Is an Online Jewelry Business Your Heart’s Desire?

If you are thinking of starting a business online selling bead jewelry designs, the thought is absolutely attainable.

If you are already making your own bead jewelry and often get requests from others asking you to make items for them, there is a strong possibility your bead jewelry designs would sell online.

Are you ever asked or stopped suddenly and asked, “where did you get that pair of earrings?” If so, consider making bead jewelry for sale online.

There is a strong possibility the bead jewelry you like to wear is in demand by many other people. Don’t get carry away too soon. Keep in mind any kind of new business takes time to make money and make a presence online.

Start out by setting yourself a budget on how much to spend on materials. Don’t overspend initially and lose your goal by not being able to recoop the initial investment. It can be a little confusing especially with bead work to know just exactly what to spend on materials in order to make some profit.

It takes time and much work, so do not think this is a get rich quick scheme. You must absolutely LOVE to make bead jewelry and wear the items yourself as well, that is, in my opinion if you ever becme successful at selling bead jewelry online or elsewhere.

If you like using a lot of different types of jewelry components, making bead jewelry is the perfect hobby and/or business for you. Of course, you will need more raw materials than a designer who specializes in a certain type or style of jewelry.

Beads are available in an endless variety of shapes, colors, designs and jewelry components are the same. You can always, however, settle upon a few designs at least to start out with to make your initial purchase of raw materials more feasible and cost effective.

Another important consideration in the beginning is to determine how many products you can make in a certain period of time and where will you sell them online. In addition, where is the best place to buy your materials.

There are a variety of choices of “where to sell.” For example, Etsy is probably the most popular choice for handmade items. Ebay is also another auction type choice and you can build your own website.

Keep in mind though if you put up your own website, you will need to do all your marketing for that website, whereas with ebay and Etsy, the marketing is a little easier. Getting traffic to your listings is still a lot left up to you, but at least, you have a head start with Etsy and Ebay, two already popular sites for selling almost anything.

There is the usual word of mouth selling, business cards and flyers everywhere as well that you can begin utilizing immediately as marketing and promotion tools.

Consider how much you need or expect to sell your items. Check out prices from your competitors. Consider acquiring a mailing list to send out specialized information about your designs or jewelry making in general. Once you get started, you will be plenty busy with many aspects of your online business.

It is not one of those jobs in which you can work at from 9:00 to 5:00 and then be done with it. Consider it to be, at least at first, somewhat of a much longer work day than you would have to work for someone else.
Starting, owning and maintaining an online business is not as easy as most people would like you to think. Being your own boss is nice and being able to work in your own space at times in which you decide is nice, but in the long run, you will more than likely find out it could be even more difficult than working for someone else selling their jewelry designs.

However, don’t be dismayed, if an online jewelry business is what you want more than anything else, then it is very possible.

Good luck and stick with it. You can succeed if you really want to.

Written by: Connie Limon

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Wire Jewelry Making Hobby is a Great Way to Relax and Earn Some Extra Cash

If you like working with your hands and consider yourself creative wire jewelry making is a great way to make some extra money from home. It is one of the easiest and most inexpensive jewelry making forms of art. A lot of people like to wear artisan-made jewelry.

We are living in a tough economy in which people everywhere are looking for a way to pull in some extra cash perhaps just to keep the car running with gas. Stay-at-home mothers sometimes would like a little extra cash to stash away in the cookie jar for a rainy day. The hobby of wire jewelry making is a great way to relax and possibly make some extra cash as well.

Gone are the days that stay at home moms can only clean houses, do a little extra ironing or sewing for some extra cash. Many stay at home moms are finding out there are much more enjoyable ways to earn extra cash creating wire jewelry.

Here are some places you might start selling your wire artisan made jewelry pieces:

Online auction sites such as eBay and Top Hatter

Sites that sell specifically hand-made items like Etsy

Home parties: These are especially good for community neighborhoods consisting of several stay at home moms who get together often anyway for some morning coffee and chit-chat. Think about having a little more formal gathering and show off your artisan made wire jewelry pieces for sale.

This is a good time to point out artisan made wire jewelry is a gift for any occasion, all the way from kindergarten graduations to high school graduations and beyond. Make wire jewelry specifically to match outfits of everyone in your neighborhood circle.

Think about having some brochures or flyers made up to send with kids to school with a few special pieces for sale. Artisan wire jewelry make wonderful student Christmas gifts.

Local shops may agree to display your artisan made wire jewelry for a portion of the profits when the pieces sell.

Farmer’s markets, flee markets, local festivals and arts and crafts shows offer opportunities for the wire jewelry artisan to sell.

