What is a Jump Ring?

If you are new to jewelry making or not a jewelry maker at all, the term “jump ring” will most likely not ring a bell as to what it is exactly. It is not a ring that you jump through. Jump rings are used in jewelry making to connect other jewelry components such as beads, earring hooks, etc.

Jump rings come in a variety of materials and sizes just the same as beads and other jewelry making components. They are an essential piece to the jewelry making process. You will see the term “jump ring” early in your exploration of jewelry making and most likely very soon will have a collection of jump rings in different sizes and materials.

Jump rings are extremely useful as well as appealing to the eyes when incorporated into a jewelry design. The most important part to a jump ring when assembling jewelry is to be sure it is closed properly or else your beads and other jewelry components with dangle right off the ring.

Jump rings are like “staples” to the jewelry artisan. It is a good idea to have a supply of every size you like using in jewelry as well as the different materials such as silver, gold, antique copper, silver plated, gun metal and so on.

You can find jump rings anywhere you are looking for jewelry making supplies as they are a basic supply unit.

A jump ring is a jewelry component used to connect other jewelry components together for a finished piece of jewelry.

Written by: Connie Limon
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What is a Toggle?

Every jewelry artisan must learn jewelry making supplies terminology.
Knowing jewelry making terms will help you choose or define the right component when images are not available as well as help you to communicate about your jewelry designs to potential purchasers.

For example, just what is a “toggle?” Jewelry toggles are within the category of jewelry closures. A toggle clasp fastens jewelry together for the finishing touch as well as for putting on and removal of the jewelry. Toggles are used for closures on bracelets, necklaces and anklets.

The toggle clasp consists of a jewelry component loop and a stick. The loop is placed on one end of the stringing material and the stick is placed on the other end. When you put the two ends together to form a bracelet, necklace or anklet you will insert the stick into the loop.

This does not sound like it will hold the piece together and even at first sight you might think how can this work to hold my necklace, bracelet, or anklet together around my neck, arm or ankle? Toggle clasps actually work beautifully for the connection purposes of handmade jewelry using “gravity” to hold the jewelry together. It works great and looks great as well.

Look for toggle clasps in your favorite bead supplier shop in the section of “supplies.”

Fastening Toggles can also be found in the supplies sections of bead stores. Open jump rings, split rings or link locks usually fasten toggles when using chain in your jewelry designs. You can easily fasten a toggle to bead wire jewelry with crimp beads. String the wire through a toggle or stick loop and double it through the crimp bead, then flatten the crimp bead to hold in place.

Toggles are made from a variety of materials including cast or assembled metal alloys, platinum, gold, palladium and sterling silver, stainless steel, surgical steel and titanium. You can also find toggle sets made of wood or stone.

Jewelry toggles are usually regarded as more fashionable than lobster claw clasps.

For a different kind of look try using fancy toggles at the front of the necklace creating a visual centerpiece.

It is easy to match jewelry creations to the most eye pleasing toggle set as they come in so many different designs such as plain round, oval, square, diamond, heart shaped, floral stirrup and more. And that just about answers the question of “what is a toggle?”

Written by: Connie Limon
Carmilita’s Earrings: https://carmilitaearrings.etsy.com

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