Every time I see a woman smiling from ear to ear showing every tooth in her head regardless if the teeth are beautiful or not, I think to myself, “dense on the inside.” She probably was a very beautiful woman.

Meet “Charis”

Charis is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Victorian Collection of dangle earrings. Charis dangles from the hook 2 inches. She is elegant and regal looking.

I assembled Charis from an earring kit.

Materials Used:
2 Gold Plated Dangle Earrings
2 Gold Plated Filigree Drops
6 Gold Plaed Headpins
6 Gold Plated 5 mm Jump Rings
2 – 6 mm Gold Plated Scallop Bead Caps
2 Clear 6 mm Crystal Bicones
4 Turquoise 6 mm Round Czech Fire-Polished Beads
2 Pink 15 x 10 mm Crystal Teardrop Beads

Charis’s Price: $15 (includes shipping)

Purchase Charis from this website and receive a FREE gift in your package.

Charis arrive to you ready for gift giving or for your own personal handmade beaded jewelry collection in an organza bag, wrapped securely and placed within a bubble envelope.

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The Effect of Gemstones Upon the Planets and People

The study of how gemstones affect the planets and human beings has been one of interest to people for many years. It is believed each gemstone holds power to draw cosmic rays toward it and ultimately effects the wearer of the particular gemstone. There are also beliefs that gemstones work as remedies for eliminating illnesses. Astrological and horoscope studies also indicate gemstones effect each person in the month in which they were born positively mentally. Other theories involve gemstone influence to the wearer by the time and date of wearing a particular gemstone, as well as, which finger the gemstone is worn upon.

In astrology there is a ruling planet, a primary gemstone and a secondary gemstone. For example, the Sun is a ruling planet, a Ruby is the primary gemstone and the secondary gemstone is Red spinel. The moon is a ruling planet, its primary gemstone is the Natural pearl and the secondary gemstone is tissue nucleated pearl. The planet of mercury is a ruling planet, it’s primary gemstone is the emerald and its secondary gemstone is green tourmaline. Jupiter is the ruling planet, its primary gemstone is yellow sapphire, and the secondary gemstone is yellow topaz. Venus is a ruling planet, its primary gemstone is the diamond and its secondary gemstone is white sapphire. Saturn is a ruling planet, its primary gemstone is blue sapphire and its secondary gemstone is tanzanite.

One theory states gemstones evolved out of the seven distinct rays reflected by the nine planets of the solar system. Seven colored rays are suppose to represent energy and are said to be at the root of at how gemstones eventually affect humans in positive and negative ways. Ever hear people say, “well there is something in the air today, I feel such and such way, or there must have been a full moon last night because I sure was emotional.” It is these kind of things in which astrologers study and thinks gemstones are responsible for those feelings in a round about way. Gemstones supposedly hold these positive and negative energies within themselves and works in ways which influence human fate, destiny, good health or ill health and so on.
I am not so sure I believe all that, but who knows except those who actually perform the studies and experiments and even they don’t really know. They just form theories about it all and write long reports about it all that the rest of us get hold of from here and there, like just what I said here.

Some people really believe certain gemstones can be worn to ward off bad luck or to entice good luck, such as wearing a “good luck charm bracelet or a good charm of any kind.” I say, well, to each his or her own and believe whatever you want to believe about such things as this. To me, it is kind of like chit chat and maybe even a bit of nonsense like the continued belief that at some point in time we will find out we can live on Mars instead of the planet earth!

In fact, this sounds like a good NEW religion for people to make up, write some rules for everyone in their group to follow and require everyone pay them a fee for being of their group. Sounds like another money making scheme to me. And let us not forget, if a new religion is formed and I am sure there is one out there somewhere that centers upon gemstones and planets in which everyone in the group is required to wear a ruby on a certain day or for a period of time, then everyone is required to wear diamonds a certain period of time, and anyone caught not wearing something the group has ordered for them to wear will be executed, bounced out of the place or hung from the highest tree, or perhaps at one of their last ceremonies everyone will dress in the same color, wear their hair exactly the same and each have on a ruby, a diamond, a sapphire, something to represent each planet and they all band together and commit suicide. I did read of several groups like this that called themselves religious groups. One group had everyone in the group wear a pair of Nike tennis shoes just before they all drank deadly poison and died together.

Written by: Connie Limon

Meet Charmaine

Charmaine is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Simplicity Collection of dangle earrings. She dangles from the hook about 1 1/4 inch.

Materials Used
2 Antique Silver Plated 11 x 15 mm Leverback Earrings
2 Antique Silver Plated 0.026 x 2.75 Head Pins
4 Antique Silver Plated 2.5x7mm 6-point bead caps
2 Black Onyx 12 x 16 mm Semiprecious Nuggets
2 Caribbean 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Black AB 6 mm Glass Crystal Bicones

Charmaine’s Price: $15 (includes shipping and one FREE gift)

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August Birthstone Peridot May have Been the “Emeralds” of Egypt’s Famous Queen Cleopatra

I was born in August so I am keenly aware of the birthstone for that month which is “peridot.” The word “peridot” is derived from the Arabic word for gem, which is ‘faridat.’

The August birthstone of peridot is sometimes known as ‘the poor man’s emerald.’ It has always been associated with light. The Egyptians called the peridot gem, “gem of the sun,” and some egyptians believed it protected its owner from terrors of the night especially if the gemstone was set into gold.

An interesting note about the peridot gemstone is that some historians believe Queen Cleopatra of Egypt wore peridot gems referred to then as “emeralds.”

Queen Cleopatra was not actually Egyptian as she resided in her famous role of Queen of Egypt. She was of the Macedonian dynasty and was the last of her bloodline.

The peridot gemstone has other interesting aspects in past history in that the Romans called this gemstone “evening emerald,” because its color did not darken at night and could still be appreciated by candle light as well as campfire light. Ever notice the beautiful lime green colors in a peridot gemstone under candle light? It is a beautiful sight to see. Peridot gemstones come in several color variations ranging from a yellowish green to brown. I, like many lovers and buyers of the peridot stone prefer the bright lime greens. The Peridot stone is used a lot in smaller cut sizes for beaded earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It is a very much prized gem for its resting, peaceful yellowish green hues and interesting background history. The larger cut pieces can be super gorgeous and very attractive smaller cuts are widely available for all price ranges.

The Peridot gemstones is found in rounded rocks with peridot crystals inside in some lava flows in the U.S., China and Vietnam. Large crystals are found in some types of solidfied molten rock. Some people have said the Peridot gemstones have even been found on the planet Mars. It may be a bit softer than other stones requiring extra care from scratches.

Store handmade Peridot gemstone jewelry pieces separately from other pieces of jewelry most preferably wrapped in a soft cloth and in a fabric-lined protected jewelry box if possible to help preserve the quality of the stone. Peridot stones clean up easily using warm, mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush and cloth. Always rinse well after cleaning and never use ultrasonic cleaners or heat steamers to clear Peridot stones.

Written by: Connie Limon for Carmilita’s Handmade Jewelry

Meet: Joy


Joy is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection. She dangles about one inch from hook. She is appropriate for gift giving. She is also appropriate for wearing to any kind of Holiday celebration.

Materials used:

2 antique copper head pins

2 antique copper French earring hooks

3 antique copper 3 mm bead caps

2 red glass crackle beads 6 mm

2 milky white faceted glass bead

I chose to call these earrings “Joy” because of the joy people usually feel during the Christmas holidays. Joy is a popular name for girls born around Christmas time.

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