Stories of our Inner Worlds are Told in the Colors We Wear

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What do you first see when you look at a piece of jewelry, whether it be earrings, bracelet, necklace ring, or whatever else in jewelry designs?

It is the color of the piece. Without even thinking about it or putting it all into words, we will notice if the color is bright, subtle, and if it contrasts or blends with whatever else the person is wearing. We may also notice if the color of the piece contrasts or blends with the color or finish of jewelry components used to complete the piece. The jewelry components will be silver, gold, bronze, or some other kind of finish. Put into words, it takes quite a few words to describe all the different elements we see within seconds of time.

The color of a piece of jewelry can make many unspoken statements and serves as a source of “body language.” What we as the wearer of that piece of jewelry needs to be aware of is: Just what is the statements we desire to convey to others? When we answer this question we might be able to choose colors in jewelry that speaks exactly what we want others to know or not know.

Color is one of the main ways in which our jewelry pieces communicates with the world. For example, do you wear a lot of black jewelry? Chosen black jewelry pieces could be saying to others, “I am bold and strong from the inside out.” Black is a very strong and bold color.

Color can be played with. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, yet, we still do communicate an unspoken riddle, or song, or story about our self with every color we choose. Black also is associated with depression and mourning.

I recall reading about the widow of Jesse James who was said to always dress in black, at least in public places, as a sign of mourning the death of her husband and this continued until the day she died. I have not read this to be a fact, but I would think Zee James was probably also buried in black.

Johnny Cash was known to wear a lot of black when he was alive. I think I have read he was described as being “the man dressed in black.” He said his reason for this was to be a symbol that he stood for the downtrodden people in this world. The colors we wear in jewelry and clothing really do shout out to the world many important aspects of our internal world.

Hey, I wear a lot of black in exercise clothes. A black top and black bottom can be extra slimming. I suppose I am saying to the world, I want to be “slim.” And this is truth. I do desire to be slimmer than I am, so wearing all black helps me achieve this goal even when it is not the truth YET.

A few meanings to colors:

Red is one of my favorite colors. It is said to be a color of fire and blood. Red is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, passion, desire and love.

Think about it next time you wear the color red. You are most likely communicating to others that you have energy to burn as if a fire that burns. You might be strong and fit for war and danger, and you are probably very passionate having deep desire and able to love with intense feelings.

I have to admit, this description fits me fairly well. I am drawn to the color of red wherever I see it. Beads are no different. A red bead among all other colors will come forth to me first. Since I have to wear a lot of black in clothes to appear slimmer, red speaks other facts about my temperament and soul. I like a pair of drop earrings made with red beads.

Blue is another color I like put together with red. It is the color of the sky and sea and is often associated with depth and stability. Blue is a symbol of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and last but not least – heaven. That color sure describes a lot about me as well.

Jewelry artisans use color often to start a piece of jewelry. Some people are natural experts at putting colors together without even thinking about it. Others have to have a little help from the color wheel.

As a jewelry artisan start with one main color and build around that color according to the color wheel or just whatever suits you best at the moment in time you are creating the piece of jewelry. There are no hard and final rules for creating jewelry using color. It actually is a creative process that also speaks volumes about the jewelry artisan. Check out the colors any jewelry artisan uses consistently and you will most likely hear with your eyes a volume of unspoken realities about that person.

There are analogous color schemes one can incorporate into jewelry making. These schemes use two or more colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. For example, start with the color of orange and to create an analogous color scheme with orange, add shades of yellow and red beads. The yellow and red beads will work to tone down the strong color of orange.

A complimentary color scheme would be using colors on the color wheel that are opposite of each other. For example, use red beads with green beads, or use yellow beads with violet beads. Use orange beads with blue beads, etc.

A split-complimentary color scheme consists of your first color choice combined with the two colors that sit either side of its complimentary. For example, use green and violet beads with orange beads. Once again the orange color is toned down by the green and violet colors.

Bead colors are not the only way a jewelry artisan can use color to create jewelry designs. Jewelry components such as jump rings, ball pins, chains, earring findings, clasps also help to create a final piece of jewelry by putting colors together in some kind of scheme or just by whatever comes forth from the heart in color creativity. For example, combining red carnelian beads with copper jewelry findings creates an analogous color scheme. Mix turquoise beads with copper jewelry findings to create a complimentary color scheme.

