Jewelry Designs Unaffected by the Passage of Time

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We all know about fashion fads, and how they come into being every year and go out of popularity sometimes about as fast as they came in. There are, however, some jewelry designs that are never affected by the passage of time. They are elegant and beautiful in any time era and become classics.

I just stumbled upon a book showcasing several classical bead work jewelry designs using the following stitch techniques:

Ladder and Herringbone Stitch
the Peyote Stitch
Tubular Even Count Peyote Stitch with a Step-up
Zip Flat to Tubular or Flat to Circular
Right Angle Weave
Basic Knots
Half Hitch Knot
Overhand Knot

Some of the projects in this book are:

A Renaissance Cameo Necklace with two versions. One is embellished simply and elegantly hanging from metal braided cording and clasped with beaded pearl buttons. Version two is my favorite one and dangles from a strand of natural pearls, closed with a vermeil S-hook. The Pearl version is the one I would try. Either way you prefer, this necklace is one of the “timeless and classical” pieces of bead jewelry that just never goes out of style.

Techniques used to create the above necklace are:

Peyote Stitch Even Count
Peyote Stitch Odd Count Technique, Step Up, Step Down
Peyote Stitch Tubular, even count with decreasing
Stitch in the Ditch

There are very detailed, step by step instructions for all the techniques and for the making of each of these versions of the Cameo Necklace. The layouts in this book are fantastic complete with beautiful color photos of the finished pieces and many diagrams.

If you are a person who likes to sew, I think these projects would be ideal as you use beading needles and tapestry needles. Other materials include:

A contemporary or antique cameo
Natural pearls or or Czech Glass Pearls (for the Pearl version)
Seed Beeds
Cylinder Beads
Nylon Beading Thread

For the other version materials needed are:
Silver Silk Capture (knitted wire)
Craft Wire
Seed Beeds
The Cameo
and a few other different materials

The first version is said to be intermediate-advanced level. The second versions, which I like best, is said to be intermediate.

There are a couple pair of earring patterns I liked as well.

There are about 15 different classical jewelry design projects in this book. Names are:

Renaissance Cameo Necklace
Earrings for the Dutch Mona Lisa
The Key to Unlocking the Past
Forentine Rosette Cuff
Hebe’s Floral Earrings
Time in Motion Ring
Labyrinth Bracelet
Amalies Pearl Necklace
The Queen’s Lace Bracelet
A Token of Love and Affection
Byzantine Cuff
Necklace of Dancing Circles
Pearl Inlay Earrings
An Elegant Ladies’ Broach

As I mentioned above there are step by step, detailed instructions with many photos and diagrams. All projects are very beautiful, elegant and have a feel to me as being “romantic.” I would think as an extremely special gift, some of these projects would be worthwhile sitting down and learning how to do. Honestly, if a person never wore any of them, they would be works of art one could display in a glass cabinet that would also make could pass down through generations in families art work. I am certain they would be popular pieces at any art show.

The book is entitled: “Timeless Beadwork Designs” by: Cynthia Rutledge

Reference Used: “Timeless Beadwork Designs” written by Cynthia Rutledge, copyright 2016 by Sterling Publishing, ISBN # 978-1-4547-0875-9

Book Review Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan
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