Simple Essentials for Making Bead Jewelry

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Combining two colors for jewelry projects:

Light blue with brown
Pink with brown
Pink with lime green
Pink with olive green
Turquoise with olive green
Turquoise with lime green
Turquoise with yellow
Orange with olive green
Orange with blue
Dark red with pink
Dark red with light blue
Plum with lavender
Plum with turquoise
Dark blue with turquoise
Black with anything, but especially with pinks, reds, and light blues
Clear with anything
White with anything

You can of course combine many other colors with the two color combinations listed above in one jewelry design project.

How to make plain loops:

Plain Loops: Use flat nose pliers to bend the straight end of a head pin to a 90 degree angle, about ¼ to ½ inch from the top of the straight end. Hold the longer part of head pin with flat nose pliers. Grasp the straight end. Twist wrist so you bring the end around to meet the bend to form a circle. Or, you can use the one step looper tool which makes perfect plain loops every time.

The other kind of loop is called a wrapped loop.

How to open a jump ring: Open it by gripping the end on each side with pliers, separate it by tilting the right side toward you and the right side away from you. Close the ring by reversing these instructions. These can be tricky to close tight. If you don’t close them tight enough and correctly, your beads will fall off.

For more information about basic beading techniques and several projects with step by step instructions, read the book: “Bead Simple: Essential Techniques for Making Jewelry Just the Way You Want it.” Written by: Susan Beal. You can easily find this book on Amazon. There is a total of 150 designs in this book for making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, embellishments and more. All with photos and step by step instructions.

Reference Used: “Bead Simple,” by Susan Beal

Article Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan
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Stories of our Inner Worlds are Told in the Colors We Wear

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What do you first see when you look at a piece of jewelry, whether it be earrings, bracelet, necklace ring, or whatever else in jewelry designs?

It is the color of the piece. Without even thinking about it or putting it all into words, we will notice if the color is bright, subtle, and if it contrasts or blends with whatever else the person is wearing. We may also notice if the color of the piece contrasts or blends with the color or finish of jewelry components used to complete the piece. The jewelry components will be silver, gold, bronze, or some other kind of finish. Put into words, it takes quite a few words to describe all the different elements we see within seconds of time.

The color of a piece of jewelry can make many unspoken statements and serves as a source of “body language.” What we as the wearer of that piece of jewelry needs to be aware of is: Just what is the statements we desire to convey to others? When we answer this question we might be able to choose colors in jewelry that speaks exactly what we want others to know or not know.

Color is one of the main ways in which our jewelry pieces communicates with the world. For example, do you wear a lot of black jewelry? Chosen black jewelry pieces could be saying to others, “I am bold and strong from the inside out.” Black is a very strong and bold color.

Color can be played with. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, yet, we still do communicate an unspoken riddle, or song, or story about our self with every color we choose. Black also is associated with depression and mourning.

I recall reading about the widow of Jesse James who was said to always dress in black, at least in public places, as a sign of mourning the death of her husband and this continued until the day she died. I have not read this to be a fact, but I would think Zee James was probably also buried in black.

Johnny Cash was known to wear a lot of black when he was alive. I think I have read he was described as being “the man dressed in black.” He said his reason for this was to be a symbol that he stood for the downtrodden people in this world. The colors we wear in jewelry and clothing really do shout out to the world many important aspects of our internal world.

Hey, I wear a lot of black in exercise clothes. A black top and black bottom can be extra slimming. I suppose I am saying to the world, I want to be “slim.” And this is truth. I do desire to be slimmer than I am, so wearing all black helps me achieve this goal even when it is not the truth YET.

A few meanings to colors:

Red is one of my favorite colors. It is said to be a color of fire and blood. Red is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, passion, desire and love.

Think about it next time you wear the color red. You are most likely communicating to others that you have energy to burn as if a fire that burns. You might be strong and fit for war and danger, and you are probably very passionate having deep desire and able to love with intense feelings.

