Bead Weaving on a Loom Part 4

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Another three-bead chain is woven of olive-green crystal beads with a design in palest turquoise-blue opaque beads (see Fig. 5). The five-bead width is perhaps more generally used than any. A chain in 4-0 opaque turquoise-blue beads has a pattern in opaque white (see Fig. 6). Another chain in almost the

same colouring is woven with the same-sized beads. It has tiny palm-leaves in black and white on a pale-blue background. The 5-0 beads make more beautiful chains. A design for one in white opaque and a deep shade of blue-green crystal beads is shown in. On a background of palest blue opaque beads leaves and berries of mistletoe are charming. The leaves are deep olive-green crystal beads and the berries the pearly white beads that look almost like seed pearls. The same design woven on a ground of gold-lined crystal and with a scarlet opaque bead instead of a pearl suggests holly. A dainty chain may be made from, using chalk-white beads for the groundwork and dull-red crystal for the design.

Pearly white beads form the background for a much-conventionalized flower in old-rose with a stem of olive-green crystal beads. Blue and white beads are combined in.

The white may be pearly or milk white and the blue as dull a shade as can be found in a medium-blue 4-0 bead. A simple design in opaque terracotta looks well on a background of white crystal beads. Pale-amber crystal beads may be used for the background and opaque or pearly white and black for the pattern.. It is beautiful when woven with blue-green crystal and black beads on a ground of pearly white.

It is difficult to find a good shade of blue. Dull or dark blue without the disagreeable purple tinge seems
unknown to or unpopular with the Venetian bead-makers. The nearest approach to a soft blue of medium shade obtainable was used in weaving the broken diamond. The beads were crystal and the background also was of crystal, gold-lined. Difficult, perhaps, but rich and beautiful in design and color. The beads are olive-green and gold-lined crystal.

A combination of stringing and weaving makes an attractive variety in these chains. The weaving is begun as usual. Choose a pattern five or seven beads wide — one like, for example — -in which the design is not connected, so that pieces two inches or more may be finished separately. When one of these sections has been woven the long ends of the warp threads are unwound and strung with beads of a color used in the weaving.

There may be two or three of these strings,’ the extra warp threads passing through the beads already strung. If the slides are two inches long about five inches may be strung. The effect will be as if the chain were of strung beads with solid slides here and there. The beads should be 4-0, and the warp strands not coarser than No. 90 linen thread.

Chains seven beads wide are often woven with beads of 5-0 size. Three designs for these are given. The one in Fig. 18 shows the Swastika in green opaque beads with a single black one in the center on a background of white opaque is of old-rose crystal beads with the design in black.

Opalescent beads make the groundwork, and the simple pattern is woven in crystal beads, gold-lined. A still wider chain of 5-0 beads, nine beads wide, is in two shades of violet outlined with pearly white on an olive-green crystal foundation. This design makes an attractive one for a belt if woven three times as wide.

Continued in Part 5

Reference Used: White, Mary. How to Do Beadwork Complete with 100 Illustrations . Kindle Edition. Copyright 1904 by Doubleday, Page and Company Published May 1904 (in public domain due to expiration of copyright)

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