How To Put Together a Bead Wedding Day

Beaded wedding jewelry is some of the prettiest you will ever see. Accessorize your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses with beaded jewelry as well as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Beaded wedding jewelry is not only beautiful but will also help keep your wedding expense account from exploding through the roof. Use the money you save for your honeymoon. If you are able to string your own beads, you are even better off financially. Design all one of a kind beaded wedding jewelry that will be seen for the first time at your special wedding.

A vision of what style, length and size jewelry is necessary to begin the process. For example, do you want small beads or large beads, do you want small earrings, or long dangling earrings? Do you want a choker style necklace or necklaces made of three strings or more? If you can sketch out on paper about what you want, then your vision of bead wedding jewelry has begun.

Study closely the wedding gown and your bridesmaid dresses to get an idea of what fits best with your basic foundation pieces. Put the gowns on and spend some time deciding what will look best.

Decide upon a color first, then decide upon size of beads and exactly how many of whatever you will need. Of course, classic pearly white or cream colored beads seems to be what most people choose. You are not limited to pearls or the white and cream colors when you make your own bead wedding jewelry. Go with any style of beads you want. Use all sparkles instead of pearls if you wish. Or use a combination of sparkle and pearls for a fabulous one of a kind bead wedding ensemble. You can even use beads in your flower bouquets and decorations in the church or reception hall after the wedding all in the same matching styles and colors. A bead wedding can turn out to be one of the most beautiful of all. It is surely one that noone will ever say, “well that wedding was sure put together in a heated rush.”

Choose a set of colors just for the bridal gown and then use additional colors for the flower girl and/or bridesmaids. The creativity here can be endless once you get started dreaming and complete your visions of how you want it all to look.

Once you decide upon color and style of beads begin to work on the patterns. Try to get a clear view of what the end result will be so when you start to bead you will know exactly what you are doing. This process helps to reduce mistakes that takes more time to correct and slows down the process of beading.

If you cannot think of your own unique design consult with a beading artisan of your choice or research through beading magazines online and in paper form, then do a variation of what you find, something exact to what you find, or something similar.

Finally, gather all your supplies and plot out a time schedule to complete the project. Purchase a few extra of all supplies in case you lose something in the process of beading. You don’t want to waste time by having to run out to buy more beads or go online buying more of what you need. Just buy a little more of each component right at the start to allow for mistakes along the way. It is so easy for a bead to slip off the wire and bounce away into everlasting darkness where you will not find it at the moment, but maybe sweep it up later.

Purchase strong string or wire and sturdy tools for your project. Be sure you have all the tools required to complete the project on hand and ready to go on day one of your work schedule.

Give yourself plenty of time ahead of the actual wedding date. Leave yourself time to work efficiently allowing for mistakes along the way. Once finished, always try everything on to be sure it is exactly what you want before the big day of final show and tell. If you decide to make changes or switch colors you will have time still to do so. If you can, allow all members of the bridal ensemble to help you with the beading process. It can be a loving, fun way to put together a wedding you will never forget, one of a kind, that involves more than just you and the groom on one of the most important days of your life.

Written by: Connie Limon

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