The rules to color are available to help jewelry artisans, but these color rules are never written in stone for anyone. We have often heard the saying, “rules are made to be broken.” It is the same with using color schemes in jewelry making. Sometimes a complete mix of colors will turn out fantastic. Creating jewelry is also a form of unspoken communication about the jewelry artisan.

Remember: Whatever color you choose to wear in jewelry or clothes definitely communicates to the world outside of yourself hidden or well known stories about yourself. You might be a person of few words, but the colors you wear will speak for you in volumes.

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Color Affects Your Mood

The color you wear even in your earrings can definitely have an effect upon your mood and feelings.

Yellow is one of the more friendly colors. Wearing yellow can make you feel cheerful and happy. It is the color we most often associate with the sun and bright shiny days of summer. Yellow is said to help you overcome obstacles, stimulates creativity and self-confidence. Yellow may even help influence a success.

Use yellow as an accent with blue to help grab people’s attention. Yellow when used with orange can add a summery glow to jewelry. To brighten up the mellow colors of blue and grey use accents of yellow.

Pink often reminds us of love and romance, as well as something gentle and soothing. Pink is used for the cancer symbols to show “you care.” Pink can also evoke playful moods or even serve as a symbol of sophistication.

Use pink with red to evoke romantic feelings. Combine pink with silver and black for a fancy and sophisticated look. Pink combined with deep dark blue is also eye catching and communicates sophistication.

Blue is a favorite color for many people. Many people are able to wear blue quite well. Blue is a color that is said to be naturally good for your mind and body. Blue is very tranquil and calming. Dark blue can mean “power,” or like a feeling of being on top of the world. A soft blue indicates mental alertness.

Mix blue with green and silver accents to get a feeling of being naturally calm. Dark blue mixed with white has a traditional sailor tune to it. Blue paired with red or orange cools down a color combination that is too warm.

Green is a powerful color. Green communicates harmony, peace and hope. Mix green with yellow and/or black and send your mood from earthy to sporty. Combine green with tan, brown and other neutral colors for an eco-friendly feeling. Lime green, orange and yellow combined together creates freshness and something close to nature.

When beading for a romantic feel, use light pinks and yellows as the main colors, then mix in red beads at random. Red and purple is part of the royal pallet of colors. Red used with gray creates a sophisticated look. And of course, red, white and blue used together is great for showing your USA patriotic side.

Purple and shades of purple is a symbol of many things such as royalty, strength, power, creativity and magic. Many creative people choose the color of purple as their favorite color for its passionate stimulating powers. Purple is rarely seen in nature and if paired with colors of nature may appear “out of order,” or “too artificial.” Use deep purple in your bead jewelry designs to communicate mysteriousness.

Using white with other pastel colors is common for Easter eggs and Easter designs. The pair of dangle earrings I have pictured here remind me of a basket of colored Easter eggs. They would be great to give as a gift for Easter or to wear with any of the traditional Easter pastel colors. In addition, the color combination here has loads of mood evoking powers as I have used yellow, light purple, light pink, light green and blue on gold plated jewelry components.

dangle earrings hope
Color definitely has its place in our life for creating certain moods and emotions.

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Pure Black Glass Beads

Is there such a thing as “pure black glass beads?”

Czechoslovakia has been a source of the glass bead industry for decades. Italy and France are two countries who are also known well for glass beads. World War II was cause of many glass bead factories being destroyed. After the Cold War end in 1991 thousands upon thousands of “glass seed beeds” were re-discovered. I would have loved to been present at that discovery.

Today most of our very best quality seed beeds come from Japan and the Czech Republic. We also can find a few vintage looking beads from France. China and Taiwan create glass seed beads, however, the higher quality of glass seed beads come out of Japan and/or Europe.

Glass bead manufacturers obviously have to guard their color formulas just as a world class chef guard their signature recipes. Each bead manufacturer will strive to have a particular color that is popular with the majority of people in order to sell the highest quanitity of beads. This certainly makes sense to me.

