Why Do People Use and Give Prayer Beads as Gifts?

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Some people struggle with prayers. I for one have not had this problem. I talk to God in prayers just like I would to a best friend, yet, others in this world struggle reciting prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer or even just having a conversation with God. For those, there is the need sometimes for prayer beads. Some people believe God provides those who struggle praying with tools. Prayer beads is one of those kind of tools.

I believe prayer is a time to relax and protect our minds as well as to become as one with our creator. People who use the tool of prayer beads can pick up their beads and allow the confusion of this noisy world to fade back into the background. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and push away the negative thoughts.

We all have both negative and positive thoughts throughout a 24 hour period. I consider myself having an extra blessed day if I actually go through the entire day without negative thoughts. Negative thoughts surely do bring us down into depressed moods just where the evil eye wants us to be. Fortunate for us who believe there is “good” in this universe as well, prayer is a time we can concentrate on that good. Prayer beads apparently help people who cannot relax enough to get into that other universe of good. I think prayer beads might have been originally designed to help people keep track of their repetitive prayers. They were a help to busy people on routine jobs and in between necessary daily activities.

In ancient times some cultures used the dropping of tiny pebbles one by one onto the ground as their repetitive prayers. If you think about this deeply, that is a relaxing activity. For me, during busy times of my life when I cannot pray out loud for fear of someone hearing my words, I just say to myself, “God Help Me.” I think though to be out somewhere alone where I could get hold of some tiny rocks or pebbles, it would be a relaxing time just to drop them one by one into a puddle of water. We need prayer to relax our minds. May I drop one pebble at a time into a puddle of water, sweet Jesus, and in your name wipe away all the sorrows within my personal world?

Actual prayer beads vary in length. Any bead artisan should be able to make prayer beads. Length can be anywhere between 4 to 5 inches to 17 to 18 inches. A strand consist of three larger primary beads. Smaller beads complimentary to the larger beads then surround these first three larger beads. I believe these beads can be any kind of beads, however, there may be a certain type of bead different cultures use.

People who use prayer beads usually hold onto the first large bead while reciting the first line of a prayer. It can be any prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is probably the most popular one or even the evening prayer of “Now I lay me down to sleep, and I pray the Lord my soul to keep,” can be recited while holding onto the beads. As you recite the first line, think deeply of what that line means to you in that particular moment of time. I use to feel a shiver down my spine to say the prayer at bedtime of “Now I lay me down to sleep…..” For some reason or another I feared death as a child and I thought if I close my eyes in sleep, death might surely come.

Move down to the second large bead and recite the second line of your chosen prayer. Repeat the process as above, thinking deeply what this line means to you.

The last large bead represents “the heart.” As you move down to the last bead, think good thoughts about how to take good care of yourself. You know it is the Lord’s will we take care of our self, eat the right foods, exercise regular, get enough sleep, don’t take anything that harms the body into the body and so on. Think of all the things in your life you can do that takes good care of you.

At this time, you can also concentrate on someone else who is in need of help in some way or another. You might even give that person a gift of prayer beads. If prayer beads have been helpful to you, they might also be helpful to someone else struggling along life’s way.

There are other ways people use prayer beads throughout their day. These include:

beginning a new day
trying to focus upon the present moments in time
helping cope with getting caught up in past events or worrying about future happenings
to calm the emotions
at the end of each day
sharing prayer beads as a gift

Giving a gift of prayer beads can mean you are showing a special act of kindness and regard for the person. If the person is not familiar with prayer beads, you might include a short summary of how to use them.

Many faiths use prayer beads. They are most common in Catholic faiths, yet, many other religious beliefs from ancient times have used prayer beads to help them with conversations with God. Prayer beads are a tool to help us pray.

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How to Choose a Pair of Handmade Earrings as a Gift

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It has been said many times that a woman is never fully dressed until she puts her earrings on! With that being said, choosing earrings as a gift for someone else, of course, has many things to consider. Some of those considerations include:

pierced or clipped
allergy to certain materials
how much weight will there be upon the ears and is there a preference
how long does the recipient prefer earrings
the hairstyle of a person you are choosing for
do they wear glasses
What is the face shape
are they for casual, professional or dinner date wear

Your first consideration is whether or not to choose earrings for pierced ears or the clip on kind. Many women and girls do not have their ears pierced. If you are making earrings to sell, try to come up with designs in which the findings can be swapped to make either pierced or clip on. If you are choosing a pair of earrings as a gift for someone else, you will need to know for sure if the ears are pierced or if the person prefers clip on style.

