Some Popular Bead Jewelry Trends in 2014

In this article I write about several bead jewelry trends of 2014.

A trend derived from “allegory,” is said to be a representation of abstract and/or spiritual. This bead jewelry trend is about medieval and mythical spirits. Bead jewelry artisans who create jewelry in this theme construct it keeping in mind geometry and primitive designs incorporating ancient philosophies. Colors include intense rust, fiery flame, ultramarine blue and off white. Swarovski capri blue, copper metallic, matte flat squares, red opaque drops and cobalt farfalle seed beads are examples of the color palatte within this theme as well.

A cross gender would focus upon surrealism, exotic fantasy and imagining what an alternative universe would look like. Strong pinks, acid yellows, pale blues and pure white is symbolic of futuristic visions and what to expect in another universe of time. Beads within this cross gender might be Swarovski neon pink pearls or pink firepolish rounds. Hyacinth orange mix gemstone doughnuts and white dagger beads might also be used within this cross gender.

On a contemporary note, Asia is the influence having a Zen-like trend of minimal east. Asia has a preoccupation with ancient crafts combined with innovative technology creating a neo-minimalist trend. The resulting bead jewelry communicates cultural roots of a modern rapidly changing world. Bead jewelry artisans creating jewelry within the contemporary trend use soft, subtle tones of gray-green, borealis grays, jade green and hints here and there of Chinese lacquer red. The Asian influence denotes sophistication and meticulous style. Beads chosen might be stone gray luster firepolish, Swarovski dark grey pearls, Swaroski red coral pearls, celsian finish beads and aquamarine celsian firepolish as well as taupe matte firepolish seed beads.

The trend of an Eldorado Remix combines two southern countries, Brazil and South Africa. This trend is full of vibrant, rich colors. It is tribal and spiritied oriented mixing tradition with contemporary designs. Create bead jewelry designed around ancient civilization sculpture using provocative colors such as amethyst, turquoise, ruby and coral. Mix the gemstones with earthy tones of brown, deep and bright green. Use Iris Purple firepolish, Swarovski Fern Green Bicones, Coral Peacock Daggers and Bronze firepolish rounds.

These are just some of the bead jewelry trends popular in the year of 2014. Discover your own designs.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

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Starr is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection of dangle earrings. She is a mixture of what looks like either snow flakes or stars and glass bells, so pretty.

Starr dangles delightfully from the hook about 1 1/2 inches.

Materials Used:

4 star or snowflake silver plated charms same on both sides
2 silver plated French earring hooks
8 silver plated jump rings 9 mm
4 purple glass crackle beads 6 mm
4 pink glass crackle beads 6 mm
16 silver plated filigree beads 3 mm

Starr’s Price: $15 (includes shipping)

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