Color Affects Your Mood

The color you wear even in your earrings can definitely have an effect upon your mood and feelings.

Yellow is one of the more friendly colors. Wearing yellow can make you feel cheerful and happy. It is the color we most often associate with the sun and bright shiny days of summer. Yellow is said to help you overcome obstacles, stimulates creativity and self-confidence. Yellow may even help influence a success.

Use yellow as an accent with blue to help grab people’s attention. Yellow when used with orange can add a summery glow to jewelry. To brighten up the mellow colors of blue and grey use accents of yellow.

Pink often reminds us of love and romance, as well as something gentle and soothing. Pink is used for the cancer symbols to show “you care.” Pink can also evoke playful moods or even serve as a symbol of sophistication.

Use pink with red to evoke romantic feelings. Combine pink with silver and black for a fancy and sophisticated look. Pink combined with deep dark blue is also eye catching and communicates sophistication.

Blue is a favorite color for many people. Many people are able to wear blue quite well. Blue is a color that is said to be naturally good for your mind and body. Blue is very tranquil and calming. Dark blue can mean “power,” or like a feeling of being on top of the world. A soft blue indicates mental alertness.

Mix blue with green and silver accents to get a feeling of being naturally calm. Dark blue mixed with white has a traditional sailor tune to it. Blue paired with red or orange cools down a color combination that is too warm.

Green is a powerful color. Green communicates harmony, peace and hope. Mix green with yellow and/or black and send your mood from earthy to sporty. Combine green with tan, brown and other neutral colors for an eco-friendly feeling. Lime green, orange and yellow combined together creates freshness and something close to nature.

When beading for a romantic feel, use light pinks and yellows as the main colors, then mix in red beads at random. Red and purple is part of the royal pallet of colors. Red used with gray creates a sophisticated look. And of course, red, white and blue used together is great for showing your USA patriotic side.

Purple and shades of purple is a symbol of many things such as royalty, strength, power, creativity and magic. Many creative people choose the color of purple as their favorite color for its passionate stimulating powers. Purple is rarely seen in nature and if paired with colors of nature may appear “out of order,” or “too artificial.” Use deep purple in your bead jewelry designs to communicate mysteriousness.

Using white with other pastel colors is common for Easter eggs and Easter designs. The pair of dangle earrings I have pictured here remind me of a basket of colored Easter eggs. They would be great to give as a gift for Easter or to wear with any of the traditional Easter pastel colors. In addition, the color combination here has loads of mood evoking powers as I have used yellow, light purple, light pink, light green and blue on gold plated jewelry components.

dangle earrings hope
Color definitely has its place in our life for creating certain moods and emotions.

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Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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