Start a blog.

There are plenty of opportunities to make sales online and offline. You might end up making more extra cash than you ever thought possible and much more than just to fill up the cookie jar for a rainy day or to keep your gas tank full for running school age kids here and there events and activities.

Wire jewelry making is definitely a lucrative choice for anyone who has a spark of creativity. Fan that spark and learn many different techniques. We never get too old to learn something new. Learning new things helps to keep creating new brain cells and pathways in the brain which helps to keep our brains and minds healthier.

If you find that you enjoy wire jewelry making you will effortlessly become more skilled with each passing day. What is any better than doing something you love each day and earning a profit at the same time?

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan
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bracelets queenie


Materials used for the bracelet:
12 inches of 0.8 mm Elastic Cord
6 Plum AB 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Light Amethyst 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Plum 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
18 Silver Plated 8 mm Rhinestone Rondelles with Clear Crystals

Materials used for dangle earrings:
2 Plum AB 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Silver Plated French Fish Hook Earrings
2 Clear Swarvoski Glass Bicone Beads 4 mm
2 Silver Plated 8 mm Rhinestone Rondelles with Clear Crystals
2 Silver Plated Fancy Bead Caps 8 mm


Selling Jewelry Wholesale

Do you have that itch for independence away from the push and pull of every day work places? I know I do. I think, well, I will work here or there and it always turns out the same, yet we still have to do something to survive in this world.

I discovered bead fashion jewelry much by “chance” or at times I feel like it was given me as a gift to heal from emotional wounds I received. Whatever it has been or however it came to me I am finding myself with a brand new occupation. I have the spirit of an entrepreneur. Do you ever get that same kind of spirit?

Bead fashion jewelry in my opinion is sort of irresistible and not just to me. Let us face it, a lot of people like bead jewelry. Just what is so irresistible about bead jewelry and wholesale fashion jewelry in general. Well for one thing very high profit margins that lies within this intrinsic beautiful art that is actually wearable.

It is true wholesale fashion jewelry has plenty of profit making potential, which makes it ultra attractive to anyone who likes to sit and design it. Along with these benefits are the mental and emotional benefits of relaxation and seeing the beauty of it all first hand. With relatively small investments at the start fashion jewelry enables individual entrepreneurs to turn small investments into large profit gains. It is within a world of its own namely an entrepreneur specializing in jewelry. Yes, I am finding myself within this place at the moment.

As with me, many new fashion jewelry businesses begin very simple piece by piece and sold first to just those in the immediate environment, however, the great twist to things now is having internet and computer skills providing a potential for fashion jewelry to be sold worldwide via the internet. Easy sales begin to ignite a fiery passion for more sales that continues to grow a business maybe you did not even think of at the start was going to grow into anything at all.

My passion is bead fashion jewelry and I am seeing the learning is quite possibly a never ending process, which is a good thing for a person who craves to learn new and interesting things on a continuing basis. There are basics that never change in which a person can with repetition perfect over time, yet, the patterns and the materials one can use goes on forever.

Someone is always coming up with something to make using beads, and after awhile you are one of those someones in the pot coming up with something new to make. The more you reach out for, the more you find within the world of fashion jewelry. Both men and women like to wear jewelry. It is an accessory that will never be obsolete.

As one sits and creates and creates, soon there is a treasure of wholesale fashion jewelry. The list is endless of how to sell and where to sell as well, but one main spot for sales is right here on the internet. It is a resource you can use from your desk chair to the post office and around the world without ever leaving your home town.

Other places and ways to sell is to regular retail businesses, home parties, booths in flea markets or craft shows, bingo s, festivals, school picnics, sporting events and on and on. Your overhead is low and actually comes to a complete stop when you are not actively selling. However, so do your sales come to a complete stop when you are not out there actively setting up a booth somewhere to sell, but here again, the internet never goes to sleep.

While you are sleeping there is someone on your shop at Etsy or your blog looking around that could be from anywhere. That is the great thing about setting up shop on the internet. Your sales go on while you rest, while you eat, while you sleep. It is another reason why people who have the entrepreneur spirit loves fashion jewelry for their specialty. Fashion jewelry is small and easy to package up and send to China if you need to all within a few hours of time.

I can be bubbly and enthusiastic, but few people are continuously bubbly and enthusiastic enough to be running around from place to place selling jewelry. I have more the quieter type personality most of the time which makes internet selling my greatest asset.

Figure out your greatest vehicle for sales and you have won half the battle in wholesale jewelry sales.

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three piece sets rosemary


The necklace is 22 inches long.

