Be Inspired by Spring and Fall Colors to Create Bead Jewelry

Spring is a time when everything starts to open up again, a time in which we want to get up and get outside for outside activities. Fall is the calming down season, a time for looking back, a time for reflecting upon this and that in our life, a time for inspiration. Both spring and fall have colors that inspire jewelry artisans to create beautiful jewelry using harmonious color schemes. Green and violet are strong colors for spring and fall and both these colors have many shades.

Fresh lime green and yellow green are dominating shades for spring. In gardens and parks you will see bright violet crocuses, typical spring flowers popping up here and there. Spring green and violet are strikingly beautiful for bead jewelry. Create a wide bracelet of violet seed beeds having jovial green beads in place here and there throughout the bracelet. Reverse the color combination having green as the main shade and violet as a highlight. Bead jewelry in green and violet during the spring season definitely sings a song of new vitality just as spring as it opens up to our senses. We open our doors and windows and invite the the season of spring into our homes and life.

In the fall try u sing dark olive green in bead jewelry for a subtle earthy hue. Later in the fall when the leaves are tinged with shades of violet bead jewelry in these same muted violet colors are gorgeous pieces to wear and look at. Use semi-precious stones in some of your fall bead jewelry, and wear your fall jewelry collection with fall tweeds and wool clothes.

Bead jewelry artisans can observe the colors of each season to enrich personal creativity grasping hold of the environment for inspiration. The great thing about being a bead jewelry artisan is that the great variety of choices of colors which far exceeds every color we can see in each season.


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