I have to admit, this description fits me fairly well. I am drawn to the color of red wherever I see it. Beads are no different. A red bead among all other colors will come forth to me first. Since I have to wear a lot of black in clothes to appear slimmer, red speaks other facts about my temperament and soul. I like a pair of drop earrings made with red beads.

Blue is another color I like put together with red. It is the color of the sky and sea and is often associated with depth and stability. Blue is a symbol of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and last but not least – heaven. That color sure describes a lot about me as well.

Jewelry artisans use color often to start a piece of jewelry. Some people are natural experts at putting colors together without even thinking about it. Others have to have a little help from the color wheel.

As a jewelry artisan start with one main color and build around that color according to the color wheel or just whatever suits you best at the moment in time you are creating the piece of jewelry. There are no hard and final rules for creating jewelry using color. It actually is a creative process that also speaks volumes about the jewelry artisan. Check out the colors any jewelry artisan uses consistently and you will most likely hear with your eyes a volume of unspoken realities about that person.

There are analogous color schemes one can incorporate into jewelry making. These schemes use two or more colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. For example, start with the color of orange and to create an analogous color scheme with orange, add shades of yellow and red beads. The yellow and red beads will work to tone down the strong color of orange.

A complimentary color scheme would be using colors on the color wheel that are opposite of each other. For example, use red beads with green beads, or use yellow beads with violet beads. Use orange beads with blue beads, etc.

A split-complimentary color scheme consists of your first color choice combined with the two colors that sit either side of its complimentary. For example, use green and violet beads with orange beads. Once again the orange color is toned down by the green and violet colors.

Bead colors are not the only way a jewelry artisan can use color to create jewelry designs. Jewelry components such as jump rings, ball pins, chains, earring findings, clasps also help to create a final piece of jewelry by putting colors together in some kind of scheme or just by whatever comes forth from the heart in color creativity. For example, combining red carnelian beads with copper jewelry findings creates an analogous color scheme. Mix turquoise beads with copper jewelry findings to create a complimentary color scheme.

The rules to color are available to help jewelry artisans, but these color rules are never written in stone for anyone. We have often heard the saying, “rules are made to be broken.” It is the same with using color schemes in jewelry making. Sometimes a complete mix of colors will turn out fantastic. Creating jewelry is also a form of unspoken communication about the jewelry artisan.

Remember: Whatever color you choose to wear in jewelry or clothes definitely communicates to the world outside of yourself hidden or well known stories about yourself. You might be a person of few words, but the colors you wear will speak for you in volumes.

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Stunning Jewelry Making Supplies That Can Add Life to Any Beading Project




Stunning Jewelry Making Supplies That Can Add Life To Any Beading Project

By Jasmin Z

When I first started designing jewelry, it seemed like a very difficult task. There are so many different types of jewelry making supplies, findings and tools to know about. The world of jewelry making has advanced a great deal and therefore for anyone to survive in this world, it is important to be familiar with the different jewelry making supplies that are out there. It is not just familiarity, but you must know how to use them in jewelry designing. Over the years, I have not only perfected my jewelry designing skills, but I have become more knowledgeable about the types of supplies that work and those they don’t work when it comes to meeting the demands of the customers.

These days, people are looking for creations that are unique and as a jewelry designer, it is important to incorporate elements that will help meet the growing needs and demands of the customers. Here’s a look at some of the stunning jewelry making supplies that I use to add life to my creations.

Mini tassels

Mini tassels made of silk with a golden binding at the top is one the most stunning elements that can be used in jewelry making. They are available in a variety of colors and they can be used as embellishments, connectors and even pendants.

Corrugated silver beads

These ball beads are great for beading, crafting projects and making earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and they work well with Swarovski crystal beads to create stunning jewelry pieces.

Gold filled cable chain

Now you can give your jewelry creations a golden foundation that is filled with splendid shine. These gold filled cable chains are durable and they last longer than those that are gold plated. They are an economical alternative to the high quality solid gold jewelry. They feature rounded links and they can accent any jewelry design or idea beautifully.

