Study the Personality of a Woman to Learn how to Give Fashion Jewelry Gifts

Where do you begin when thinking about buying fashion jewelry as a gift? Why not begin with evaluating the person’s personality type. For example is the person an intellectual, a romantic, an extroverted or introverted personality? Once you have determined the type of personality of the person you wish to buy for then go shopping.

A woman who is intellectual of course is one who has demonstrated a high degree of intelligence. She may appear slightly reserved. Her style of clothes are most likely classic simple lines. She may like understated jewelry pieces or something elegant and of superior quality.

Simple chains in gold or silver for a necklace might be other choices for the intellectual woman. Earrings will mostly likely be small studs or understated hoops. A thin bracelet with a few pearl beads or subtle gemstones also compliments the intellectual type personality.

A woman who is romantic in heart is an ultimate girly-girl type. She will love all things extra feminine. You might see this type of personality wearing skirts, dresses and blouses in floral prints. She likes to feel every bit of being a woman as she can and shows it in everything she does and wears. Her jewelry will match this attitude.

For the romantic at heart type woman shop for strings of pearls, dankly sparkling earrings and floral pins. Wrap it up in the prettiest baby pink or powder blue floral print paper. She is soft, sweet and delicate and will like different shades of pink, blue, purple and red. White is always in her wardrobe as well. White pearls are basic for this type.

The athletic type mom is all about something practical. She is on the go a lot transporting her children from one sport event to another. This mom needs lots of stud earrings in her wardrobe of simple gold, silver, pearl or diamond rounds, maybe a full small hoops now and then. She might dress up in dangle earrings, but her basics will be mostly something she can keep in her ears as a staple that she even sleeps in perhaps. She needs to be ready for her on the go lifestyle at the crack of a hat. A simple pair of diamond earrings that she never removes might be the absolute best option or even a small pair of white stud pearls would work for this busy woman.

The outgoing socialite or extroverted female personality is always wearing a big smile. Her face will someday wrinkle up in the same places she smiled in her youth. She is in the center of attention frequently, has beautiful straight perfect pearly white teeth that she loves to flaunt with every turn of her head. She is most likely a risk taker and her jewelry will express this behavior in her. Shop for bright, bold colors and interesting textures. Big chunky and geometrical designs will be in her jewelry wardrobe. The unusual and most interesting type of earrings you can find for her will be most likely your best options.

Shopping for the “naturalist” type woman who is concerned with the environment, recycled materials and let us preserve our environment type personality is one you need to choose “earth tones” like shades of brown, green, blue, orange and white. The jewelry she wears will most likely be made of natural materials, not necessarily precious stones. She may even like old vintage stones recycled into new jewelry designs as a way of saying she never throws anything away for garbage but uses everything she can in her environment for updated designs instead. She may like jade and agate stones in her jewelry collection that is probably on the simple line of designs.

There are women who are “electric” at heart and also many times the focus of attention in a bold and daring kind of way. She likes vintage and trendy styles in clothing and jewelry. Classic pearl stud earrings matched with art deco necklaces and bracelets would not be out of line for this type of personality. A mix of vintage and trendy styles gives her the ability to stand out in crowds even more than her basic personality.

Shopping for fashion jewelry gifts for others is not all that difficult. You just have to take some time to study the personality of the person you wish to give fashion jewelry gifts. No one woman falls completely in all the categories described in this article. More often than not, each woman is a mix of several different styles and may even change her style from season to season. I have given you some basic guidelines of what to look for. Visit my shop at Carmilita’s Earrings for more ideas along the lines of handmade bead jewelry.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Miss Sparkles. She is a 2 piece set of a sparkling glass bead bracelet and earrings in pink, peach and clear crystal glass beads. The earrings have 2 Czech Glass beads in baby pink. She fits the romantic spirited woman……and I see her very pretty with a white as snow coat in the winter season.

bracelet and earrings

This is the sweetest little bracelet and dangle earring set ever! I can see this set going from winter to spring to summer seasons. In the winter, it would look great with a snow white jacket or coat. In spring, anything pink or white and summer anything pink or white. It would also make a beautiful sweet 16 birthday gift.

