My Roots!

I have not been moved upon by the spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, for quite some time now to “write” about anything. I am a writing prophetess. I know this for sure. I never knew any prophet or prophetess from the King James Version bible ever “wrote” letters about anything with revelations or awakenings of any kind until “God started moving on me to write.”

By natural instincts, I have always been some kind of a writer, having many diaries, now destroyed as I grew up.

God will set us into the body of Christ according to our abilities. One of my abilities was to “write.” Therefore, God could use me as a Holy Ghost writer when I eventually passed from my personal darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ.

I at first did not know about this “calling” to be a writing a prophetess, or even being a prophetess at all…..until of course, God began to use me to “write” and also to “speak” as the Holy Ghost would give me utterance to speak.

Since 1989, when I first experienced my great crossing over from personal darkness into the light of Jesus Christ, I have learned many, many things that could have only been learned after receiving the Holy Ghost.

Now don’t be a doubting Thomas! You first have to believe all things which are written in the King James Version bible before you ever experience anything truly “spiritual.” I feel fortunate that I have believed without questioning. It takes this kind of believing to be able to hear from the throne of grace, the heavens above, where all good and perfect gifts come down to those who will “accept them.”

Now, not all will be believers of course, and many will be a doubting Thomas.

But oh how great is the journey when we are able to be like a little child with all the “innocence” of childhood, as this is truly the place in which you will grow into a mature spiritual being. I have been one of those. Thank God, Thank God for that kind of mindset.

The words I received for this writing was “my roots,” which is the title here. I am writing now completely by free hand as the words flow through my mind and onto this post. I know this type of writing is from the Holy Ghost, believe me or not, I am not here to convince you. I am here only to write as I am moved upon to write. I have ability to write, and God knew it.

I did not even know my own ability to write until after I crossed from darkness into the light. My creative spurts in writing is always “spiritual writing.”

Now what followed at the words “my roots.” I am not sure exactly, but I am sure of one thing, what goes down in this post is exactly what Jesus is saying to me at this moment in time to write.

When I was a young convert in Christ, my first writing experiences occurred within the group of people Jesus sent me to after I crossed from my personal darkness into the light. And believe me this was a real experience, one of the happiest and best experiences I ever went through.

Of course, there are temptations, trials and battles to fight within, and not long after my induction into the Army of the Lord, I also began to experience all these other things…..At first though, it was a great celebration, me, the angels in heaven, and Jesus Christ, God the father in heaven, once I made my break from darkness, and started moving into the light……the bible says…..and this also was spoke to me at the onset through my own tongue…..when a new soul is added to the Kingdom while here on earth and still alive of course…..the angels will rejoice. The words spoke to me exactly at that time was:

Sound the trumpet, Angels rejoice, a soul has been added!

And then my tongue began to sing in other tongues one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard, and to this day, when I am moved upon to write about this experience, I can remember “the feelings” I had at that moment as I knealt before my sofa in a little HUD apartment I lived in, but not the words. I still don’t know what I was saying. What lie ahead of me was revealed to me in many different ways, and on many different occasions, but a lot was revealed to me in those early days.

When I prayed through, I had on intention to go to church anywhere, but on the day I was told I had been added, I was sent to my childhood church, now that does not mean that everybody in that church was high on the mountaintop or the best of anything. It just meant I had work to do within that particular group of people.

From the beginning, I was made a prophetess, yet, I knew very little about this job. I guess you can say I was trained while on the job. Trained to do what you might say, “well, my job as a prophetess was not only in that one small group, but was a worldwide calling, however, still yet, God knows all our abilities and he sets us in according to his will plus our abilities. I don’t think I ever had the ability to travel far and near for many miles, etc., and so God uses people according to exactly where they can go and where they can abide and so forth. My assignments have been varied and in small groups of people all within a few miles of each other.

Now another prophetess or prophet set into the body of Christ may have the ability to travel to foreign countries……I was not one of those, unless it still happens to me and to my knowledge now I do not know I have that ability.

God never demands things from us that we cannot perform.

So… I go on this wonderful journey holding onto the hand of Jesus and soon I felt that white robe go around my shoulders and a ring was placed on my finger in this party of celebration that occurred at my childhood church on Saturday night. After that, came many more things to me…..but as I danced and danced around and around, I had my eyes closed, but did not fear where I would go, the spirit had control. I remembered days gone by and the burdens I laid at the feet of Jesus before this glorious day and, Jesus would softly whisper in my ears as we danced the dance of joy that night, “I have that now, I will help you carry that.”

I was filled with ever greater joy at those words and danced faster and faster, around and around so fast, it would seem to make my head swim, but it did not…..the spirit had control. I never missed a beat, never tripped one time, never slipped, just swayed and swayed around and around the floor with a band of angels and Jesus by my side, all of which of course, I still was unsure exactly who was with me there. I actually thought the entire group of people I had just sat down with was on the floor with me. It was an extremely happy time, one I had never experienced before, but you know it was exactly what was told to  me as I knealt before my soft in the little HUD apartment, the day I passed from darkness into light, which was:

“sound the trumpet, angels rejoice, a soul has been added.”

And with that saying, I began to weep and sing in other tongues the most beautiful song I ever heart, through my own tongue, and talk about relief of burdens and delight and comfort, I felt it all. I had prayed for 2 years for help in my life, and the help I needed, I did not even know what it was….had apparently arrived.

Jesus is all we need actually. True salvation on earth is all we need actually. Then all these other things in the flesh we need will be added unto us…..what does each person need….well we don’t even know all of that…we sometimes think we know….but God in heaven is the one who knows the most about each of us, enough to then give us exactly what we need while existing one earth, waiting for the great return of his son, Jesus Christ or our departure to the grave to wait and rise up again to meet him in the air. None of know which that will be either.,

When I left my cashier job, the last person I spoke to there was the General Manager, who had been sometimes quite the thorn in my side. I said to him, “I will return to work the same cashier job I was working on Thursday and Sunday night, with no retail work, if that can be possible. I have to be working with my hands, I told him, and why I said that to him at that time, I still have unsure. I had been sleeping, awoke and was moved upon to call him, several hours after I left that Sunday night shift.

Now I feel as though, that was a foretelling of what was going to occur if HE did not make the way for me to remain just as I was. It was up to him in some darkened way I felt, and apparently, he refused. Jesus took me on out of the employment there and ever since I been here working with my hands, just as was spoke to him on my jewelry shop.

Now….what if he would have said something different to me that night, something like, “I will  help you to remain in the same position as you desire,” or something to that effect, I most likely would have to returned to their employment in the same position with no retail. He did have some authority in the matter, but instead, he said, “you abandoned your shift, and it is now time to part ways.”

And Jesus then must have took it over, because after that, I could not see myself returning there, even after the retail district manager called and did try to patch things up with, and also I received several calls from them after that to set up a meeting with the General Manager and their new Retail Manager, which most likely was still not going to result in what I needed in my life at this time.

Jesus set me up with the Jewelry shop mainly because it was what I needed to continue healing from emotional and mental pain I had received through the hands of the people in which I was set among to speak to at my childhood church.

Yes, I have suffered because of my calling, but I have suffered for the will of God to be done through me, and for that, I do feel blessed and not cursed at all.

Is there perfect safety or promises of perfection in any place on earth? No, there is not. Just another place in time, while I wait for my call to depart from earth, either through the meeting Jesus in the air, or to my own grave to wait for the trumpets to sound again and for all the dead in Christ to rise.

This is truly my heart’s desire and greatest hearts desire above all else there is in the flesh. To abide by the laws of God as they are written in the King James Bible is always in the forefront of my mind.