Historically it is said “true black glass beads” do not exist. The exact recipe for black glass beads is said to have been lost during World War II. No one since that time has been able to recreate it.

Hold up a black glass bead to the light and you will see a purple color. I am certain out there somewhere in this world there are absolute authentic vintage black glass beads. Just as there were “lost” glass seed beeds discovered after the Cold War ended, there has got to be somewhere in this world authentic vintage black glass beads, however, the ORIGINAL recipe for re-creating pure black glass beads is what is said to be lost forever at least to my knowledge and in everything I have read thus far.

Of course, I have not read everything there is to know about pure glass black beads, so out there somewhere could be someone holding onto the exact original recipe of how to make pure glass black beads. For the purpose of the discussion in this article, however, I will say the original recipe to create pure black glass beads is lost. I am happy with what I find today nonetheless. Some people though are bent out of shape about something original and if they are a black glass bead lover, they may just be out of luck about finding a geniune original pure glass black bead, or at least the original recipe that is.

One thing I know for sure is black glass beads are always a staple in my glass bead stash. I like using black with so many different other colors. It just seems to make a statement that no other color can hold up to. There is something “strong” and “forceful” about the color black and then when paired with a lighter, soft color, the combination together says to me strong, but still yet quite feminine.

Of course, I am content with what I have that looks a little purple when you hold it up to the light, yet, still goes well with many other bead colors. I like pairing black with pastel pink.

I would think if the exact recipe for making black glass beads was ever discovered it would sell for a very high price if it was ever sold. More than likely if one of these companies got hold of the original recipe and they may have it right at this moment as I write this, they would not let go of it, as it seems this is a very mysterious piece of information in the history of glass beads and could be worth lots and lots of money.

Yes, it is said there are still vintage pure black glass beads floating around in this world, yet the original recipe to re-create pure black beads is most likely lost forever. Most black glass beads we get hold of today will look a little purple when held up to the light.

I also like pairing black beads with shades of purple (see photo below). Here is a pair of dangle earrings I created using one of my favorite patterns pairing black, a larger size black glass bead with a smaller size shade of purple glass bead.


The contrast in shades is what I like about pairing black glass beads with lighter shades of color. I feel a sense of “forcefulnnes or even a greater assertiveness attitude mixed with feminiity whenever I wear black with softer colors. Many different colors work well with black.

The pattern consists of jump rings that looks like a “vine” with beads hanging on the vine. I have several variations of this same pattern, one is a grape cluster that I like using with Mixed Glass Beads.

Materials Used:
6 Black Glass Beads 8 mm
6 Medium Purple Glass Beads 6 mm
14 Silver Plated Jump Rings, 5 mm
14 Silver Plated Head Pins
2 Silver Plated French Fish Hooks

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Be Inspired by Spring and Fall Colors to Create Bead Jewelry

Spring is a time when everything starts to open up again, a time in which we want to get up and get outside for outside activities. Fall is the calming down season, a time for looking back, a time for reflecting upon this and that in our life, a time for inspiration. Both spring and fall have colors that inspire jewelry artisans to create beautiful jewelry using harmonious color schemes. Green and violet are strong colors for spring and fall and both these colors have many shades.

Fresh lime green and yellow green are dominating shades for spring. In gardens and parks you will see bright violet crocuses, typical spring flowers popping up here and there. Spring green and violet are strikingly beautiful for bead jewelry. Create a wide bracelet of violet seed beeds having jovial green beads in place here and there throughout the bracelet. Reverse the color combination having green as the main shade and violet as a highlight. Bead jewelry in green and violet during the spring season definitely sings a song of new vitality just as spring as it opens up to our senses. We open our doors and windows and invite the the season of spring into our homes and life.

In the fall try u sing dark olive green in bead jewelry for a subtle earthy hue. Later in the fall when the leaves are tinged with shades of violet bead jewelry in these same muted violet colors are gorgeous pieces to wear and look at. Use semi-precious stones in some of your fall bead jewelry, and wear your fall jewelry collection with fall tweeds and wool clothes.