Materials Used:
12 inches of 0.8 mm Elastic Cord
6 Peach 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Pink AB 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Crystal Clear 12 X 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
18 Silver Plated 8 mm Rhinestone Rondelles with Clear Crystals

The Earrings to this matching set are made of:
2 Silver Plated French Fish Hook Earrings
4 Silver Plated Jump Rings 9 mm
2 Czech Glass Powder Pink Pearls 6 mm
4 Silver Plated Heart Bead Caps 10 mm
2 Crystal Clear Glass Rondelles 12 mm

Miss Sparkles Bracelet and Dangle Earrings Set price: $25 (includes shipping)

Purchase Miss Sparkles here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Give Fashion Jewelry Gifts to Evoke Love and Passion in Your Special Woman

What is the best gift any man can give a woman? You guessed it. Fashion jewelry is the absolute best gift a man can give a woman, except his love for her of course! Don’t wait for a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas Day to give your special woman fashion jewelry. Give her a gift she will love and cherish on the spur of the moment, as a surprise right at the perfect time while you picnic together on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Take her out to the movies, share a bag of popcorn and when you get back into your car laughing your heads off at different scenes from the movie you just saw, pop out a little box with a piece of fashion jewelry chosen especially for her. Give her a sweet short kiss and turn the car on.

There is just no better way for a man to suddenly say, “you are so very special to me,” then to say it along with a sparkling fashion jewelry gift, go even a bit further and make it “handmade bead fashion jewelry.” Find someone who is gifted at making bead jewelry and add to your special woman’s collection any time of the year.

Now ask yourself this next question. Who is it that does not want to feel loved? We all do. Is that not correct? Now, tell me it isn’t so and I will never write another line saying that it is the truth instead, that is, if you can actually prove to me it isn’t so.

Fashion jewelry gifts are a universal sign of “love” is in the air and saying in a very special way, “I love you.” Women love fashion jewelry because it allows them to express themselves creatively. The right piece of jewelry perks up any outfit or “human being.”

Fashion jewelry just simply adds the finishing touch to accenting clothing taking just plain drab pieces of clothing to a fabulous look in seconds of time. Be sure your special woman has plenty of fashion jewelry in her wardrobe and be the one to keep saying “I love you” with those special gifts of fashion jewelry.

Sound kind of corny? Well, even so, believe me this is the truth. Just think about this for a moment. Your special woman has a low cut shirt you just love to see her wear and she wears it beautifully, gently wrap a handmade bead necklace around her neck, kiss her ever so softly, stand back and watch the sparks fly.

All of a sudden you have created an even more beautiful look than she had before and have added a lasting memory for you both to cherish as the ages roll on together. Jewelry gifts are powerful passion creators. Learn from some of the leading men movie stars like Richard Burton who was always giving Liz Taylor some kind of jewelry gift. You don’t have to be wealthy to create passion in your special woman. Passion starts in the head and comes forth from all the senses especially the eyes.

Every piece of fashion jewelry you add to your special woman’s jewelry wardrobe gives her the opportunity to create several more new looks. She will begin to surprise you with a different look each time she steps out the door to meet you for the next date.

Passion immediately surges through your veins with one look from the eyes upon how gorgeous she looks in the gifts you give her. Yeah, see what I am leading up to here. Fashion jewelry gifts are powerful passion and love creators.

Fashion jewelry is just plain pretty. Women love pretty things and men love pretty women. You are in a win-win situation here. Experiment with different colors, beads and stones. The loving passionate memories you can create with jewelry gifts are absolutely endless.

Watch my Etsy Shop at and my blogs for new handmade bead jewelry selections all throughout the year. I have a passion for creating bead jewelry that can lead you to new heights of love and passion with your special woman!

Start imagining today all the ways you can give a beautiful handmade bead necklace, bracelet, earrings or bead sets to spark that passion in your special woman.

Does bees love honey? If you answered yes. Then you will eventually learn that giving fashion jewelry gifts to your special women is the way to make her passionate about you like a bee loves honey. Jewelry is a great way to show you care in a very special way for her.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Rosemary
three piece sets rosemary

This is a 3 piece handmade bead set consisting of a Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet I added to Carmilita’s 3 Piece Bead Sets I am calling “Rosemary.”This a lovely set to wear for fall especially but can worn anytime throughout the year.

The necklace is 22 inches long.
The bracelet is approximately 8 inches long
The earrings hang about one inch from the hook

Materials Used:
26 inches of Antique Copper-Colored 0.35 mm Buddy Braids
1 Antique Copper 17mm Toggle Clasp
2 Antique Copper 2x1mm Crimp Beads
2 Antique Copper 4mm Crimp Covers
22 Antique Copper 6x13mm3-Branch Bead Caps
24 Antique Copper 3x4mm Thick Rondelle Metal Beads
22 Antique Copper 2x6mm Beaded Rondelle Metal Beads
24 Antique Copper 4mm Ridge3d Round Metal Beads
11 Turquoise 12 mm Czech Fire Polished Bead
36 Gold 8x5mm Glass Crystal Rondelles

Rosemary’s Price: $60 (includes shipping and one free surprise gift)

Purchase Rosemary here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Fashion Jewelry Is One of the Most Popular Christmas Gifts

It is a rare woman who does NOT own some kind of jewelry. If you roam around much in the private quarters of any woman you are more than likely going to find somewhere a sparkling “ring,” or a “pin” or a piece of hair jewelry. More often than not you will find several pieces of sparkling jewelry and matching sets of jewelry laying around here and there or tucked away in drawers.

