Wire Jewelry Making Hobby is a Great Way to Relax and Earn Some Extra Cash

If you like working with your hands and consider yourself creative wire jewelry making is a great way to make some extra money from home. It is one of the easiest and most inexpensive jewelry making forms of art. A lot of people like to wear artisan-made jewelry.

We are living in a tough economy in which people everywhere are looking for a way to pull in some extra cash perhaps just to keep the car running with gas. Stay-at-home mothers sometimes would like a little extra cash to stash away in the cookie jar for a rainy day. The hobby of wire jewelry making is a great way to relax and possibly make some extra cash as well.

Gone are the days that stay at home moms can only clean houses, do a little extra ironing or sewing for some extra cash. Many stay at home moms are finding out there are much more enjoyable ways to earn extra cash creating wire jewelry.

Here are some places you might start selling your wire artisan made jewelry pieces:

Online auction sites such as eBay and Top Hatter

Sites that sell specifically hand-made items like Etsy

Home parties: These are especially good for community neighborhoods consisting of several stay at home moms who get together often anyway for some morning coffee and chit-chat. Think about having a little more formal gathering and show off your artisan made wire jewelry pieces for sale.

This is a good time to point out artisan made wire jewelry is a gift for any occasion, all the way from kindergarten graduations to high school graduations and beyond. Make wire jewelry specifically to match outfits of everyone in your neighborhood circle.

Think about having some brochures or flyers made up to send with kids to school with a few special pieces for sale. Artisan wire jewelry make wonderful student Christmas gifts.

Local shops may agree to display your artisan made wire jewelry for a portion of the profits when the pieces sell.

Farmer’s markets, flee markets, local festivals and arts and crafts shows offer opportunities for the wire jewelry artisan to sell.

Start a blog.

There are plenty of opportunities to make sales online and offline. You might end up making more extra cash than you ever thought possible and much more than just to fill up the cookie jar for a rainy day or to keep your gas tank full for running school age kids here and there events and activities.

Wire jewelry making is definitely a lucrative choice for anyone who has a spark of creativity. Fan that spark and learn many different techniques. We never get too old to learn something new. Learning new things helps to keep creating new brain cells and pathways in the brain which helps to keep our brains and minds healthier.

If you find that you enjoy wire jewelry making you will effortlessly become more skilled with each passing day. What is any better than doing something you love each day and earning a profit at the same time?

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan
Carmilita’s Earrings


bracelets queenie


Materials used for the bracelet:
12 inches of 0.8 mm Elastic Cord
6 Plum AB 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Light Amethyst 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Plum 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
18 Silver Plated 8 mm Rhinestone Rondelles with Clear Crystals

Materials used for dangle earrings:
2 Plum AB 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Silver Plated French Fish Hook Earrings
2 Clear Swarvoski Glass Bicone Beads 4 mm
2 Silver Plated 8 mm Rhinestone Rondelles with Clear Crystals
2 Silver Plated Fancy Bead Caps 8 mm


Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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