Allergic reactions is a huge consideration as many people are allergic to base metals. There are also individuals who can only wear real gold or silver. When making earrings for sale, it is a good idea to have earrings made with a variety of jewelry components to take into account the needs of people with allergies. I have allergies, but fortunate I am, not to any kind of earrings I have worn. When buying earrings as a gift, find out what the person can and cannot wear.

The weight of the beads and materials you use for making earrings is far more important than those used for bracelets or necklaces. You might consider using plastic or lightweight wood in some of your earring designs to accommodate those who have need to have extremely lightweight earrings. Gift giving earrings can be tricky here as well. Ask some questions about the earring weight your gift recipient might prefer.

For the most part, most of the earrings I make at the present time are fairly lightweight in my estimation. Yet, for someone else, they may not be. A variety of earrings made with plastic or lightweight wood might be a good idea for some jewelry artisans if you are making jewelry to maximize profits. I usually make what I would like to wear, so plastic or wood are not materials I normally use, however, I do use plastic flower beads which I think are cute.

When choosing earrings as a gift for someone else, be sure to question the person about the weight of the earrings they normally wear.

The length is something you must also take into consideration when designing earrings or choosing them as a gift. Drops and studs are the easiest to wear for most people as they are not obtrusive and will not get tangled up in the wearer’s hair.

There is some difference in drop earrings and dangle earrings. Drops are usually the shorter length and dangles are the longer lengths. Some dangle earrings can hang as long as 4 or more inches from the ear lobes and the weight can be quite a load to wear.

In fact, fashion now in the year of 2016 is it seems “bigger is better.” I personally prefer much shorter dangles or what is termed “drop earrings,” which generally hangs about 2 inches from the ear lobe, sometimes 3, but never any longer than this. Learn from your recipient of the gift what they prefer in length of their earrings.

The length of a woman’s hair truly makes a difference in the type of earring she can wear while wearing her hair down. She might not be comfortable in a pair of chandelier earrings as these may get tangled in her hair.

Does the recipient of your gift wear glasses. Many women do not like to wear earrings that may clash with the style or color of their glasses. This is an important consideration when trying to decide upon a gift of earrings.

What about the shape of her face? An elongated face may look even longer while wearing very long dangle earrings. Large hoops may not look good on a woman with a round face. Consider the face shape of the recipient of your gift, but do not be limited by this. Some people enjoy wearing all styles. Do some questioning before you purchase.

Is your gift for professional wear or going out on the town? Many jobs and professions require subtle jewelry, whereas, for a dinner date, you could probably go with big and bold.

These are just a few suggestions to consider before purchasing earrings as a gift and if you are a jewelry artisan the suggestions and tips also apply.

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How to Give a Gift from the Heart for any Occasion

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Beading and jewelry making can be one of the most rewarding hand crafts. All it takes is some basic supplies, a little personal creativity, and you are able to adorn yourself as well as others with beautiful handmade bead jewelry. Often these designs communicate your inner feelings and personal sense of style.

Jewelry crafting has been around for thousands of years. Hand crafted jewelry has been a symbol of social status, wealth and spirituality throughout all of human history. There are many cultures who think their handcrafted jewelry and gemstones possess magical and/or healing powers.

Today, many people few their jewelry, especially handcrafted jewelry as much more than mere decorations. Jewelry is used today to symbolize love and commitment, religion, politics, our many life experiences, the birth of children and important memories.

One piece of jewelry can mean much more to a person than just the color, or the look or what other piece of clothing we have on to match that piece of jewelry. Our choices in jewelry helps us and others around us to understand “who we are.” We communicate many different kinds of messages while we wear our jewelry. Are you a mother? Our choice in jewelry can prove that we are without saying a word to confirm that we are. Are you married? Of course a piece of jewelry can tell the world that you are married, in love and devoted to one special person. Are you a dedicated teacher? Even our professional life can be communicated by the choices of jewelry we wear.

Making jewelry and bead work utilizes the very same practices people of ancient times used. These practices have been passed down through generation after generation of people and can even communicate to others exactly what country or origin we are. For example, wearing Indian jewelry can immediately tell others that you have genuine Indian ancestors and ancestors who valued the art of making jewelry.