Rainbow moonstone cabochons

These are generally a white stone and feature occasional iridescence where their transparency ranges from translucent to opaque. Rainbow moonstone cabochons are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their body colors also vary greatly and some of them even feature the cat’s eye effect.

Personalized pendants

With the huge variety of personalized pendants available these days, it is possible to choose a color and metal of your choice and create custom necklaces for both men and women. Personalized necklaces can make great gifts as well. You have the option to choose initials of people’s names, full first or second names as well as how someone is related to you.

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Carmilita Earrings

Carmilita’s Elegant Collection Kambara Jasper Semiprecious Rounds Dangle Earrings: “Jasmine”


Jasmine is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Elegant Collection. She dangles from the hook about one inch. Her focal point is the Kambara Jasper 12 mm Semiprecious Round beads.

Materials used:

2 gold plated 11×15 mm leverback earring hooks

2 gold plated head pins

2 antique gold plated 3 x 8 mm fancy bead caps

2 antique gold plated 4 x 10 mm Scroll-Work Bead Caps

2 antique gold plated 3 x 4 mm thick Rondelle Metal Beads

2 Caribbean 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles

2 Kambara Jasper 12 mm Semiprecious Rounds

Jasmine’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)



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Bead Dangle Earring Jewelry Making Technique Part 1: The Open Loop


What is an open loop bead dangle? The open loop bead dangle is one jewelry making technique for making eye loops in the end of a wire jewelry component. This technique is used most often for making bead dangles to hang beads from earrings or necklaces. It is an acceptable technique to use when making lightweight earrings. For earrings having significant weight the “wrapped loop” technique is better and stronger to be able to hold greater weight.  However, for lightweight dangle earrings, the open loop works very well. Most of the earrings I am creating now are lightweight and are made using the open eye loop. In fact, I use the one step looper tool which works excellent in making consistently nice open loops.

In the photograph you can see an open loop.

To make the open loop without using the one step looper tool, you will need either about 4 inches of jewelry wire or an eye pin or head pin. The photograph here is actually the top of an eye pin. Eye pins always have the open loop at the end. You can open the loop with round nose pliers to start the beading process or to hang whatever you choose on your earrings, then close the loop back using the pliers. I use head pins for most of my earring designs. A headpin usually has a “stopper” at the end to keep the beads from falling off at least one end. This stopper point is either flat or on some head pins it is round.

You will also need round nose pliers, bent chain nose pliers and cutting pliers to make open loops on wire or head pins, that is, if you do not use the one step looper tool.

Step 1: Add your chosen beads to the head pin or wire.

Step 2: Grasp the wire or headpin immediately above your last bead u sing the bent chain nose pliers. To minimize the amount of wire or head pin above your last bead, grasp the wire or head pin right at the last bead using the tip of bent chain nose pliers. The technique is easier when you use 1/2 hard wire and even easier using the one step looper tool.

Step 3: Push the wire over 90 degrees with your thumb as close to the pliers as possible making a nice crisp bend. You do not want a “rounded” bend, and again, if you want perfect open loops every time, invest in the one step looper tool. This tool will save you a lot of headaches especially if you are making a lot of open loop earrings designs or you are a novice.

Step 4: Re-orientate the wire in your pliers to complete the loop and push the wire until you have completed a nice loop as shown in the eye pin photograph. Best loops are not exactly circle size, but a little like oval size.

Step 5: Inspect the loop to be sure it is centered. If the loop is off center, use your pliers to insert the loop fully and twist it one way or the other until the loop is centered over the vertical wire or head pin. The open loop forms a connecting point for earring hooks. You can either leave the open loop a little open or open up the loop on your earring hook. I usually just leave the open loop a little open and then close the loop after placing an earring hook.

Step 6: If you are using wire, you will now need to cut the excess wire using your cutting pliers. Place the flat side of wire cutter toward the finished wire component and cut excess wire at the point where it overlaps the beginning of the loop. If you are using a one step looper tool, the tool will cut the wire at the precise point needed while making your perfect size loop all in one step.

