Classification of Jewelry is No Easy Task

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Centuries ago, among the most civilized nations of Europe, the ” beau” and ” macaronis” adorned themselves with jewelry of all kinds. Today, however, it is confined, and with greater propriety, almost entirely to women with the exception of a few. Desirous always of pleasing, the gentle sex has ever sought to add to its charms by adorning itself with jewels.

Two methods of dealing with the history of the present subject present themselves. One method consists in taking individual classes of jewelry, tracing their complete development, and following the changes they undergo during the various periods of civilization. By the other—the historical method—all types of jewelry in existence at a particular time are examined side by side within the historical period to which they belong. The general changes that take place at one epoch find an echo in every piece of jewelry that belongs to that epoch.

The different classes of jewelry during every period all bear a distinct relationship of style. For instance, the changes which take place in the aspect of the necklace at a particular epoch will be found to occur at the same time in that of the bracelet and girdle. But there may,exist the widest divergence in style and idea between a particular piece of jewelry and its successor of a subsequent period.

For these reasons an historical and chronological mode of treatment has been adopted, which will allow more completeness of observation, and fuller and more scientific investigation of style and craftsmanship.

Certain difficulties are nevertheless encountered, because periods and fashions naturally overlap. This is particularly the case in times when communication was not easy; since some people would cling to an old form of jewelry, while others, more traveled or more fashionably minded, would prefer a new.

In proceeding towards a systematic classification of personal ornaments it may be advisable, instead of dealing with the separate ornaments of each period according to their relative importance or prominence, to follow a simpler and more natural plan. Thus, a simpler method of classification might be discussing ornaments dealt with in each succeeding epoch will in every case be those worn :

(1.) on the head—diadems, tiaras, aigrettes, hair-pins, jewels for the hat and cap, and earrings;
(2) on the neck—necklaces and neck-chains hung with numerous varieties of pendants;
(3) on the breast—brooches, clasps, buttons ;
(4) on the limbs—armlets, anklets, bracelets, rings ; and
(5) on the body and waist—girdles and their various attachments, chatelaines, and miscellaneous pendent ornaments, such as pomanders, scent-cases, rosaries, etc.

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Stunning Jewelry Making Supplies That Can Add Life to Any Beading Project




Stunning Jewelry Making Supplies That Can Add Life To Any Beading Project

By Jasmin Z

When I first started designing jewelry, it seemed like a very difficult task. There are so many different types of jewelry making supplies, findings and tools to know about. The world of jewelry making has advanced a great deal and therefore for anyone to survive in this world, it is important to be familiar with the different jewelry making supplies that are out there. It is not just familiarity, but you must know how to use them in jewelry designing. Over the years, I have not only perfected my jewelry designing skills, but I have become more knowledgeable about the types of supplies that work and those they don’t work when it comes to meeting the demands of the customers.

These days, people are looking for creations that are unique and as a jewelry designer, it is important to incorporate elements that will help meet the growing needs and demands of the customers. Here’s a look at some of the stunning jewelry making supplies that I use to add life to my creations.

Mini tassels

Mini tassels made of silk with a golden binding at the top is one the most stunning elements that can be used in jewelry making. They are available in a variety of colors and they can be used as embellishments, connectors and even pendants.

Corrugated silver beads

These ball beads are great for beading, crafting projects and making earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and they work well with Swarovski crystal beads to create stunning jewelry pieces.

Gold filled cable chain

Now you can give your jewelry creations a golden foundation that is filled with splendid shine. These gold filled cable chains are durable and they last longer than those that are gold plated. They are an economical alternative to the high quality solid gold jewelry. They feature rounded links and they can accent any jewelry design or idea beautifully.

Rainbow moonstone cabochons

These are generally a white stone and feature occasional iridescence where their transparency ranges from translucent to opaque. Rainbow moonstone cabochons are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their body colors also vary greatly and some of them even feature the cat’s eye effect.

Personalized pendants

With the huge variety of personalized pendants available these days, it is possible to choose a color and metal of your choice and create custom necklaces for both men and women. Personalized necklaces can make great gifts as well. You have the option to choose initials of people’s names, full first or second names as well as how someone is related to you.