Roam through a woman’s chest and dresser drawers and you will pull out at least one piece of sparkling jewelry of some kind. A lot of women, however, keep their jewelry in nice jewelry boxes and others will even have special locking safes to store away their precious jewelry.

Jewelry just never is a “wrong” kind of gift to give a woman. You sometimes might have to figure out exactly what type she wears, but after that decision is made, rest assured that your gift of jewelry on Christmas Day will be among the most cherished a woman or man will receive.

Jewelry pieces usually has meaning and value beyond our wildest dreams. A pair of earrings given by a special man with wonderful memories of the time spent together has much more value to a woman who received the gift than anyone else who will see her wearing the earrings or just see them in her jewelry box.

From the beginning of time, jewelry has had special meanings. For some, because of its expensive value, it is a highly requested and special gift to receive. We can really understand why the diamond engagement ring is one that marks a very special relationship of “true lasting love.” The marriage wedding band is a symbol to everyone that the person has a particular soul mate somewhere in which they are legally as well as emotionally bound. Certain pieces of jewelry given at special occasions does have special meanings.

Giving a gift of a bracelet or necklace at Christmas definitely can create a cherished memory and make a special statement to all who witness the event. It says, “you are special to me.” Women love to feel special. If you want to create a closeness with a woman, give her a special bracelet, necklace or ring this coming Christmas season. Jewelry gifts create some of the most ultimate feelings. A beautifully wrapped gift is the final step. When the receiver opens up the box to find a sparkling piece of jewelry inside your heart will burst with gratitude. You will feel incredibly loved at that moment in time as well as the receiver of your wonderful thoughtful gift of jewelry.

There is just something extra special about sparkling pieces of jewelry. It is easy to fall in love with the beauty of these pieces. Fashion jewelry is always in style and can be some of the most glamorous looking jewelry you will ever find. Opening up a box with a beautiful piece of fashion jewelry can be extremely exciting. She will probably gasp with delight at first sight of what is inside the box for her.

Women love to dress up and put on jewelry as the finishing touch, look in the mirror, and say, yes, I am ready now! Fashion jewelry will not run up your credit card balances like rubies, diamonds and emeralds, and is just as beautiful, oftentimes even more beautiful. Fashion jewelry is definitely become more and more the choice for many gift givers at Christmas and other occasions as well. The variety in fashion jewelry is endless.

Fashion jewelry is great to buy for yourself at any time during the year to pep up your mood or to make an old outfit feel brand new. In recent years, fashion jewelry has become more the fad than more expensive jewels even for those who can afford the more expensive jewels. Fashion jewelry is sometimes hard to tell the difference from the real thing. If no one ask for the truth why tell. It is no longer true that fashion jewelry is just used to dress up toys and dolls. People are the real dolls dressing up in fashion jewelry today. Fashion jewelry can make a woman look like a “doll.”

Real diamond engagement rings, however, will most likely never be replaced. I for one would not want to receive a fashion jewelry diamond engagement ring, so there are some situations in which the real thing can never be replaced with fashion jewelry pieces.

Give fashion jewelry this Christmas season to everyone on your list and you most likely will have solved your gift giving decisions.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Eve

dangle earrings fancy jenny

Eve is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Dangle Earrings. She dangles about 1 1/2 inch from the hook. Her focal point bead is the Czech glass bead 12 mm in a black abstract design on deep red.

I named this pair of dangle earrings Eve as it is a great just-before-Christmas name, one that has everything: strong biblical roots, strength and simplicity, packing a lot of power into its single syllable. The oldest name in The Book is the name “Eve.”

These earrings are suitable for gift giving.

Eve is suitable for wearing to any kind of holiday party or get together.

Materials used:
2 gold plated 11×15 mm leverback earring hooks
2 gold head pins
2 Czech glass 12 mm beads in black abstract design on deep red
2 Sparkling Ruby 12x9mm glass crystal rondelles
2 antique gold plated 8x11mm decorative bead caps

Eve’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)

Purchase Eve here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Giving Jewelry That Will Be Cherished

Jewelry pieces often make some of the most cherished gifts. Many of these jewelry gifts also turn out to be passed from one generation to another as heirlooms. This is one the reasons giving jewelry gifts is perfect for any occasion. Beautiful jewelry pieces can be given to teenagers, women, men, children as well as the elderly.