Step 7: After you have cut off the excess wire, you will need to close the loop with bent nose pliers. Simply grasp the loop and twist it closed.

Creating loops is actually the very first and most basic technique you will need to learn when making dangle earrings.

Written by: Connie Limon

Meet Joy:


Joy is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection. She dangles about one inch from hook. She is appropriate for gift giving. She is also appropriate for wearing to any kind of Holiday celebration.

Materials used:

2 antique copper head pins


2 antique copper French earring hooks

3 antique copper 3 mm bead caps

2 red glass crackle beads 6 mm

2 milky white faceted glass bead

I chose to call these earrings “Joy” because of the joy people usually feel during the Christmas holidays. Joy is a popular name for girls born around Christmas time.
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Carmilita’s Simplicity Handmade Bead Dangle Earring Collection Cloisonne Flower Beads: “Sandra”


Sandra is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Handmade Dangle Earrings. She hangs about one inch from the hook. She simple, dainty, petite looking, colorful and elegant.

Materials used:

2 gold plated dange earrings

2 gold plated 2 inch head pins

2 sapphire 6 mm crystal bicones

2 blue 12 mm Cloisonne Flower Beads

2 black onyx 8 mm semiprecious rounds

2 gold plated 3 x 2 mm Rondelle Metal beads

Sandra’s Price: $15 (includes shipping)




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Carmilita’s Romantic Collection Red Carnelian Semiprecious Stones Dangle Earrings: “Bonita”


Bonita is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Romantic Collection. She dangles a little over one inch from the hook.

Materials used:

2 antique silver plated 11×15 mm leverback earring hooks

2 antique silver plated head pins

2 antique silver plated 3 x 9 mm decorative bead caps

2 antique silver plated 4 x 10 mm scroll-work bead caps

2 antique silver- plated 3 x 4 mm thick rondelle metal beads

2 red topaz 8 x 5 mm glass crystal rondelles

2 red Carnelian 12 mm semiprecious rounds

Bonita’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)


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Carmilita’s Christmas Collection Handmade Red and Silver Dangle Earrings: “Bailey” (FREE SHIPPING)


Bailey is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection of dangle earrings. She dangles a little more than one inch from the hook. Bailey’s focal point is the “lampwork” beads 12 mm. These are absolutely out of this world GORGEOUS Chinese Glass Beads. They have markings of gold splattered through the bead. Every time you turn your head and the light flickers through these beads it gives an illusion of a lamp shade with the light on inside, beautiful patterns of flowers light up behind the shade. Leave it to the Chinese artists to give us beautiful flower patterns in all designs!

These earrings say “holiday celebrations” for sure. They are appropriate for Christmas or New Year Party wear. They are appropriate for Holiday gift giving.

I chose the name “Bailey” for this pair of earrings in memory of the character in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” When you wear these earrings I suspect you will feel happy, gay, in the spirit of Christmas, and “it’s a wonderful life.” When I look at these earrings, they say all those things to me. The beads also resemble “Christmas Bells.”

Materials used:
2 silver plated french earring hooks
2 silver plated beaded bead caps 3 mm
2 silver filigree (cut-out) beads 3 mm
2 sparkling red Swarovski glass round faceted beads 6 mm

Bailey’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)
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Advantages of Costume Jewelry Over More Traditional Jewelry

Have you thought of costume jewelry as a collection say in the same way more expensive jewelry becomes collections to those who can afford it? Costume jewelry collections is certainly a less expensive alternative with styles, designs and colors to match every outfit in your closet as well as your personality all without breaking your bank account. Costume jewelry is widely available in almost every material known to mankind, which means none of have to do without just because we are not part of the rich and famous crowds of people. Sterling silver, wood, metals, resin plastics, glass just to name a few types of materials available to us today for creating our costume jewelry designs is widely available leaving it all up to just whatever each of us can imagine and create from it all. The use of sparkling “colored” gem stones helps create a pleasing to the eyes and senses sensation giving way to an appreciation of beauty jewelry artists around the world can all relate to as well as those who purchase our handmade pieces of works of art.