Bead jewelry artisans can observe the colors of each season to enrich personal creativity grasping hold of the environment for inspiration. The great thing about being a bead jewelry artisan is that the great variety of choices of colors which far exceeds every color we can see in each season.


dangle earrings chanel


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Creating Deep Serenity Emotions with Blue and Violet Bead Jewelry

Beading is a great hobby and a way to make fascinating jewelry for yourself and others. Refer to a color wheel to help you understand color harmony and make bead color choices so much easier for every project.

Combine neighboring colors from the color wheel to create an attractive and pleasant balance. The use of blue, violet and purple creates elegant looking bead jewelry.

Combining blue, violet and softer shades of purple evoke peaceful and serene feelings. Violet is the color of meditation and blue is the color of concentration. Anytime you want to radiate a deep serene feeling wear bead jewelry of blue and violet beads.

There are many shades of violet and purple as well as blue. Violet lightened up becomes a beautiful lavender. Combine cobalt blue with lavender beads or even pale pink beads for a delicate look.

Use turquoise blue with purplish pink. Powder blue or grayish blue looks great combined with soft shades of purple. Place aquamarine blue beads next to purple beads for an awesome look.

The elegant combination of blue, violet and purple always adds a bit of enchantment to any any outfit. The hobby of beading allows you to make the perfect matched jewelry to any style of outfit.

The elegant bracelet and earring set pictures below is made in the colors of Plum and Light Amethyst. Click on picture to purchase page and more information.


bracelets queenie




Make Superb Looking Bead Jewelry From Dark-Light Colors

The use of contrasting colors as well as contrasting finishes such as using smooth and rough beads together creates interesting effects. For example use black and pale pink beads for a superb looking piece of bead jewelry.

Black and pale pink create an extreme strong dark-light contrast. Let us consider some of the reasons this dark-light color combination is so powerfully interesting.

Black is the dominant, strong and powerful color often associated with “hardness” and even masculinity as opposed to femininity. Pale pink is the color we more often associate with something soft, gentle, delicate, feminine and even submissive. Black is the mysterious hard color. Pink is the soft, extremely delicate and light color in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

Black and pale pink are also similar in that they both seem to be “aloof.” Black may represent individuality while pale pink is polite, refined, or respectable, often in an affected or ostentatious way. Both black and pale pink express luxury and something precious.

Creating bead jewelry using black and pale pink is gorgeous. Consider using a few black beads as accents to ostentatiously rich and luxurious looking rows of pink beads for a grand effect. Switch the beads around to accent rows of black beads with a few pale pink beads for the same kind of effect. Try stringing on a few pale pink beads for accents in a black necklace and see how impressive the combination really is. To give an impression of only using the most costly beads try stringing on low cost or reasonably cost pink glass beads with expensive black pearls.

Learning how to combine colors effectively helps to create more beautiful and expressive types of jewelry. Bead jewelry is well known as works of individual art expressions. Express your individuality by making, or buying and wearing beaded jewelry.

Experiment with dark-light colored bead jewelry pieces for a superb look every time. Black and pale pink are some of my favorite color combinations. You might see several pieces of bead jewelry on display from me in this dark-light combination of colors.



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Do You Need Some Fabulous Looking Fall Jewelry Quickly?

Fall is the time of year when there are extraordinary beautiful colorful leaves falling down from the trees in a joyful tune all their own. Abundance of everything seems to be around us. We see bundles of berries and huge pumpkins in fall orange shades. There are tall shades of yellow smiling sunflowers dominating the market places. If you are a bead jewelry artisan try to catch the colors of fall in your bead designs quickly before winter falls upon you.

There is a tremendous amount of diversity in the colors of fall beads. Use large beads to make dramatic looking necklaces that express the fall season. Wear huge and expressive bead jewelry as a statement of “I am happy and feeling great, the Fall season has arrived.”

Wear warm colored beads in triple strands with fall knit outfits. For a classical look accent the outfit with a very long necklace made of large horn beeds in warm shades of brown. The result can be strikingly attractive.

Wearing bead jewelry to celebrate the fall season is a way of expressing your love for the season. Mix in some glistening glass crystals, feathers or crochet for the unexpected look. There will be nothing to match your fabulous creations.

Match colors appropriately for large beaded necklaces as an inappropriate match in colors can really stand out big time!

