Setting Up a Booth at a Arts and Crafts Show Ideas and Visions

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I am always reading and looking around for tips and advice about setting up at Arts and Crafts Shows. I think the first step should be to attend the shows as a shopper. As I shop around I can look at the number of possible customers by seeing who is visiting along with me there. Visiting wherever I plan on setting up a booth before I actually have my own will help me to see the age group I might be dealing with. I plan to observe other jewelry items extensively getting a mental picture of what others are creating, showing and selling.

I am an extensive note taker so I will for certain take along a notebook and pen. If the owners of the booths I visit will allow I might even take some photos that will later show me how to display my own collections as well as give me an ideal of what others are selling. Photos would be ideal. I am just not sure this would be allowed, but something to think about and to take my camera would certainly not be a mistake.

I am visualizing all this now based upon different things I have read and observed so far. I think when I set up my own booth the notebook of detailed records from sales of the day would be a an absolute take along. I think the expectation of making at least three times the total cost of my entire investment for the show is a reasonable expectation.

I will have a special section in my notebook detailing the buying customers with names and addresses, phone numbers if they will allow. A post card sent out to the buying customers about ten days before my next show letting them know the date, place and so forth with an invite for them to stop by and see me again should also be in my absolute to-do list in the notebook. On the postcard I could offer them a small discount or a buy one, get one free offer when they bring the post card and show it and offer something even more if they will bring a friend.

A neat and organized display booth is important. I as a shopper am much more apt to stop and look when the display booth is neat, organized and grouped by colors or styles. Too much of anything overwhelms me. I think there would be no reason whatsoever to display every item I have made. I would keep some back stock and work that in as the front stock sells out.

My hope of course would be for fair weather, sunny, but not too hot and certainly not a day of wind and rain. I think I would just pack up and leave if the day was not ideal for selling comfortably.

I of course would avoid displaying anything that was “not for sale,” as this to me is as irritating as being overwhelmed with multiple items all clumped up together.

Yes, I have a lot of observing still yet to do before I actually sell handmade jewelry from my own display booth, and then again, sometimes for me it works just as well to observe a little and then jump right in hoping for as few errors as possible, sort of a learn as I go kind of thing.
I think the absolute main objective would be to create a pleasing, easy to shop in or through display booth. For sure, there is a business plan for setting up selling booths in Arts and Crafts shows that needs to be worked out fully before I attempt the sale.

Finding out the details of how to get into the show might actually be the second step after observance as a shopper. According to what type of show I am attempting to get into will determine how I will go about applying for the spot.

I suspect it could be much like an application for a “job,” in that a person would send in a cover letter with some basic information about their jewelry designs with some clear pictures of the kind of booth display planned.

A professional appearance with clean pressed nice clothes and wearing my own jewelry designs is another aspect in which I feel will probably be quite important. I don’t smoke, so there would be no problem with “trying not to smoke.” I would definitely have to refrain from eating my lunch while sitting at the booth as well. I will plan on a close down for eating if I eat at all during the sale. Good eye contact is always a good ideal when you are trying to make first contacts with customers coming to visit your booth.

I think to make myself available if anyone needs me for questions answered is enough at an Arts and Craft Booth sale while allowing customers to browse at their leisure. For sure, if I feel I am being watched or hounded to buy something when I am shopping, I won’t buy a thing most usually. I like to have someone available to answer my questions, but not shove the items down my throat kind of thing. I think the least amount of the most informative input from me as people browse through my displays is best practice.

A name is important and to stick with the same name, not changing it again and again throughout different sales will be my main stay. I have a name now in which I like and I don’t intend on changing it. I like “Carmilita’s Earrings” for the name, even though I do believe over time I will have more and more bracelets and necklaces. Bead dangle earrings are my signature pieces of jewelry at this time, however, over time this could very well change. I visualize business cards and some kind of professional looking name plaque for center of my display tables.



dangle earrings sasha


Materials Used:
2 Silver Plated French Fish Earring Hooks
10 Silver Plated Head Pins
2 Silver Plated Eye Pins
2 Glass Faceted Round Light Pink Beads 8 mm
20 Silver Plated Jump Rings 5 mm
12 Teardrop Shape Blue/Green Magne (D/S) Beads

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