With the vast variety of jewelry designs it can be a tiring and discouraging thing to shop for the perfect jewelry gift for each person on your gift giving list no matter what the occasion might be. Do you want to try and match the jewelry to the clothes you see them wear or to their personality or just as a symbol of your personality? There are many questions to answer when trying to decide on the perfect jewelry gift, one that definitely will be cherished. For example, some women may like having a necklace of 14 kt gold to make a silk blouse look really sharp. This might not be exactly what you want to give if you are wanting to express your personality and it may be just as well because you can probably find a colored stone necklace or a bead necklace that will go very well with the same blouse.

Women use various pieces of jewelry to make them look their best such as wrist watches, or bracelet wristwatches, 14 kt gold earrings, or sterling silver, bead earrings, bracelets and so on. There are still many women who think “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” If a woman on your list is one of those, then if you don’t want to rock the boat with her, purchase something diamond for her. However, if you see a piece of clothing you think would look great with a bead necklace instead, you might try gifting the bead necklace to see if you get her to like something different for a change. Then again, if you don’t want to rattle her too much or see her NOT like what you gave her, then match your jewelry gifts to pieces you see her wear and to the clothes you see her wearing to be on the safe side. What are her favorite colors? Does she like silver or gold jewelry? Just in general kind of figure out from her exactly what she would like to have, that is, if you don’t want to introduce something all your own to her.

Giving jewelry gifts for men, in my opinion, might be a little easier than for females. First check to be sure he wears jewelry. A lot of men will only wear a wrist watch and wedding band. If this is the case your choices for a jewelry gift is limited to watches. There are men who wear earrings, so even bead jewelry could be appropriate. If in doubt, just ask, “hey do you wear jewelry and what kind would you prefer?

Teenagers may be your easiest to buy jewelry gifts and then again maybe not. A lot of teenagers are very fashion conscious and want to keep up with their peers about everything. This could make them a bit picky as well. I rarely see a teenage girl without earrings of some kind, so earrings will always be appropriate for a jewelry gift to teenagers. The style will be your obstacle. If it is not the style she wears or wants she will never wear it and of course will not cherish your jewelry gift either. A simple way of deciding is just simply to watch what she wears and duplicate it or ask her is there a particular brand of jewelry you prefer wearing these days?

When in doubt about giving a jewelry gift to a woman for a wedding anniversary I suggest just going with a 10 or 14 kt gold necklace.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Azalea

dangle earrings azalea

Azalea is a beautiful blooming bouquet of flowers handmade dangle earrings. She dangles from the hook about 1 1/2 inch. She is made from an earring kit.

Materials used:
2 silver plated French earring hooks
2 silver plated 3 inch head pins
2 silver plated 2″ ball pens
22 Purple 5 x 9 mm Flower Beads
22 Pink 3 x 2 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Light Plum 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Rose Quartz 12 mm Semiprecious Rounds

Azalea’s Price is: $15 (includes shipping)

She will be securely wrapped and enclosed in a organza jewelry bag. She is suitable for gift giving for wedding gift or any other kind occasion.

I just can’t describe in words how truly gorgeous this pair of earrings really is.

Purchase Azalea here: Carmilita’s Earrings

It is the Thought That Counts Most When Giving Christmas Gifts

As the time for Christmas gift giving draws near, many Santa dressed in all types of clothing flock into their favorite shops searching for the perfect gift for family, friends and co-workers. Economic times continue to be difficult, however, this does not stop the majority of people from gift giving during the holiday season.

It is always the thought that counts the most. Question for most of us still remains just what is there out there that is affordable for me to give as a gift at Christmas? If you are more of an arm chair shopper, the internet is full of wonderful and affordable gift ideas that are below $100.
Jewelry for Christmas gifts probably is one of the most types of gifts given. In this article I discuss a few ideas for jewelry gifts.

The Blue Topaz Diamond rings are brilliant. Look for one with a diamond setting in 10K white gold as a gift for mothers, grandmothers, sisters or wife. I think the blue topaz rings set in white gold and diamonds are great accents for a woman with blue eyes. Topaz is November’s birthstone.

Anyone on your gift giving list with a birthday in November? If so, a gift of a blue topaz ring with diamond and white gold setting would be perfect for her.

The aquamarine gemstones are stunning. How about a pair of aquamarine lever-back earrings in an emerald cut to say how elegant you think your woman is. These earrings can be worn for work time or evening time. The emerald cut helps to accentuate a curvy figured woman wearing a v-neck cut blouse just about any color.

