Do You Need Some Fabulous Looking Fall Jewelry Quickly?

Fall is the time of year when there are extraordinary beautiful colorful leaves falling down from the trees in a joyful tune all their own. Abundance of everything seems to be around us. We see bundles of berries and huge pumpkins in fall orange shades. There are tall shades of yellow smiling sunflowers dominating the market places. If you are a bead jewelry artisan try to catch the colors of fall in your bead designs quickly before winter falls upon you.

There is a tremendous amount of diversity in the colors of fall beads. Use large beads to make dramatic looking necklaces that express the fall season. Wear huge and expressive bead jewelry as a statement of “I am happy and feeling great, the Fall season has arrived.”

Wear warm colored beads in triple strands with fall knit outfits. For a classical look accent the outfit with a very long necklace made of large horn beeds in warm shades of brown. The result can be strikingly attractive.

Wearing bead jewelry to celebrate the fall season is a way of expressing your love for the season. Mix in some glistening glass crystals, feathers or crochet for the unexpected look. There will be nothing to match your fabulous creations.

Match colors appropriately for large beaded necklaces as an inappropriate match in colors can really stand out big time!

Large beads make a row on a necklace very quickly and are so very easy to string. Large beads do not demand a lot of patience, good magnifying lighting or a steady hand to string.

If you are petite like I am try this pair of fall colored dangle earrings with your fall wardrobe.

dangle earrings florence

The beauty of beading is the exciting knowledge of being able to create luxurious looking jewelry at low cost and minimum labor time. When summer ends and the fall season suddenly begins, grasp hold quickly with your fall jewelry before winter falls in upon you!


dangle earrings rosemary

Carmilita Earrings



Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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