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Be Inspired by Spring and Fall Colors to Create Bead Jewelry

Spring is a time when everything starts to open up again, a time in which we want to get up and get outside for outside activities. Fall is the calming down season, a time for looking back, a time for reflecting upon this and that in our life, a time for inspiration. Both spring and fall have colors that inspire jewelry artisans to create beautiful jewelry using harmonious color schemes. Green and violet are strong colors for spring and fall and both these colors have many shades.

Fresh lime green and yellow green are dominating shades for spring. In gardens and parks you will see bright violet crocuses, typical spring flowers popping up here and there. Spring green and violet are strikingly beautiful for bead jewelry. Create a wide bracelet of violet seed beeds having jovial green beads in place here and there throughout the bracelet. Reverse the color combination having green as the main shade and violet as a highlight. Bead jewelry in green and violet during the spring season definitely sings a song of new vitality just as spring as it opens up to our senses. We open our doors and windows and invite the the season of spring into our homes and life.

In the fall try u sing dark olive green in bead jewelry for a subtle earthy hue. Later in the fall when the leaves are tinged with shades of violet bead jewelry in these same muted violet colors are gorgeous pieces to wear and look at. Use semi-precious stones in some of your fall bead jewelry, and wear your fall jewelry collection with fall tweeds and wool clothes.

Bead jewelry artisans can observe the colors of each season to enrich personal creativity grasping hold of the environment for inspiration. The great thing about being a bead jewelry artisan is that the great variety of choices of colors which far exceeds every color we can see in each season.


dangle earrings chanel


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Do You Need Some Fabulous Looking Fall Jewelry Quickly?

Fall is the time of year when there are extraordinary beautiful colorful leaves falling down from the trees in a joyful tune all their own. Abundance of everything seems to be around us. We see bundles of berries and huge pumpkins in fall orange shades. There are tall shades of yellow smiling sunflowers dominating the market places. If you are a bead jewelry artisan try to catch the colors of fall in your bead designs quickly before winter falls upon you.

There is a tremendous amount of diversity in the colors of fall beads. Use large beads to make dramatic looking necklaces that express the fall season. Wear huge and expressive bead jewelry as a statement of “I am happy and feeling great, the Fall season has arrived.”

Wear warm colored beads in triple strands with fall knit outfits. For a classical look accent the outfit with a very long necklace made of large horn beeds in warm shades of brown. The result can be strikingly attractive.

Wearing bead jewelry to celebrate the fall season is a way of expressing your love for the season. Mix in some glistening glass crystals, feathers or crochet for the unexpected look. There will be nothing to match your fabulous creations.

Match colors appropriately for large beaded necklaces as an inappropriate match in colors can really stand out big time!

Large beads make a row on a necklace very quickly and are so very easy to string. Large beads do not demand a lot of patience, good magnifying lighting or a steady hand to string.

If you are petite like I am try this pair of fall colored dangle earrings with your fall wardrobe.

dangle earrings florence

The beauty of beading is the exciting knowledge of being able to create luxurious looking jewelry at low cost and minimum labor time. When summer ends and the fall season suddenly begins, grasp hold quickly with your fall jewelry before winter falls in upon you!


dangle earrings rosemary

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Discover the World of Beaded Jewelry and Create “Magic” in Your Own World

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Add magic to your outfits, color of hair, or color of eyes by choosing the right colors in bead necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Start with the bead color. Do you want the beads to match your outfit or the color of your eyes or hair? Think about the color wheel and how color harmony is created. Find a good poster of the color wheel and keep it as a handy tool to help you combine bead colors that will enhance your clothes, color of eyes or hair.

The best thing about making your own beaded jewelry is that you can choose right from the start exactly the color combinations you desire. You can do the same thing by consulting with a bead jewelry artisan and having he or she create for you a line of jewelry perfectly matched to every outfit in your wardrobe or to match your skin color, eye or hair color. Using the subtle accents of color harmony in bead jewelry pieces is what gives you that finishing individual touch that helps to create “magic” wherever you go.