Handmade designs are special because you made them to exact specifications by your own hand. There is a special satisfaction in making your own jewelry as it portrays exactly what you love and fits you perfectly. Since I have been making bead jewelry, nothing else anywhere else satisfies me like a pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace made from genuine gemstones or carefully cut out faceted glass beads. I can tell the difference very quickly and I often reject anything of lesser quality than what I am use to in my own handmade jewelry. You become like as “one” to the beads you love. There is a very special relationship between the jewelry artisan and their beads. I always avoid the cheaply made, mass manufactured jewelry I one time chose to wear from retail outlets who buy their merchandise in bulk from mass jewelry making manufacturers. Handcrafted and especially that in which I make is my absolute favorite and choice now.

Handmade bead jewelry is often very similar to the kind of designer jewelry you can find in expensive jewelry boutiques and department stores and made at a fraction of the cost. Gift giving becomes far less challenging when you discover the world of handcrafted bead jewelry, either making it yourself, or buying it from other jewelry artisans. When the box is opened and your recipients see a beautiful hand crafted bracelet or necklace like they cannot readily see at the local retail outlet, you will hear a sudden “ahhhh” as if to gasp from the sudden scene of handcrafted bead jewelry.

There is probably one most important reward for giving handcrafted bead jewelry as gifts for special occasions and that is the jewelry can serve any purpose and match any kind of outfit your recipient has. This reward is much unlike anything else you would ever purchase in a local retail jewelry outlet. Your choices are so limited. Do you have a special person on your gift list who is very difficult to buy for? Watch them carefully and observe the style of clothing they wear, then gift them with beautiful bead jewelry. Your gift will most likely become one of their favorites.

If the people on your gift list loves fashion, become their personal fashion designer and gift them with jewelry that reflects their own personal fashionable style. If they are interested in history or a particular culture, religion or spiritual path, search for bead jewelry to reflect their interests.

Whether you are a bead artisan yourself or you are just interested in giving handcrafted bead jewelry as gifts, your journey through the handcrafted bead jewelry shops will bring you more personal creativity and enrichment.

I hope to see you in my shop soon. Visit Carmilita Earrings to see all the beautiful jewelry I have hand crafted and make your next gift to the special people on your gift list a “new” follower of handcrafted bead jewelry.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan. Carmilita Earrings.



Jewelry Gifts for Family Members to Enhance and Strengthen Bonds Between Family Members

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Christenings and Wedding celebrations help to bring families close together. Create long term memories while enjoying a meal together. Add finishing touches of the exchange of jewelry gifts.

Children especially become excited about receiving gifts on special celebration days. Family get together s on holidays are a perfect time for giving jewelry gifts to the babies and children in your family. Adults of course also enjoy gift giving and receiving.

Give a pair of cute, shiny 9k gold bunny rabbit earrings to the babies on first Easter suitable for wearing up to the age of 10. Teach the child to cherish the gift as her first family Easter gathering memento. Don’t forget the Easter Egg to give her along with the earrings.

When the Christmas family celebration rolls around add a bracelet to the gifts of the babies and children in your family. Each year try to make the bracelet jewelry for children “special” in some way as tradition to your family. Baby bracelets are one of the most popular Christening gifts. Choose gold or gemstones set into gold on bracelets. The timeless look of gemstones can be passed down generation after generation through the family babies.

Weddings in families are always memorable events. Choose pretty children’s necklaces for every little girl’s outfit. These necklaces can be kept for future weddings within the family. Keep them in separate special and pretty boxes only to be retrieved for the weddings in the family.

Teenagers enjoy receiving locket necklaces for birthday and Christmas jewelry gifts. Consider a heart locket charm hanging from a leather thong. The teenager will enjoy placing favorite photos of their friends and boyfriends within the lockets.

Babies look extra cute wearing little bead anklet bracelets for summer months birthday celebration gifts. Little girls usually enjoy seeing a beautiful bead and sparkling gemstone anklet bracelet around their ankles in summer seasons. Bead anklet bracelets make great gifts for babies and girls with birthdays in the summer months.

Mother’s Day offers us a time for giving a very special jewelry gift of birthstone rings, pins or necklaces having all her children’s birthstones on the piece of jewelry. You can give mother a pin one year and a ring the next year.