How about a stainless steel bracelet. They are not only for women. In general you should be able to find a stainless steel hard-cut geometrically masculine patterned bracelet as a perfect gift for just about any man on your list and most likely below $100 in price.

Remember the gift giving motto: The gift does not have to be expensive, just a gift straight from the heart. It is always the thought that counts.
Bead jewelry is a perfect gift for Christmas. Get something special this year like a three piece bead matching set all handmade from Carmilita’s Earrings. I have a stunning necklace, bracelet and dangle earrings in my Etsy shop that would make a great gift for any woman on your list. See below this article for more details.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Rosemary

three piece sets rosemary

This is a 3 piece handmade bead set consisting of a Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet I added to Carmilita’s 3 Piece Bead Sets I am calling “Rosemary.”This a lovely set to wear for fall especially but can worn anytime throughout the year.

The necklace is 22 inches long.
The bracelet is approximately 8 inches long
The earrings hang about one inch from the hook

Materials Used:

26 inches of Antique Copper-Colored 0.35 mm Buddy Braids
1 Antique Copper 17mm Toggle Clasp
2 Antique Copper 2x1mm Crimp Beads
2 Antique Copper 4mm Crimp Covers
22 Antique Copper 6x13mm3-Branch Bead Caps
24 Antique Copper 3x4mm Thick Rondelle Metal Beads
22 Antique Copper 2x6mm Beaded Rondelle Metal Beads
24 Antique Copper 4mm Ridge3d Round Metal Beads
11 Turquoise 12 mm Czech Fire Polished Bead
36 Gold 8x5mm Glass Crystal Rondelles

Rosemary’s Price: $60 (includes shipping and one free surprise gift)

Purchase Rosemary here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Create Long Lasting Special Moments and Memories with Handcrafted Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry gifts are the most special gifts you can give. They are infused with love and joy, and perfect for any occasion. Jewelry gifts are perfect for marking all life’s special occasions. A jewelry gift will stand the test of time and become a constant reminder of significant life accomplishments.

We love to celebrate special occasions such as graduations, births of babies, weddings, anniversaries, a new job or work promotion. Handcrafted jewelry gifts are among some of the best jewelry gifts to purchase for these special occasions as they can be more unique than any other kind of jewelry piece.

If you are a lover of jewelry you know very well the sentimental values of jewelry. Jewelry pieces create memories and emotional connections to those memories as the years go on. Time never stands still for anyone. A piece of jewelry, handcrafted or otherwise remains the same. With just a simple glance at a special pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring you can immediately relive the moments in time you received the piece as a gift. It can put a smile on your face on an otherwise grim day as you are reminded of the personal moment the piece of jewelry signifies.
With each new beaded jewelry piece I create, I am warmed at heart and a smile comes to my face. I am creating special moments that will late be special memories as I handcraft jewelry pieces.

Jewelry gifts are the most intimate and special kind of gift you can give. They create memories that last forever.

Written by: Connie Limon

Meet Miss Sparkles

bracelets miss sparkles

This is the sweetest little bracelet ever!

Materials Used:
12 inches of 0.8 mm Elastic Cord
6 Peach 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Pink AB 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
18 Silver Plated 8 mm Rhinestone Rondelles with Clear Crystals

Miss Sparkles price: $25 (includes shipping)

Purchase Miss Sparkles here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Buying Jewelry for a Very Special Lady

Do you really worry about buying jewelry for your special lady? If you do, there is no need to keep worrying. I am about to ease your mind. Before you set out on a journey of buying your love a special piece of jewelry for a gift make a few decisions first. Do some research. Gather some information. Think about it.

Questions to ask:

What type of jewelry does she like or do you see her wearing most often? Easy one. Right?
Would you like to see her wear jewelry but she does not wear it? Then ask her what she would prefer to wear if you began purchasing jewelry gifts for her.
Does she wear silver or gold? Usually every woman has a preference between silver and gold jewelry pieces.
Does she wear delicate pieces of jewelry or big statement types of jewelry?
Does she have a favorite color and what is her birthstone?

If you notice she wears certain pieces of jewelry a lot, consider getting her a piece of jewelry that will compliment her favorites.
A lot of women have specific pieces of jewelry they wear almost every day. Does she always wear earrings and sometime a necklace or does she wear bracelet, necklace and earring sets? There are beautiful beaded necklace, earrings and bracelet sets available. If she is a bead person, you can’t go wrong with a beaded set in a color combination that matches a particular outfit she likes to wear or a set that will go with several different outfits.

