Successful Jewelry Making Requires Successful “Organization”

Your best friend to creating fabulous bead jewelry pieces is organization skills. Set down to a mess of jewelry components and beads and you will soon find out creativity is not so easily achieved. Keep your beads and jewelry components nicely organized.

I find the simple plastic 12 or so individual compartments boxes ideal. They close shut securely and open up easily so you can SEE exactly what supplies you have on hand. Organizing your tools and jewelry components helps you to work faster and smarter.

Get started organizing by grouping like items together such as by color and design of beads, stringing materials, tools and so on. Create a specific spot for jewelry making and keep your supplies in that one spot.

Ziplock tight small baggies are great to store completed jewelry projects and supplies inside another tightly closed plastic container. You want to keep everything as free from air as is possible for longer life and preservation.

Organize your work space on a clean sturdy desk or table. Just about any kind of round container helps to keep tools in one place and easily accessible for the beginner.

As you progress with jewelry making you will add to your tool supplies and will require fancier organizational devices. Subscribe to a good jewelry making magazine for lots of ideas for homemade devices as well as retailers who specialize in organizational tools for jewelry makers.
Homemade organizational components might include a set of card catalog drawers for alphabetized by color boxes of beads.

Stringing materials can be spooled and hung on old towel racks on the wall.

A bead board can sit ready on top of your desk or table.

Proper organization is as essential in jewelry making as it is anywhere else in your life such as in your closet, kitchen or bathroom. As you go along making jewelry, you will discover more and more ways to help you work smarter and faster.

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Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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