Did you just love to color with a brand new box of crayons in a brand new coloring book? Can you remember the “magic” you felt when your grade school teachers started passing out fresh off the printer individual coloring sheets.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a child, coloring was one of my favorite activities at home and in school. I just loved seeing what the colors looked like all in harmony together on the finished piece. I get the same kind of magical feeling when I complete bead jewelry projects.
I would feel so proud when the teacher would choose one of my finished pieces to hang on the wall or the window for everyone to see what a good job I did. I always liked to sign my name even when I could only print my name. The page was not finished until I wrote “Connie” at the end. My coloring book now is the internet and I have my bead jewelry pictures plastered all over the walls and windows of my internet pages. When people click on links leading to my pages, they are peeping through my windows seeing my jewelry art all displayed.

You can experience the same kind of joy and thrills from bead jewelry making. Like magic the colors blend together in harmony singing a little song that only you the creator is hearing. Wear those pieces of handcrafted bead jewelry and watch others hear the same song just like “magic.” I even notice the “males” at the Y noticing my dangle earrings and I see a little sparkle come in their eyes. Men and women enjoy seeing the happy dances of bead dangling earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Bead jewelry adds magic to anyone who wears it.

If you start with the color of beads first then add the style of clothes you might find it actually more fun than buying your clothes first and then trying to find the right color of bead jewelry. Buy your bead jewelry first or create your bead jewelry first if you are an artisan. You might match up a single row of pearls on a necklace with a classical style of an outfit. For evening, match up a little more of an extravagant beaded accessory to your outfit.

With all the fabulous and expressive beads available today you can create exciting jewelry giving you and even your plainest outfits a very unique and dramatic look. Think about a beaded necklace made out of shells, wood or some other natural material to wear with casual clothes, blue jeans, shorts and tops summer outfits. I think these types of materials make for a fun looking appearance.


dangle earrings sandy
If you are more on the refined side in personality and style of clothes consider looking for exquisite beads to enhance the perfect look of your clothes. There is an enormous choice in bead jewelry materials.

Choosing colors and style first helps to remove some of the overwhelming feeling of your search for just the right kind of “magic” look you want to have. Beaded jewelry accents your clothes as well as your personality and overall appearance. Like magic, you are transformed into a fairy princess if you so desire, or like magic, you are transformed into whatever look you hope to achieve.

I just completed a three piece set of necklace, bracelet and earrings I called “Gypsy.” I already have her named, but she could have been named “Fairy Princess” I think as well. She is a set in my opinion that creates an instant fantasy of “magic.” Match her up to a new outfit. She is suitable for any age group. Follow the link below to my Etsy shop to see more pictures of this three piece magical bead set.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan



This is a 3 piece bead set I added to Carmilita’s Three Piece Bead Sets. There is a necklace, bracelet and earrings in this set.

Materials Used for Earrings:
2 Antique Bronze 11 x 15 Leverback earrings
8 Antique Bronze 5mm 20 Gauge Jump Rings
6 Antique Bronze Ballpins
6 Antique Bronz 8 x 9 mm Decorative Bead Caps
6 Antique Bronze 1.5×4 mm Beaded Rondelles
6 Pink 6 x 12 mm Flower Beads
6 Light Rose 5 x 9 mm Flower Beads

Materials Used for Bracelet
10 inches of Antique Bronze Colored Buddy Braids
1 Antique Bronze 15 mm Thick Rope toggle Clasp
2 Antique Bronze Crimp Beads
2 Antique Bronze 4 mm Crimp Covers
12 Antique Bronze Ballpins
12 Antique Bronze 3 x 9 mm Decorative Bead Caps
12 Antique Bronze 1.5 x 4 mm Beaded Rondelles
12 Pink 6 x 12 mm Flower Beads
12 Light Rose 5 x 9 mm Flower Beads
26 Peach 4 mm Glass Crystal Bicones
13 Pink AB 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles

Materials Used for Necklace
26 inches of Antique Bronze Colored Buddy Braids
1 Antique Bronze 14 x 8 mm Lobster Clasps
1 Antique Bronze Split Ring
2 Antique Bronze Crimp Beads
2 Antique Bronze 4 mm Crimp Bead covers
4 Antique Bronze 5 mm 20 Gauge Jump Rings
7 Antique Bronze Ball Pins
7 Antique Bronze 2 x 9 mm Decorative Bead Caps
48 Antique Bronze 1.5×4 mm Beaded Rondelles
10 Antique Bronze 4 x 5 mm Bicones
12 Antique Bronze 8 mm Bicones
72 Pink 4 mm Glass Crystal Bicones
18 Peach AB 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
7 Pink 6 x 12 mm Flower Beads
7 Light Rose 5 x 9 mm Flower Beads




Learning to Make Bead Jewelry From Jewelry Making Kits is an Ideal Objective for the Beginning Jewelry Artisan

Aspiring jewelry artists are finding out assembling bead jewelry from jewelry kits is lots of fun and one way to learn how to make hand crafted jewelry. It is one of the easiest ways for a beginning jewelry artisan to produce actual products without a lot of waste in materials. In fact, many kits will include a few extra materials just in case you loose a few as you are assembling. You not only learn with hands on experience how to hand craft jewelry, you also learn what beads and jewelry components are available for your later original designs.

