Semi-Precious Stones: Charoite Found Only in Siberia, Russia

Semi-Precious Stones: Charoite Found Only in Siberia, Russia

When I first seen this stone I was immediately taken with it’s unique beauty. The stone is a violet with flowing swirls of violent, lavender and purple in general. It is a rare stone discovered in the 1940s and known to the outside world around 1978. The stone is named for the Chara River in eastern Siberia, Russia, the only place in the world where it is found. In Russian the word Chary means magic or charms.

In Russia Charoite stone is found in massive forms in dense fibrous aggregates and is somewhat of a silky luster. It is soft enough to use in rings, bracelets and other types of jewelry. Steam cleaning and ultrasonic methods of cleaning should be avoided.

Some of the magical powers of the Charoite are said to be associated with an area of Siberia that once had political prisoners in that the stones are a symbol of endurance in adversity. They could possibly aid in obtaining courage to start over after repossession of personal goods, overcoming job loss during times of high unemployment, sustaining those held in prisons, boarding schools, hospitals and residential care. (Eason, 213).

Other potential helping attibutes of the Charoite stones are: (1) a stone of connection for people who work away from home; (2) emotional healing for people suffering from acute loneliness and alienation from life; and (3)the easing of fears of ill-health, pain and dying. (Eason, 213).

Charoite stones are believed by some to: (1) awaken analytical abilities; (2) enhance keen observation; (3) assist in making decisions and making faster responses; (4) enhance vigor and determination to overcome obstacles such as delving into huge piles of work. (Hall,105) (Gienger,25).

Who should wear jewelry made from the rare Charoite stones?

It is believed by some people that Charoite is soothing to the nerves and perhaps can calm people who suffer with ADHD, autism and Asperger’s syndrome. It is also believed Charoite stones help people who suffer with insomnia thus promoting a deep sleeping pattern instead as well as helping with sleepwalking and talking during sleep. (Gienger,25) Eason,213)(Hall, 105).

Wear jewelry made from Charoite to help overcome and release fear and negativity. This stone could also possibly help you to discriminate between what is real and what the mind has imagined as being real. It is possible the Charoite stone has ability to allow one to love others unconditionally and encourages flexibility about “letting go” of negative feelings inspiring one to move forward in relationships. (Simmons,107) )Melody, 195-196) (Hall,104-105).

Wear jewelry made of Charoite and perhaps become a person who is more able to overcome a resistance to change, frustrations and worries. It is said or believed this stone helps to bring about a more relaxed attitude and assists one in accepting moments as they occur while seeing the good in all situations. (Melody, 196)(Hall,105)(Gienger,25).

If you are a person who likes to use beads during times of meditation it is said the Charoite stones transmutes negativity and grounds to the spiritual self. Use it for cleansing the aura and filling the chakras with emotional purity. It may also help you to see visions of past lives and give you suggestions of how to redress your karma on a personal and collective level. (Melody,195)(Hall,104-105).

Charoite stones are a remarkable color ranging from pale creamy lavender to a decadent array of deep purple hues sometimes occurring all in one bead. Smooth charoite beads contain swirling patterns with a marbled, fibrous appearance and veins of white, grey and black. It is a rare mineral only available to jewelry artisans since the late 1970s. The stones are more expensive to use in jewelry pieces than some of the other semi precious stones. One 16 inch strand of 6 mm beads is commonly priced today at time of this article writing around $21. I do plan to have a few pieces of jewelry made from these extraordinary beautiful and rare stones found now only in Siberia, Russia.

The photograph below is from wikipedia and is an example of the colors found in the Charoite stones. The author of this photo is Piotr Sosnowski. It was posted on the wikipedia site 2008 as his own work. Link is found here:

charoite stones


Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan
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