The bracelet is approximately 8 inches long

The earrings hang about one inch from the hook

Materials Used:

26 inches of Antique Copper-Colored 0.35 mm Buddy Braids
1 Antique Copper 17mm Toggle Clasp
2 Antique Copper 2x1mm Crimp Beads
2 Antique Copper 4mm Crimp Covers
22 Antique Copper 6x13mm3-Branch Bead Caps
24 Antique Copper 3x4mm Thick Rondelle Metal Beads
22 Antique Copper 2x6mm Beaded Rondelle Metal Beads
24 Antique Copper 4mm Ridge3d Round Metal Beads
11 Turquoise 12 mm Czech Fire Polished Bead
36 Gold 8x5mm Glass Crystal Rondelles



Handmade Bead Jewelry Home Business Opportunity

A lot of people like handmade bead jewelry. Making bead handmade jewelry is an excellent home business opportunity. It can be started from the comfort of your living room while watching your favorite T.V. programs. The start up costs are very minimal. If you have an interest in making jewelry you should think about getting started with bead jewelry and specialize in it.

Bead jewelry is extremely popular right now and most likely will remain popular for decades to come. Bead jewelry making is one of the oldest hand crafts still around today. It is not going to disappear anytime soon like a “fad fashion jewelry craze” that is here today and gone tomorrow. Designs may change, but bead jewelry making is here to stay for decades yet to come.

A home based jewelry business has many personal benefits. You can easily set your own hours, hold other part time jobs or even full time jobs while getting established and maybe for always. The decision is yours and based upon how successful you become. It takes time to build a business of any kind, so remember the golden rule of “Rome was not built in one day.” Keep your expectations high, but also realize time, patience and dedication are some of the most basic keys to running a successful home business.

Other benefits include getting to meet new and exciting people if you decide to travel to different jewelry fairs, shows and even flea markets for seeing what others have to offer and for selling your own designs. Many bead jewelry artisans sell just online. The options of how to market and sell your jewelry are actually more than you might realize at first sight.

Another great thing about a bead jewelry home business is you decide how many pieces you want to make and how often you want to sell. Take up special orders or just create what you want to create and offer that for sale. There are also many wholesale opportunities for the person who wants to sell jewelry at wholesale prices.

Once you have chosen what type of jewelry you will specialize in the ball really gets rolling. Enjoy what you do first of all and don’t think about making any money from what you enjoy. As time goes on you will see the money start rolling in as well. Experience for me is the greatest thrill of it all. We need money to replenish ourself, but the experience of creating is what I enjoy most of all.

Even with bead jewelry making you can specialize in certain areas of designs or with specific types of jewelry components and beads. I started out thinking I would specialize in stud earrings, then became fascinated by dangle earrings and before I knew it was more into dangle earrings than stud earrings, and just recently I started making bead bracelets and three piece matching sets of necklace, bracelet and earrings to match.

I have developed a great passion for bead jewelry making. Your passion may be some other type of jewelry. The basic marketing and selling techniques applies to all types of jewelry selling in home business situations.

There is loads of information online. I intend to write some ebooks eventually. For now, I am enjoying the process of adding to my bead jewelry making techniques and writing about it as I go. I will probably put together an ebook of all the articles I post on my blogs eventually as ebooks for sale having different topics for each book.

Manipulating wire into various shapes creating bracelets and necklaces is something new for me now when a few weeks ago it was the dangle earrings. You can go as far as you desire to go with bead jewelry making.

Design your own patterns or make variations of what you see. I make it a practice to check the dangle earrings women are wearing around me. Sometimes I make a quick sketch of a style I see.

I just recently saw a pair of dangle earrings while I was working at my part time job. I made a quick sketch after I saw them, came home that night and created around seven pairs of earrings using different colors of beads, bead caps and other jewelry findings. There are lots of ways to find patterns for creating what you want to create, and making variations from one pattern presents a wide variety of options for different looks.
Beading bracelets and necklaces does take quite a bit more labor hours than putting together the earrings. Earrings are the simplest to make in my opinion, however, there are intermediate and advanced beading techniques in which does take longer in labor hours even when creating earrings.
The sky is the limit of how much money you can make. There just are no limits. It will all depend upon how much time you want to invest, and it does take time to build up an audience to even view your designs if you are only online selling from your home based jewelry business.

Once you master bead techniques it seems the creative imagination just flows thereafter. If you enjoy making things with your hands or using your hands, the hand craft of bead jewelry is a great way to go. It helps relax tension in my hands that seem to want to keep moving doing something all the time. I feel like well I might as well be productive in whatever movements I do make with my hands, and creating jewelry has been a great option for me in that regard.