If you can look into her jewelry box it will give you many clues of what she has already purchased. If you see pieces of jewelry you never see her wear, then that is a clue to NOT buy the same kind of pieces for her as a gift. If you see pieces in the jewelry box that you see her wear a lot, then that is a clue to purchasing a jewelry gift she will most likely wear often and like to wear.

As you are trying to put together all the information you will need to start shopping you might also think about looking through a few magazines together and see what catches her eye. You can even find clues to what kind of jewelry she would like by watching T.V. closely with her. Comment on jewelry you see women wearing on T.V. and ask her what she likes and does not like.

Handmade beaded jewelry is a great choice if you find out she likes the styles. You can purchase handmade beaded jewelry pieces without having to take out a loan or make payments. The great thing about “beads” is all the color choices and the variety in how the pieces are made.

Once you have gathered all your information using these tips, you should feel more confident in buying jewelry for your very special lady.

Written by: Connie Limon

Meet Heidi:

dangle earrings heidi

Heidi is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Flowers In Bloom Collection of dangle earrings. She dangles about 2 inches from the hook.

Materials Used:
2 Antique Copper Plated 11×15 mm Leverback Earring Hooks
2 Antique Copper Plated Ball Pins
2 Antique Copper Plated Eyepins
2 Antique Copper Plated 2 x 9 mm Scalloped Bead Caps
2 Antique Copper Plated 6 x 13 mm 3-Branch Bead Caps
2 Antique Copper Plated 4 x 14 mm 5-Leaf Bead Caps
2 Antique Copper Plated 2 x 6 mm Beaded Rondelles
2 Antique Copper-Plated 4 mm Ridged Rounds
2 Amethyst 6 x 12 mm Style Flower Beads
2 Light Rose 7 x 10 mm Style Flower Beads
2 Light Amethyst AB 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Rose Quartz 12 mm Semiprecious Rounds

Heidi’s Price: $15 (includes shipping)

Purchase Heidi here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Women Who Love Jewelry: Always Pleased to Receive a Gift of Jewelry

Mike Todd, third husband of Elizabeth Taylor, gave her a diamond tiara in 1957. She wore it for the first time at the Academy Awards.
In 1957, Todd gave her a Cartier diamond-and-ruby set while she was taking a swim. When she got out of the water, Todd put a ruby-and-diamond bib necklace around her neck and then put matching earrings on her ears. Next, he put a matching bracelet on her arm. I think it is comical how people put on such big productions about things……anyway…..after that she had no mirror because she was in the pool and water, all she could do was look down into the water at these beautiful jewelry gifts just placed upon her.

You can about imagine what happened next on a beautiful summer day.

In 1957 (one year after I was born) Elizabeth Taylor owned a pair of diamond chandelier earrings of which she wore for the first time in 1959 and then wore them again 4 decades later in 1992 at the Academy Awards. She found them in a Paris boutique. A funny thing happened to Liz and her diamond chandelier earrings a few months after she purchased them. She started to put them on and they looked different. She told Mike, who was with her at the time, there is something wrong with my earrings. He laughed and said he had the stones replaced with “real diamonds.”

Another favorite jewelry piece of Liz Taylor was a Bulgari Emerald Brooch. She wore the floral diamond-and-emerald pin as a hair accessory in 1963.
Women who love jewelry are obviously easy to please with a gift of jewelry. While on a break shooting the film Cleopatra it was said that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton took a stroll. While on the stroll he gave her an emerald necklace.

So there you go, take a stroll and give your love a handmade beaded necklace or bracelet. She will love you for it!

Meet Priscilla


Priscilla is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Flowers In Bloom Dangle Earring collection. She dangles about one inch from the hook.

Materials Used:
2 Antique Copper Dangle Earring Hooks
2 Antique Copper 2″ Ball Pins
2 Antique Copper 2 x 8 mm Scallop Bead Caps
2 Antique Copper 6 x 13 mm 3-Branch Bead Caps
2 Antique Copper 4 x 10 mm Curley 5 -Leaf Bead Caps
6 Antique Copper 1.5x4mm Beaded Rondelles
2 Antique Copper 3 mm Rounds
2 Aqua 6 x 12 mm Flower Beads
2 Crystal Heliotrope 6 mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones
2 Blue Picasso Jasper 12 mm Semiprecious Rounds

Pricilla’s Price: $15 (includes shipping and one FREE gift)

Purchase Priscilla here: Carmilita’s Earrings

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Gift Earrings for Every Woman on Your List

Earrings help to enhance or embellish the face and contribute to personal identity. Handmade beaded earrings always make a great heartwarming personal and unique gift. How do you decide which pair to purchase for which person? In this article, I will give you a few tips of how to choose the right pair of handmade earrings for whoever is on your gift list.