Maternity themed bracelets are special gifts to give to the expecting mothers in the family. “It’s a girl” bracelets are nice to give the expecting mother. Another popular maternity theme is a stork carrying a baby. You can usually find maternity themed jewelry on pendants as well. Give an engraved bracelet to the expectant mother with the word “Mother,” engraved on it.

Father’s Day is a jewelry gift giving occasion as well. You can find many different masculine styles and designs in sterling silver chain bracelets, tie pins, cuff links, watches and money clips. These types of jewelry gifts for dads are also nice to give on birthdays.
A gold or silver cross on a chain seems to be a traditional gift given within many families at Christmas, Easter, baby Christenings suitable for any member of the family from babies to grandmothers.

Never overlook the subtle memories and moments jewelry gifts create within the family. They serve as enhancements and help to strengthen bonds between family members.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan
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Meet Mabeldangle earrings mysterious mabel

I created this pair of earrings in a mismatched pattern. The lampwork beads are 14 mm round in size. The lampwork delicate flower pattern/design can be seen as light flickers through the bead creating colors of red and orange from the inside as if there is a light burning inside the lamp shade. The outside delicate flower pattern can be seen as light flickers through the bead. The design shows up very well under camera light here. I used silver and antique bronze with this pair of earrings. It is a mis-matched pair of earrings which in my opinion gives them a more “vintage look” even though all beads and jewelry components are new.

Because of the artwork on these beads and the color combination I came up with for this project, they should truly become a “conversation” piece of art jewelry. I love the way the light shows through this bead flickering colors of red and orange here and there and showing the flower pattern design. They are a mysterious-looking pair of earrings.

When I finished this project I noticed how these earrings made a special statement about my own personality…….”a light burning from within that flickers to the outside off and on…..” just as the light burns from within this little bead like a lamp shade.

I am calling this particular line of earrings: Carmilita’s Mysterious Dangles. Each pair of earrings is given a female name beginning with the letter “M.” This pair is named “Mysterious Mabel.” I will be adding more colors. This is the only pair in this color.

I really had some fun creating this pair of earrings as I laid out all the beads on my mat and worked through the color combination piece by piece. You won’t find another pair like these anywhere unless someone else sees my pictures and creates a pair exactly like them. They are unique and one of a kind as of right now 7-16-14 at 12:35 a.m., which in my opinion is what makes handmade earrings so special.

They are put together well and should last as long as they are taken care of properly. They are lightweight. They hang from the loop one inch.

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High School Graduation Gift Ideas for the Teenager/Young Adult

Girls like jewelry! It is as simple as that. Girls discover the beauty of jewelry at early ages, sometimes as early as two years old a baby toddler girl may dig into her mom’s jewelry box and try on her jewelry. It happened to me with my daughter around the age of 8. She was privately investigating my jewelry box and found a ring she placed on her fat little finger that she could not get off. She soon had to let me know what she had been up to. We ended up in the emergency room having the ring cut off her finger.

What is the solution? Jewelry just for the baby girl is what comes next. Of course at these early ages one also has to be careful about things still going into the mouth for a taste. There is inexpensive plastic jewelry you can purchase especially for little girls, maybe not a 2 year old who still thinks she must taste everything put into her hands, but the older little girls can have jewelry of her own. It is not an unusual occurrence for little girls to have pierced ears and this might be their first pieces of jewelry.

By the time the girl graduates from high school she is most likely fairly familiar with all kinds of jewelry. It is at this time you can give her a gift of jewelry as a graduation present. She is old enough to take care of the jewelry you give her and old enough now to attach a cherished memory to that gift as well.

High school class rings are traditional jewelry you can order through the school or from other sources. Nowadays it a rare occurrence boys or girls do NOT purchase a high school class ring. I sure wish I still had mine. I think it was one of those rings my daughter found while privately investigating my jewelry box and I lost. Class rings make great jewelry graduation gifts symbolizing the daughter’s years at school. A birthstone class ring is also very traditional with the graduation year in the center of the stone. Clubs or sports she was active in can be represented on class rings in many creative ways.

Charm bracelets are another great graduation jewelry gift idea. Charm bracelets are unique in that each one can be different. Charm bracelets given as graduation gifts can represent all the things a daughter liked to do while in school. Even the graduation year can be added as a charm to the bracelet. A parent can create a charm bracelet representing everything the daughter loved to do from a child up until their graduation year.
Beautiful lockets are great high school graduation gifts. What is a locket? It is a necklace that has a charm which opens up. A lot of people like the heart lockets as a heart always denotes “love.” Inside the locket a picture of the parents and their daughter makes a lovely surprise to open up and peer into. Lockets having a picture of the three of them together are great to give to daughters going away to college.