If you like the business end of it all you are one step ahead of most people as well. Some people just like to create and absolutely hate trying to market or sell their creations. If you are one such as this, you might think about partnering with someone or outsourcing the business end of your home based business to someone with marketing and sales skills and/or experience. Accounting skills will also come into play.

It is a good idea to do some marketing research and try to figure out what people are buying or are eager to buy and tailor your home jewelry business towards meeting those demands. Become successful at selling popular pieces and then branch out and experiment with other designs and materials. You can find online sample jewelry business plans to study if you have no idea of how to get started marketing and selling your jewelry from home.

Hosting home jewelry parties is also another great way of showing what you have to offer in a fun casual kind of way. Just invite some friends, family, neighbors and co-workers over for a short period of time, serve up some good things to eat and drink and just in general try to be an entertainer at the same time you are trying to sell your jewelry. Play some simple games and give away some of your jewelry as the prize. Give a piece of jewelry as the door prize. Home jewelry parties can be lots of fun.

Online you will need either a blog or a website, and/or just sell on Etsy. Etsy has very reasonable fees for handmade crafts. Everything sold on their site has to be a handmade product. They take care of the check out process for you and it is extremly easy to sell from their site. It is like a little mini website and actually can be the only online presence you have if that is your choice.

A jewelry home business is one of the top choices for home business opportunities doing something you really enjoy and making some great money while you enjoy what you are doing.

Carmilita Earrings

dangle earrings katrina



Become a Bead Artisan Entrepreneur

Beading is one of the hottest hobbies nowadays. Do you have a spark of being an entrepreneur? If you do, fan the spark just a little and step into the world of not only enjoying a new hobby but also making some money at it as well. After all, if you find you enjoy the art of beading, you are going to need some money to buy all those beautiful beads and jewelry components to keep the adrenalin rushes flowing.

Beading fun can start as simple as one color, one line bracelets with a basic clasp or something more sophisticated combining several colors, shapes and sizes of beads and even animal figures. The selection in materials for a beading hobbyist seems to be endless, a never ending stash of 100’s of different components and beads just waiting to come together as a beautiful pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet.

One of the best things about the beading hobby is it does not require a lot of space or tools to get started and it is not at all hard to do either. Using a few basic tools a beader can put together stunning works of jewelry art that is sure to please just about anyone at any age and for any occasion. And it is quite possible you can make some money from it all too!

The art of beading requires no formal training whatsoever. Of course everyone learns differently. Some people really need hands-on experience to grasp hold of whatever they are trying to learn.

I am a hands-on kind of learner, although I also function fairly well with written and visual instructions to go along with the hands-on projects. There is plenty of information online. I am finding using jewelry kits is one good option of learning hands-on and you don’t have any waste of extra jewelry components with a kit. Kits usually come with exactly what you need (except the tools) to complete the project. It actually is a very good way to learn how to bead. Jewelry kits are widely available online and in crafts stores. I might even offer some jewelry kits later on.

One specific tool you really need to purchase first is the one-step looper tool. Especially if you are a beginner, you won’t regret purchasing this tool. Learn the techniques as you go. I learned the techniques first then learned after the proper name of the technique.

I might even write an ebook later on and offer that for sale. You can too if you are able to give instructions in writing effectively. I would include a chapter on “organization of supplies and time.” The organization of your supplies is an essential first step to keeping your time organized and on schedule.

Other chapters of my future ebook will include marketing and selling. Family, friends and maybe even co-workers will be your first “warm market.” After that, you will need to learn how to market and sell to complete strangers, some who already like what you have to offer, and others to whom you will first be introducing your bead jewelry.

Your cold market will be the most difficult to reach, but in the end, will serve hopefully as your repeat customers. Makes sense that if you intend to sell your jewelry you should be at least a person who generally likes marketing and sales. Just keep telling yourself over and over, “Rome was not built in one day.” Before you know it, you have become a beading jewelry artisan “entrepreneur.”

Carmilita Earrings

dangle earrings zena

Materials Used:

2 Silver Plated 11 x 15 mm Leverback Earrings
2 Silver Plated Head Pins
2 Silver Plated Eyepins
2 Silver Plated 4 x 10 mm 7-Leaf Bead Caps
2 Silver-Plated 2 x 8 mm Filigree Bead Caps
4 Silver-plated 4 mm Ridged Round Metal Beads
2 Silver-Plated 2 x 6 mm Beaded Rondelles
2 Yellow 6 x 12 mm Flower Beads
2 Melon 7 x 10 mm Flower Beads
2 Sunburst 4 mm Glass Crystal Bicones
2 Emerald 11 x 7 mm Glass Crystal Teardrop Beads