Why Do People Use and Give Prayer Beads as Gifts?

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Some people struggle with prayers. I for one have not had this problem. I talk to God in prayers just like I would to a best friend, yet, others in this world struggle reciting prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer or even just having a conversation with God. For those, there is the need sometimes for prayer beads. Some people believe God provides those who struggle praying with tools. Prayer beads is one of those kind of tools.

I believe prayer is a time to relax and protect our minds as well as to become as one with our creator. People who use the tool of prayer beads can pick up their beads and allow the confusion of this noisy world to fade back into the background. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and push away the negative thoughts.

We all have both negative and positive thoughts throughout a 24 hour period. I consider myself having an extra blessed day if I actually go through the entire day without negative thoughts. Negative thoughts surely do bring us down into depressed moods just where the evil eye wants us to be. Fortunate for us who believe there is “good” in this universe as well, prayer is a time we can concentrate on that good. Prayer beads apparently help people who cannot relax enough to get into that other universe of good. I think prayer beads might have been originally designed to help people keep track of their repetitive prayers. They were a help to busy people on routine jobs and in between necessary daily activities.

In ancient times some cultures used the dropping of tiny pebbles one by one onto the ground as their repetitive prayers. If you think about this deeply, that is a relaxing activity. For me, during busy times of my life when I cannot pray out loud for fear of someone hearing my words, I just say to myself, “God Help Me.” I think though to be out somewhere alone where I could get hold of some tiny rocks or pebbles, it would be a relaxing time just to drop them one by one into a puddle of water. We need prayer to relax our minds. May I drop one pebble at a time into a puddle of water, sweet Jesus, and in your name wipe away all the sorrows within my personal world?

Actual prayer beads vary in length. Any bead artisan should be able to make prayer beads. Length can be anywhere between 4 to 5 inches to 17 to 18 inches. A strand consist of three larger primary beads. Smaller beads complimentary to the larger beads then surround these first three larger beads. I believe these beads can be any kind of beads, however, there may be a certain type of bead different cultures use.

People who use prayer beads usually hold onto the first large bead while reciting the first line of a prayer. It can be any prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is probably the most popular one or even the evening prayer of “Now I lay me down to sleep, and I pray the Lord my soul to keep,” can be recited while holding onto the beads. As you recite the first line, think deeply of what that line means to you in that particular moment of time. I use to feel a shiver down my spine to say the prayer at bedtime of “Now I lay me down to sleep…..” For some reason or another I feared death as a child and I thought if I close my eyes in sleep, death might surely come.

Move down to the second large bead and recite the second line of your chosen prayer. Repeat the process as above, thinking deeply what this line means to you.

The last large bead represents “the heart.” As you move down to the last bead, think good thoughts about how to take good care of yourself. You know it is the Lord’s will we take care of our self, eat the right foods, exercise regular, get enough sleep, don’t take anything that harms the body into the body and so on. Think of all the things in your life you can do that takes good care of you.

At this time, you can also concentrate on someone else who is in need of help in some way or another. You might even give that person a gift of prayer beads. If prayer beads have been helpful to you, they might also be helpful to someone else struggling along life’s way.

There are other ways people use prayer beads throughout their day. These include:

beginning a new day
trying to focus upon the present moments in time
helping cope with getting caught up in past events or worrying about future happenings
to calm the emotions
at the end of each day
sharing prayer beads as a gift

Giving a gift of prayer beads can mean you are showing a special act of kindness and regard for the person. If the person is not familiar with prayer beads, you might include a short summary of how to use them.

Many faiths use prayer beads. They are most common in Catholic faiths, yet, many other religious beliefs from ancient times have used prayer beads to help them with conversations with God. Prayer beads are a tool to help us pray.

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