It is a rare girl who never wants a pair of diamond earrings. Not many girls actually get a pair of real diamond earrings. High School graduation is the perfect opportunity to give a daughter her first pair of diamond earrings. A girl in her late teens or early twenties is now well able to know the value of a pair of diamond earrings and is more likely to take good care of this gift. Every female needs to have at least one pair of diamond earrings in their jewelry collections. A pair given at her high school graduation is sure to be a pair cherished for a lifetime. Start a family tradition and pass that pair on down to the next generation who graduates high school.

These are just a few high school graduation gift ideas that are most commonly given to young teenage girls marking a very important milestone in their life.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Bailey


Bailey is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection of dangle earrings. She dangles a little more than one inch from the hook. Bailey’s focal point is the “lampwork” beads 12 mm. These are absolutely out of this world GORGEOUS Chinese Glass Beads. They have markings of gold splattered through the bead. Every time you turn your head and the light flickers through these beads it gives an illusion of a lamp shade with the light on inside, beautiful patterns of flowers light up behind the shade. Leave it to the Chinese artists to give us beautiful flower patterns in all designs!

These earrings say “holiday celebrations” for sure. They are appropriate for Christmas or New Year Party wear. They are appropriate for Holiday gift giving.

I chose the name “Bailey” for this pair of earrings in memory of the character in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” When you wear these earrings I suspect you will feel happy, gay, in the spirit of Christmas, and “it’s a wonderful life.” When I look at these earrings, they say all those things to me. The beads also resemble “Christmas Bells.”

Materials used:
2 silver plated french earring hooks
2 silver plated beaded bead caps 3 mm
2 silver filigree (cut-out) beads 3 mm
2 sparkling red Swarovski glass round faceted beads 6 mm

Bailey’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)

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Jewelry Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

Some people actually get along well enough as co-workers to be able to give each other gifts at Christmas time. A very common gift given to co-workers with a good working relationship is jewelry.

Why is jewelry so often the most selected gift for co-workers? Well, for one thing jewelry is extremely easy to find. You probably have a real good idea of what to buy as you see these people every day of your life nearly and spend many hours with them. The jewelry gift choice should be fairly easy as well. A jewelry gift is an item your co-worker can actually use, that is, if he or she wears jewelry. Jewelry gifts are practical gifts to give at Christmas time to your co-workers.

For your male co-worker regardless of who he is, your boss or a co-worker, “cuff-links” makes a nice jewelry gift. Are you saying, why? I would be right at this moment. Well, I am going to tell you why. Cuff links are usually priced fairly and in a limitless selection of designs. Cuff links is a Christmas gift that the recipient can wear for work or special occasions. Don’t you like to give “practical” gifts. I know I do.

A tie pin is also another good choice for the males on your work team. Same thing as for the cuff links and that is the prices for tie pins are usually fair, not so much that it will break your budget and even better if you have several males on your work team you need to purchase a gift for. They are a great useful gift to give at Christmas time.

Need another idea? Okay. Money clips. Money clips are actually more common than you might realize as useful gifts to males. They are widely available in a variety of styles and designs made of metal, stainless steel, gold plated and many other marvelously looking materials. They are a sharp kind of a gift to give to the males on your work team at Christmas time.

For the females on your work team earrings never go out of style as a gift for any occasion, but especially for Christmas, a pair of Christmas-themed earrings are nice to give without feeling as though you are making a very personal statement to the recipient. Of course other designs are also appropriate like those having beautiful sparkling gemstones, birth stones, studs or dangles.

Charm bracelets are a great Christmas gift choice for female co-workers. The recipient of a charm bracelet is able to add more charms of their choice over time. Charm bracelets are fun gifts to give.

A brooch might be considered a bit old fashioned by some people yet if you look around you might also see some of your women co-workers wearing brooches. Brooches are coming back better than ever in jewelry designs and collections. It is an old favorite of grandma perhaps, but is coming back in for just about any age of woman. You can find many with a Christmas-theme such as bells or Christmas wreaths that make very nice Christmas gifts for the female co-workers on your work team.

