Creativity Characteristics

What is creativity and is there a real connection between the genius creative person and mental disorders? What are some of the characteristics of a creative genius mind?

First of all the process of creativity is being able to come up with unique ideas about anything, but often these are unique ideas that look at problems in a different way and present solutions nobody else has thought of. Creativity is the force behind all novel inventions. We are partakers of many inventions around us generated by creative geniuses, some of which may have mental disorders and other may not.

Often the creative person has personality traits that enable them to see new associations between objects and concepts. They usually possess high levels of intelligence and are nonconformist individuals or always slightly different than the norm.

Psychologists for many years have studied and researched and tried to explain creativity using “theories.” They are expressed in the usual psychological terminology of “cognitive theories,” and “behaviorist theories,” “psychoanalytic theories,” and so on.

One theory about what creativity is talks about the creative process being something that happens by chance or by sudden accident while the person is trying out several methods. During the process of trying out different methods, suddenly you discover something totally unique and different.
While other theories suggest the creative process is more of trying to find out new relations between older known concepts. Creativity has been described by some thinkers as being a sudden moment of “insight.”

Psychologists believe all highly creative people have certain common personality traits. Among these traits are:

(1) Complexity: Creative people love complex situations and problems that presents them with a challenge of their own mental abilities;

(2) Flexibility: Highly creative people are very receptive to new ideas and possibilities that hep them move beyond traditional thinking patterns;

(3) Confidence: A person has to be bold, step out first or have leadership qualities that open up new paths and new possibilities. Creative geniuses possess extreme self-confidence and are leaders. They are those who “blaze” the trail for everyone else;

(4) Non-conforming: The creative process is one in which brings forth something new, unique or novel, therefore, creative geniuses will be different form the norm, they will be non-com-forming to those things that are in place or worked before, always searching for something better, unique, or new;

(5) Intuition: Highly creative people are extremely intuitive. They sometimes can scare you with their ability to read minds and people’s thoughts. Being able to predict people’s responses is part of being able to create as you have to know the order of things and be able to predict an outcome before the creative process can begin;

(6) Sensitivity: Highly creative people are usually extremely sensitive;

(7) Curiosity: One of the greatest characteristics of a creative mind is one in which is never satisfied, but always looking around themselves to know and learn new things. They ask a lot of questions sometimes as well;

(8) Knowledge: Creative people usually possess good general knowledge and are interested in several subject areas, not just one subject, but many subjects;

(9) Independence: Highly creative geniuses are independent thinkers. They have to be if they are going to move beyond the norms of any situation and discover the new and unique;

(10) Imagination: Highly creative people live in their own world of imagination. They have a highly developed and enriched mental life. They thrive on fantasies;

(11) Impulsiveness: The creative process is a sudden realization. Creative people thrive on suddenness and love to work on impulse. Something new is an adventure. Many people who are considered to be risk takers are actually just highly creative people craving the adventure and sudden happenings in life which sometimes can be reckless;

(12) Criticism: Highly creative people are extremely critical of themselves and others. They are always looking beyond for something different or something better, for some kind of improvement or change. As they criticize others and themselves new paths open up to them;

(13) Fluent: Highly creative people possess fluent thought processes and have a huge range of ideas they draw upon;

(14) Charming: Creative geniuses are full of charm, have a humorous nature to them, and a personal attractiveness that helps position them as popular and attractive people. They have to be somewhat charming in order to get their creative ideas heard or seen;

(15) Egoism: Highly creative people usually think very well of themselves and have a “me first” kind of attitude, yet they may also be very generous in nature as well;

(16) Original: Creative people have a love for something novel and original, something radically different from the norm of things;

(17) Disorder: Creative people may also have a love for disorder as they are easily bored with the routine of events or the predictability of a course of events;

(18) Loner: Creative people are often characterized as being “loners” according to many psychological thinkers, also maybe just a little neurotic at times. The genius mind is isolated from society so it can come up with something extraordinary or something out of the norm or just something that is “genius” or “never heard of before.” They tend to avoid a lot of social interaction mainly so they can be alone with their own minds of which they adore. This is especially true of the painters, the artists, the writers of novels and poetry. Many of these types of people lead reclusive lives;

(19) Motivation: Creative people are usually highly motivated, almost drive by an inner sense of a higher purpose of some kind in life. Many highly creative people become highly self aware and enlightened as well as believe in the unexplained divine purposes of their existence.

These are just a few of the characteristics of highly creative people. Different psychological thinkers come up with different characteristics, such as some characterized highly creative people as being hyperactive and obsessed with work, being wise rather than having common and simple intelligence.

Then of course there are the thinkers who will go so far as to say highly creative people end up more with some kind of mental disorder or are more highly prone to have a mental disorder that is somehow connected to their creative minds.

There have been numerous studies and research done about bipolar personalities and the connection to the creative genius mind as well as some forms of schizophrenia. However, at the same time, many thinkers will tell you it is the creativeness within these individuals that actually help to keep them sane and functioning.


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