Jewelry kits takes the design steps out of the way and allows a beginning jewelry artisan to quickly see how it is all done. You have step by step instructions and all the pieces to your project in one place. I also recommend picking up a simple bead board or palette. A bead palette allows you to lay out your beads and jewelry components on the board in the order you will be stringing. Just follow the directions in your jewelry kit, lay out the design on your board, then start stringing from the beginning of your bead design on the board. It is rare you will also receive the tools with a kit. The instructions usually tell you exactly what tools you will need to have on hand. It is a fabulous way to wade the shallow waters of bead jewelry making.

Bead jewelry making kits are perfect for the person who wants to make their own jewelry but do not have a clue of how to get started. Sometimes you just want to assemble from the instructions of someone else’s designs and this is the beginning of a creative spark you might fan just a little bit to create a full blown fire, meaning, learn more, do more, and create more all on your own.

With a jewelry kit you have all the pieces sitting in front of you, and if you laid things out on the bead palette you also have it all neat and organized ready to assemble. All that is left is the joy of creating and your final product. How could any aspiring hand made jewelry artist ask for more?

Bead stores online and offline are also learning a great marketing tool. Offer jewelry kits to your customers and keep them coming back to you for more kits and more supplies to create more of what you teach them. It is a great way to build customer trust and repeat customers.

Even jewelry making artist veterans sometimes use the convenience of jewelry kits when they are stumped for designs of their own or just want a quick piece of jewelry fresh to give as a gift.

Jewelry kits are also great to use for whipping up quickly for a new outfit. Keep a few kits on hand or make up your own kits from beads and supplies from your favorite bead store, offer them for sale, or just keep them on hand for new outfits. Match up your outfits to your jewelry kits.
Kits are actually the less expensive option. You only pay for the materials you use. For example, if you buy a bag of beads having 10 beads and you only need to use 2 beads for your earring project, you will have 8 beads left over and for what?

Well, you might think of something one day on down the road, but for now, you actually only needed 2 beads instead of 8. A jewelry kit will supply only the 2 beads you need. The same goes for the jewelry components you will need to complete the earrings. If you buy a bag of 50 bead caps for X amount of money, and you only need 6 bead caps, you will have the remainder of the bag left plus the extra cost of buying the entire bag. If you are going to make several pairs of the same style, it will make sense to buy the bulk bags, but if you are only going to make the one pair, it makes more sense to buy a kit.

I have purchased both ways now in bulk and the jewelry kits. When I purchase in bulk and sell a specific pair of earrings, I always have enough supplies to make several more pairs of the same kind to put back in the place of the ones I just sold. There is an advantage still of buying the kits in that you can go back back to the same bead store and buy exactly what you need in bulk to make more of the same style you made from the kit in the same colors or different colors.

Learning how to make bead jewelry from jewelry kits is a win-win situation for you the jewelry artist any way you look at it.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan
Carmilita’s Earrings:

Meet Sandy

dangle earrings sandy

Sandy is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Simplicity Collection of Dangle Earrings.She dangles about 1 1/2 inch from the hook. She is made from semiprecious nuggets and sunburst glass crystals. The nuggets look like different shapes of little gravel rocks. Some are round in shape, others are a bit off round, a bit off square, just like you would see a pebble rock. Beautiful pair of earrings for the fall time of year.

Materials Used:
2 Antique Copper Dangle Earrings
12 Antique Copper Ball Pins
12 Antique Copper 5 mm 22 Gauge Jump Rings
6 Sunburst AB 6 x 4 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Picture Jasper 7 x 10 mm Semiprecious Nuggets

Sandy’s Price: $15 (includes Free Shipping)
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