There are a lot of other Christmas jewelry gifts options for co-workers who actually do enjoy the company of one another while at work. These are just a few main ideas to get you thinking in terms of purchasing a jewelry gift this Christmas for your co-workers. Don’t simply go with the same old big box of chocolates you slap down on the desk top or counter tops. Give a gift that is practical, one people can use and wear.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Willa

dangle earrings willa

Willa is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Exotic Collection of Handmade Dangle Earrings. She dangles about 1 1/2 inch from the hook

Materials Used:

2 Gold Plated Dangle Earrings
2 Antique Gold Plated 16 x 22 mm Triangle Connectors
6 Gold Plated 2 inch Head Pins
6 Gold Plated 5 mm 19 Gauge Jump Rings
2 Antique Gold Plated 6 x 4 mm Decorative Discs
4 Red Carnelian 6 mm Semiprecious Rounds
2 Lapis Lazuli 12 mm Semiprecious Rounds

Willa’s Price: $15 (includes shipping)

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Wood Jewelry Boxes Verses Fabric Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are a part of the highly important essentials any person with jewelry owns. It does matter what the box looks like on the outside. It is a rare person who does not like to receive a beautifully wrapped gift. The same goes for the boxes that hold your jewelry collections. Consider selecting just the right box to hold those lovely jewelry pieces for yourself or someone else. The gesture will help prove just how much you cherish those jewelry gifts given to you if you are the one purchasing the box for jewelry gifts given you by someone else.

It is a good idea to invest in a “wood” jewelry box. Wood jewelry boxes are more durable and will last longer. Go even further and try to get one extra unique handmade, a box that he or she will not find any other place except through you. It is sure to be a cherished treasure just as the contents will be.

If you cannot find a wood jewelry box handmade or you cannot have one custom made, all is not lost. There are plenty of retailers who carry wood jewelry boxes. These wood boxes will be a little more expensive than boxes made out of other materials. Begin your search for just the right wood jewelry box with comparison shopping to find the best deal. You will save time and money as you might find a box at a much less price that you like. Don’t buy the first one you see. There are 100’s of designs of wooden jewelry boxes in a wide range of prices.

Maybe you just don’t like a wooden jewelry box even though I am saying it is probably the best choice. That is a lot of my own personal opinion. What I like about a wood jewelry box the most is the fact that some of them can be re-decorated or re-painted as time goes on making an old box look like a new box or with changes of colors in the room. Many people choose fabric jewelry boxes instead of the wooden boxes. Fabric boxes are typically less in price than a well made wood jewelry box. Some of these fabric jewelry boxes are quite elegant looking.

A well made fabric box lined in velvet can be strikingly beautiful to hold and display jewelry collections. Of course you can also line a wood box with velvet material for an even more strikingly beautiful jewelry box. Fabric boxes are popular worldwide for many women. As always, check to see what your recipient of the box prefers if you are not purchasing the box for yourself.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Virginia

dangle earrings christmas bella

Virginia is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection of dangle earrings. She dangles beautifully in a cascade of what looks like different colors of Christmas lights or bells. I placed individual 6 mm round Swarovski glass beads onto 5 mm jump rings for a total of 16 sparkling glass beads (2 beads to each individual drop) in a variety of colors creating a gorgeous cascade drop earring. Colors are a mix of gold, crystal white, Christmas green, Christmas red and a sea blue. Laying down flat she looks somewhat like a star design, in a dangle she also sort of resembles a Christmas decorated in traditional Christmas colored lights or bells.

I named this pair of dangle earrings Virginia in honor of the character who played in the Christmas movie:”There is a Santa Claus.”

If you have a child in which you wish to teach the stories of Santa Claus, this may be a symbol you can always use to help illustrate this story to her, or any kind of Christmas story about the beautiful lights, bells and trees we use to celebrate a traditional Christmas. These earrings would certainly make a great conversation piece.

They are suitable for Holiday gift giving.

They are very suitable to wear for Christmas parties, and get together s for exchange of gifts and food as well as to wear for a New Year Eve’s Party. They definitely say: “holiday celebration time.”

They shine forth a joyful and happy look as they dangle so freely about 1 1/2 inch from the main hook.

Materials used:
2 antique bronze French earring hooks
7 antique bronze jump rings 5 mm
16 round glass sparkling Swarovski beads

Virginia’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)

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