Working with Complimentary Colors to Create Stunning Pieces of Jewelry Art

With all the choices in bead colors it makes it difficult to choose beads that create color harmony for jewelry projects. This is a challenge every bead jewelry artist faces. One way to solve this problem is to concentrate on just one color and its different shades. A little more knowledge of colors helps to create more inspiring projects. Learning to use more colors in a design is not all that difficult once you become acquainted with how to harmonize colors.

Focus upon complementary colors on the color wheel to be sure your color combinations are well balanced and in harmony with one another. Colors opposite to each other on the color wheel are the complementary colors and means they will harmonize well with one another. By choosing beads in complementary colors you will soon learn the resulting jewelry pieces are stunning.

For example, blue and orange are complementary colors and look great when paired together. Tibetan jewelry is often made of the complementary colors of blue and orange. Turquoise is a shade of blue and coral is a shade of orange. You will find Tibetan jewelry in the colors of Turquoise and coral. It is quite decorative. Wear a turquoise and coral bead necklace to add glamour to blue outfits.

The use of complementary colors works with all shades of the colors. For example, the pair of blue and orange have lighter shades. A lighter shade of orange is apricot or beige. Pair apricot or beige beads with dark blue, soft blue or strong primal blues. Use darker shades of orange like russet and browns beads in contrast with pale blue beads for stunning and harmonizing color combinations.

The number of color combinations you can come up with using the complimentary colors of blue and orange is endless. The variety of bead color is one aspect of bead jewelry that makes the art of beading so special and creative.

The colors in this bracelet and dangle earring set are purple and Light Amethyst. The main color is “purple,” and a shade of purple is light amethyst.

Working with a wide choice of beads in all shapes, sizes and colors makes it possible to create the perfect piece for every outfit. This also allows you to create jewelry art in a uniquely individual style. Choosing complimentary colors which are colors opposite of one another on the color wheel can make the process of color harmony much easier.


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