At one time costume jewelry was considered “junk jewelry,” but this is not the case anymore as more and more people become obsessed with the beauty of costume jewelry art. It is now being seen more as artistic, tasteful and in good taste. The price of costume jewelry depends upon the cost of materials, but also, the appearance of each piece plays a huge part of pricing costume jewelry. The huge advantage of having more costume jewelry (a particular piece, color, shape or style for every outfit in your closet) as compared to traditional more expensive pieces of jewelry seems to be more and more the trend for many people unable to afford the high prices of traditional jewelry. We are also seeing costume jewelry, especially that made by hand artisans, is much more unique as well. It is much less likely you will show up wearing the same pair of earrings that anyone else in the crowd is wearing to any given event, whether it be in the office, the company picnics, or evening life. It is difficult to buy expensive jewelry as often as a person buys new clothes, and much more economical to purchase unique handmade costume jewelry instead. You don’t have to worry so much about loosing a $1,000 earring out of your ear while on the dance floor as you would a $15 pair instead. For many people more expensive traditional jewelry is just not a sensible or practical choice. Affordable handmade costume or fashion jewelry assures you have jewelry for every outfit and every occasion. Costume or fashion jewelry definitely reflects the wearer’s personality without checks bouncing from your bank account. I also love to find FREE shipping incentives. Don’t you just hate to pay for your earrings and then find that you have to pay an additional $5 or more just to have them delivered to your door. At Carmilita’s Handmade Jewelry, I offer FREE shipping for every purchase. Your shipping costs is within the total price you pay. There is no add-on shipping fee at the end of your check out that perhaps you never figured when you decided to purchase. I decied to offer free shipping because of my own shopping experiences. I would find a pair of earrings for $5 to $7 and then find at the check out I had to pay $6.99 just to have them delivered to me. After seeing the shipping charge, I often abandoned the choice.

Although many people still “bark” about costume jewelry being fake or imitation jewelry, it is in higher demand now in the year 2014 than ever before. With so many people out of work and the prices of everything that sustains our survival keep going up, people are just accepting there is beautiful pieces of jewelry that does not come with an expensive price tag and oftentimes is even more beautiful than the more expensive traditional jewelry. Costume or fashion jewelry definitely is also a “collector’s item.” Of course higher priced traditional jewelry still has its own buyers, costume or fashion jewelry is in demand. It is affordable, there is a wide range of styles, designs, colors, and flexibility which makes it now much more sought after than days gone by.

And there are many mass producing costume jewelry manufacturers, but why purchase a piece of jewelry “everybody else” is most likely to have the same of when you can purchase from hand jewelry artists and receive pieces that are most often just one of a kind?

As collections, handmade costume jewelry is a great choice. Most of us “collect” something we display on our desks at work or keep hidden away in orginal packaging in our closets. People spend hours upon top of hours researching, digging, looking and finding things to collect in every nook and corner imagainable. From designer bags, comic books, shoes to handmade costume jewelry, each of us have a space reserved for collecting “something.” Handmade costume jewelry is a great choice for the collector.




Materials used:

2 silver plated French earring hooks

2 silver plated headpins

2 silver plated 4mm bicone metal beads

2 pink 8×5 mm glass crystal rondelles

2 pink crazy lace agate 20 mm semiprecious puff coins

Robin’s Price is $15 (includes shipping fees)

Carmilita Earrings


Carmilita’s Christmas Collection Red and White Dangle Earrings: “Joy”


Joy is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection. She dangles about one inch from hook. She is appropriate for gift giving. She is also appropriate for wearing to any kind of Holiday celebration.

Materials used:

2 antique copper head pins

2 antique copper French earring hooks

3 antique copper 3 mm bead caps

2 red glass crackle beads 6 mm

2 milky white faceted glass bead

I chose to call these earrings “Joy” because of the joy people usually feel during the Christmas holidays. Joy is a popular name for girls born around Christmas time.




Joy’s Price is $10 (includes shipping)
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