First of all, consider the color and length of the person’s hair. If she has long, dark hair, use light colors in beads or metallic beads. Dark beads tend to be less visible on a person who has dark hair. You need the lighter colors to stand out from the darker hair. If the person you are buying for has short hair, you have a bit more choices, but will also need to choose the right color to compliment her hair, length of neck, and skin tone.

If you know your friend’s preference in color of hardware, you are ahead of the game, however, most people who do not make handmade earrings have no idea about the tiny pieces of hardware that fit together to make a pair of earrings. You might still have to use your best judgment here or if you are very close to the person and have an idea of what kind of jewelry components make up a pair of earrings, show her the different kinds of earring findings and ask her what is her choice, then choose her gift accordingly.

Always consider the neck length of whoever will be receiving your gift of handmade earrings. It is true most people look good in a one inch dangle. Most of the dangle earrings I make are in this size range. I rarely make anything longer than one inch as this is my preference (I have a short neck). I will be making more of the longer lengths as well, not everybody has a short neck, yet even women with longer necks still look good in a one inch dangle. You really can’t go wrong with this size dangle as a gift for any size of neck. Stud earrings also compliment a woman with a short neck as well as a long neck.

The thing you want to avoid is choosing a 3-inch dangle for a woman who has a short neck. A woman with a swan-neck or long neck will look fabulous in the long chandelier and drop-chain styles as well as studs and the shorter styles.

The design of the earring is another factor to consider when purchasing gifts. Do you want to go with traditional beads on a head pin or dangles on a chain or do you want to venture out into more chic and unusual designs such as all wire and beads, big spirals, squiggly coils, geometric shapes or little wire-wrapped bundles. The variety in handmade earrings is endless.

Consider the age of the gift recipient. If she is under 20 she may really go for colorful, modern, theme-centric earrings while females over 40 sometimes don’t. Observe the styles she wears the most and go from there, or you can get creative and try to introduce her to a style similar to what she wears but still yet different in some way or another. Some people just stick to one style by habit and when introduced to something new find it refreshingly what they like instead of the old styles they been choosing.

Does the gift recipient seem to like or wear stones or crystals, chain or seed beads, shiny or matte finish? After you observe which it is or even ask what the gift recipient prefers then go shopping for something similar.

After you have considered some of these key areas you should be able to choose the perfect pair of gift earrings for just about any woman on your gift giving list.

Written by Connie Limon for Carmilita’s Handmade Jewelry

copyright 2014

Meet Bailey


Bailey is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection of dangle earrings. She dangles a little more than one inch from the hook. Bailey’s focal point is the “lampwork” beads 12 mm. These are absolutely out of this world GORGEOUS Chinese Glass Beads. They have markings of gold splattered through the bead. Every time you turn your head and the light flickers through these beads it gives an illusion of a lamp shade with the light on inside, beautiful patterns of flowers light up behind the shade. Leave it to the Chinese artists to give us beautiful flower patterns in all designs!

These earrings say “holiday celebrations” for sure. They are appropriate for Christmas or New Year Party wear. They are appropriate for Holiday gift giving.

I chose the name “Bailey” for this pair of earrings in memory of the character in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” When you wear these earrings I suspect you will feel happy, gay, in the spirit of Christmas, and “it’s a wonderful life.” When I look at these earrings, they say all those things to me. The beads also resemble “Christmas Bells.”

Materials used:
2 silver plated french earring hooks
2 silver plated beaded bead caps 3 mm
2 silver filigree (cut-out) beads 3 mm
2 sparkling red Swarovski glass round faceted beads 6 mm

Bailey’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)

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Give Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Gifts for Valentine’s Day can sometimes be difficult to decide upon. Jewelry remains a gift most any woman will cherish. Handcrafted jewelry is sometimes even more valuable. In this article read some ideas of what to give on the next Valentine’s Day.

Giving a promise ring on Valentine’s Day expresses your desire to give your sweetheart undying love and devotion. The gift of a promise ring conveys an exclusive relationship. The next step up is the engagement ring.

Ankle bracelets are fashionable. Women of all ages wear ankle bracelets. If the love of your life at Valentine’s Day has never worn one, maybe you can buy her a special one and introduce her to a piece of jewelry she never wore before. Ankle bracelets are nice to enhance and show off beautiful legs, ankles and feet.

Earrings as gifts for any occasion are “timeless and classic.” They are always a popular gift. Even if the love of your life does not care for other pieces of jewelry, most women still like to at least put on a lovely pair of earrings. Of course, hearts that denote the feelings of love is a good choice. Try especially made for her handmade jewelry this Valentine’s Day.