Large beads make a row on a necklace very quickly and are so very easy to string. Large beads do not demand a lot of patience, good magnifying lighting or a steady hand to string.

If you are petite like I am try this pair of fall colored dangle earrings with your fall wardrobe.

dangle earrings florence

The beauty of beading is the exciting knowledge of being able to create luxurious looking jewelry at low cost and minimum labor time. When summer ends and the fall season suddenly begins, grasp hold quickly with your fall jewelry before winter falls in upon you!


dangle earrings rosemary

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Use Shades of Blue and Green Beads for Effects of Calmness and Tranquility

Colors applied correctly to beaded jewelry can result in creating a very expressive piece of jewelry as well as can create specific emotions or moods. Color harmony basics knowledge will help any bead jewelry artisan succeed in making beaded jewelry that suddenly catches the eyes.

Color makes specific impressions and when you know what impression you want to make you can choose the most effective bead colors. By impression I am referring to things like creating specific moods such as the mood of “cool, refreshing, calming and/or tranquility.” The colors blue and green are said to create moods of tranquility. Blue and green are neighbors to each other on the color wheel. Colors which are neighbors to one another on the color wheel create harmony experienced by “most” people.

Another reason why blue and green are harmonious is that they are colors of nature especially in the summer months. The sky and ocean are hues of blue. The grass and most vegetation is green. These colors remind us of scenes of tranquility, carefree living and peace often experienced in summer months.

Blue and green then make good color choices for summer jewelry. Both blue and green have many different shades which provides even more flexibility when creating jewelry. Lime green beads goes well with indigo blue beads and for most people these colors create a refreshing feeling. Combine forest green beads with aquamarine blue beads for a peaceful, calm and elegant beaded necklace, bracelet, earrings, or a set of all three.

I yearn to be near the ocean and maybe at some point in time I will make it there. I don’t only want to visit, I want to live near an ocean easy within my reach. Emerald green beads combined with turquoise blue beads reminds me of the crispness of the ocean water.

Anytime you want to create the moods of peace, calmness, tranquility, use shade of green and blue beads together. They especially harmonize during the summer months or anywhere near an ocean. Wear shades of blue and green to freshen up last year’s summer outfits making them seem brand new for the current summer season.



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Working with Complimentary Colors to Create Stunning Pieces of Jewelry Art

With all the choices in bead colors it makes it difficult to choose beads that create color harmony for jewelry projects. This is a challenge every bead jewelry artist faces. One way to solve this problem is to concentrate on just one color and its different shades. A little more knowledge of colors helps to create more inspiring projects. Learning to use more colors in a design is not all that difficult once you become acquainted with how to harmonize colors.

Focus upon complementary colors on the color wheel to be sure your color combinations are well balanced and in harmony with one another. Colors opposite to each other on the color wheel are the complementary colors and means they will harmonize well with one another. By choosing beads in complementary colors you will soon learn the resulting jewelry pieces are stunning.

For example, blue and orange are complementary colors and look great when paired together. Tibetan jewelry is often made of the complementary colors of blue and orange. Turquoise is a shade of blue and coral is a shade of orange. You will find Tibetan jewelry in the colors of Turquoise and coral. It is quite decorative. Wear a turquoise and coral bead necklace to add glamour to blue outfits.

The use of complementary colors works with all shades of the colors. For example, the pair of blue and orange have lighter shades. A lighter shade of orange is apricot or beige. Pair apricot or beige beads with dark blue, soft blue or strong primal blues. Use darker shades of orange like russet and browns beads in contrast with pale blue beads for stunning and harmonizing color combinations.

The number of color combinations you can come up with using the complimentary colors of blue and orange is endless. The variety of bead color is one aspect of bead jewelry that makes the art of beading so special and creative.

The colors in this bracelet and dangle earring set are purple and Light Amethyst. The main color is “purple,” and a shade of purple is light amethyst.

Working with a wide choice of beads in all shapes, sizes and colors makes it possible to create the perfect piece for every outfit. This also allows you to create jewelry art in a uniquely individual style. Choosing complimentary colors which are colors opposite of one another on the color wheel can make the process of color harmony much easier.


bracelets queenie

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