Five Main Components to Every Exercise Work-out

When you do the same training program week after week your muscles adapt and expect the same training program week after week. You need to change things around a bit. After about 6 to 8 weeks of doing the same work out the body and muscles get more efficient at doing that same work out. Your body hits what is called a “plateau.”

If you continue doing the same work out you will not gain much in the way of strength and endurance and you will not burn as many calories as you did in the beginning of the work out.

Change your routine or work out to break through your body’s plateaus periodically to assure you burn the maximum amount of calories and keep gaining muscle mass and strength.
There are five important components to an exercise routine. They are:

core exercises
balance exercises

All five components should be incorporated in each work out.

Aerobic is cardio training that increases your heart rate and uses the lar4ge muscle groups. Aerobic activities include, but are not limited to, walking, jogging, running, biking and swimming. Be sure each work out includes the aerobic component preferably after stretching and before strength training.

Strength training includes anything using weights such as weight machines, or lifting free weights and even using your own body weight doing pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and/or crunches.

It is important to switch over to free weights of strength machines if you are using only body weight training to keep the body from adapting to your body weight. Using free weights and machines ensures you can add weight as you gain strength and hit plateaus continually challenging your muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

Flexibility is as important as cardio training and strengthening exercises. Your work out routines should always include stretching exercises of all body parts you plan to exercise. Dynamic stretching before exercise and static stretching after exercise is highly recommended as routine practice.
Core exercise ensures you are able to lift heavier and heavier weights. In order to accomplish lifting heavier weights you have to have a strong foundation which includes doing exercises to build your back and abdominal core muscles along with your leg muscles.

Three core exercise choices include:

weight machines targeting core muscles

Balance Exercises is most often overlooked. Everyone needs to perform exercises that will improve balance along with aerobic, strengthening and flexibility training. Good balance ensures you do not fall easily. Practice yoga to work on balance.

In order to keep your body operating at peak levels change your work out routines every 6 to 8 weeks.

Equally important to optimal body work outs is to include exercises from each of the five important components of (1) aerobics; (2) strength training; (3) flexibility; (4) balance exercises and (5) core exercises.

Written by: Connie Limon