Moms, grandmothers and sisters usually experience a warmed up heart receiving a jewelry box for Valentine’s Day. If you are into crafts, a handmade jewelry box is ideal. If not, then there are plenty of choices. Jewelry boxes are made of a variety of materials from wood to cardboard boxes. I especially like the paper floral boxes Dollar General Store has at different times of the year and I believe Valentine’s Day is one occasion they stock these hard paper boxes of all sizes. I bought a small one last year. I plan to buy a larger one and place the 15 compartment plastic storage trays with lids inside holding some of my favorite earrings. Jewelry boxes are always a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

What about the little girls on your gift giving list at Valentine’s Day? Relatives of little girls often make them feel extra special with gifts of jewelry pieces, necklaces of hearts engraved with “I love you” phrases from grandma and grandpa makes a lovely gift as well as keepsake for a special little girl. Even more special could be a set of handcrafted beaded jewelry, a ring, necklace, earrings and bracelet. I am certain most little girls would adore colorful beaded jewelry pieces. Many little girls are able to wear small dangle earrings. Don’t limit your purchases to just a pair of studs. I see a lot of pretty little girls wearing the small dangle earrings. Of course I would not recommend them for a toddler, but the older elementary school age girls are fine to wear dangle earrings at least for special occasions.

What would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for a mom? I think any piece of jewelry that represents family love such as a ring with all children’s birthstones, or a necklace or pin the same. Buy her a charm bracelet with all her family’s birthstone charms. Many mothers enjoy wearing bracelets. Even a set of beaded jewelry would be a great gift for mothers or grandmothers. Find a handmade bracelet of beautiful beads and birthstone charms.

Your first gift buying decision is solved once you decide exactly what you want to buy. Next you will need to decide on a price range, or a price you can afford to pay for your Valentine’s Day gifts. Decide your price range ahead of time as well to avoid last minute stress and getting out of your budget. You probably do not want to go in debt to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts as another one rolls around next year.

There are plenty of jewelry gifts in a wide assortment especially in handmade fashion or costume jewelry pieces that are gorgeous gifts to give. Jewelry designs made with semi-precious stones, Czech glass beads and Swarovski glass beads is sure to please any woman on your list. Start a Valentine’s Day tradition giving handmade beaded jewelry (if this is something women on your list would like).

Notice the kind of jewelry women on your gift list normally wears. Does she wear beaded jewelry or does she wear mostly gold or silver pieces? Does she follow fashion trends or does she stick to classical designs? Try to buy what she likes and you can’t go wrong.

Always keep in mind the age of the women you buy jewelry gifts for. Is this a little girl, a teenager or grandmother? Different generations will have different preferences and needs. Find out if there is any kind of jewelry your list of women are allergic to. Some people are allergic to gold jewelry, while others are allergic to silver jewelry. You don’t want to give a gift in which she will break out in hives first time she wears it. It is important to learn whether or not the woman on your Valentine’s Day gift giving list is allergic to any certain type of jewelry components.

Remember to do your shopping early. Valentine’s Day gifts are more special when planned out and purchased in advance. Don’t be a last minute shopper. You will be sure to purchase absolutely the wrong gift if you wait until the last minute. This is especially true if you need to mail or ship out your gift. Remember to plan for the delivery time at least 10 days ahead of when you would like it to arrive.

Women of all ages most usually love jewelry gifts. Make the women on your Valentine’s Day list feel extra special this year with a gift of jewelry.

Written by: Connie Limon

Meet Elsa


Elsa is a pair of handmade dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Elegant Dangle Earring Collection. She hangs almost 2 inches from the hook. Her focal point is the 11×7 mm Glass Crystal pink Teardrop beads. These beautiful glass crystal teardrop beads are absolutely amazing to see when you hold them to the light or each time you turn your head and earrings dangle catching quick glimpses of light. The high quality crystal teardrop bead is multifaceted and is 11 mm long and 7mm thick. I added antique bronze jewelry components and a French hook.


Meaning to name Elsa: The name Elsa is a Swedish girl’s name. The Swedish meaning is “Truth.” However, the name Elsa is also used in Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Arthurian, English, German and Teutonic. The Spanish meaning is truth, American meaning is truth, Hebrew meaning is either oath of God or God is satisfaction, Greek meaning is either oath of God or God is satisfaction, Arthurian meaning is rescued by Percival, English meaning is My god is bountiful; God of plenty, German meaning is my God is bountiful, or God of plenty and the Teutonic meaning is Noble maid.

Elsa will be shipped to you in a secure package in a lovely jewelry bag.

Shipping fee is included in the price of $15.

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