High School Graduation Gift Ideas for the Teenager/Young Adult

Girls like jewelry! It is as simple as that. Girls discover the beauty of jewelry at early ages, sometimes as early as two years old a baby toddler girl may dig into her mom’s jewelry box and try on her jewelry. It happened to me with my daughter around the age of 8. She was privately investigating my jewelry box and found a ring she placed on her fat little finger that she could not get off. She soon had to let me know what she had been up to. We ended up in the emergency room having the ring cut off her finger.

What is the solution? Jewelry just for the baby girl is what comes next. Of course at these early ages one also has to be careful about things still going into the mouth for a taste. There is inexpensive plastic jewelry you can purchase especially for little girls, maybe not a 2 year old who still thinks she must taste everything put into her hands, but the older little girls can have jewelry of her own. It is not an unusual occurrence for little girls to have pierced ears and this might be their first pieces of jewelry.

By the time the girl graduates from high school she is most likely fairly familiar with all kinds of jewelry. It is at this time you can give her a gift of jewelry as a graduation present. She is old enough to take care of the jewelry you give her and old enough now to attach a cherished memory to that gift as well.

High school class rings are traditional jewelry you can order through the school or from other sources. Nowadays it a rare occurrence boys or girls do NOT purchase a high school class ring. I sure wish I still had mine. I think it was one of those rings my daughter found while privately investigating my jewelry box and I lost. Class rings make great jewelry graduation gifts symbolizing the daughter’s years at school. A birthstone class ring is also very traditional with the graduation year in the center of the stone. Clubs or sports she was active in can be represented on class rings in many creative ways.

Charm bracelets are another great graduation jewelry gift idea. Charm bracelets are unique in that each one can be different. Charm bracelets given as graduation gifts can represent all the things a daughter liked to do while in school. Even the graduation year can be added as a charm to the bracelet. A parent can create a charm bracelet representing everything the daughter loved to do from a child up until their graduation year.
Beautiful lockets are great high school graduation gifts. What is a locket? It is a necklace that has a charm which opens up. A lot of people like the heart lockets as a heart always denotes “love.” Inside the locket a picture of the parents and their daughter makes a lovely surprise to open up and peer into. Lockets having a picture of the three of them together are great to give to daughters going away to college.

It is a rare girl who never wants a pair of diamond earrings. Not many girls actually get a pair of real diamond earrings. High School graduation is the perfect opportunity to give a daughter her first pair of diamond earrings. A girl in her late teens or early twenties is now well able to know the value of a pair of diamond earrings and is more likely to take good care of this gift. Every female needs to have at least one pair of diamond earrings in their jewelry collections. A pair given at her high school graduation is sure to be a pair cherished for a lifetime. Start a family tradition and pass that pair on down to the next generation who graduates high school.

These are just a few high school graduation gift ideas that are most commonly given to young teenage girls marking a very important milestone in their life.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Bailey


Bailey is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection of dangle earrings. She dangles a little more than one inch from the hook. Bailey’s focal point is the “lampwork” beads 12 mm. These are absolutely out of this world GORGEOUS Chinese Glass Beads. They have markings of gold splattered through the bead. Every time you turn your head and the light flickers through these beads it gives an illusion of a lamp shade with the light on inside, beautiful patterns of flowers light up behind the shade. Leave it to the Chinese artists to give us beautiful flower patterns in all designs!

These earrings say “holiday celebrations” for sure. They are appropriate for Christmas or New Year Party wear. They are appropriate for Holiday gift giving.

I chose the name “Bailey” for this pair of earrings in memory of the character in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” When you wear these earrings I suspect you will feel happy, gay, in the spirit of Christmas, and “it’s a wonderful life.” When I look at these earrings, they say all those things to me. The beads also resemble “Christmas Bells.”

Materials used:
2 silver plated french earring hooks
2 silver plated beaded bead caps 3 mm
2 silver filigree (cut-out) beads 3 mm
2 sparkling red Swarovski glass round faceted beads 6 mm

Bailey’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)

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