Jewelry Box Makeover Tips for a Rainy Day Plus Matching Jewelry to Clothes

Problem: Jewelry box is full of old, dull or not so exciting pieces of jewelry. Solution: Makeover to the rescue.
Are you tried of looking into your jewelry box and seeing the same old pieces of gold and silver jewelry day after day after day? It gets a little boring after awhile to pull out the same pieces of jewelry for the same outfits every day of your life. I agree with you on that.

You need to make some changes to brighten up your days. Don’t worry about the budget. There are many wonderful and beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry at bargain prices. Don’t be afraid to get rid of the old and bring in some new. It is time for a change in you.

There is no better place to start than right in the old jewelry box to help give yourself a perked up mood for tomorrow’s day at the office. Coffee is just not doing it for you anymore. You need some new and exciting fashion jewelry accessories. If you have a lot to spend then the happier you. You will have fun just building up a brand new collection, and then some more fun when you start wearing it and start receiving all those compliments for your new looks around town.

Steps to a brand new you in the jewelry box:

Look first at what you have now. I know I said just dump it all out, but wait a minute, there might be some pieces you can use with newer pieces that you can save. It is always an important step to first look at what you have to decide what is missing, and what you need to replace or add.
A good way to be able to see everything clearly is to lay out a huge piece of fabric, white if most of your jewelry is very colorful, and dark if you have mostly light colored jewelry. With everything laid out in a huge space you will probably find jewelry you forgot you had and could have been wearing all this time that now is ready to be added to your all new collection.

You might even think about a new jewelry box to place everything you decide to wear, keep or add. If you have a nice wooden jewelry box, think about a renewal process like a new paint job or decorating the box a little differently. It is the simple things in life sometimes that perks us up enough to reach higher. It is not good to stay “stagnant” in one place for very long periods of time.

If your jewelry is not completely visible to you, then how can you possibly be making use of it in the very best ways. It seems we are always confronted with the decision to protect our jewelry hidden away in air free boxes, but then at the same, tempted to know what exactly is inside the box and if we are forever hidden from what is inside the box, we never make full use of the contents of the box.

Your next step here is to get rid of any clutter you find in the jewelry box. Regardless of how well we think we have taken care of our jewelry there will always be times in which you are careless. Be aware that what you find during this step may be a little heartbreaking.

One of your favorite pairs of earrings has only one and even when you dump out the entire box onto the huge piece of material or cloth you still can’t find it. Face it. It is gone. You will never find it now. Perhaps it slipped down into the sink while you was busy washing your face some cold January night. You will sure not find it now.

The next good thought comes from, well maybe I can find a pair just like those or at least a pair similar. Right now is a good time to have out a pen and paper to start jotting down what you want to put back into the new box but do not have at the moment. A list of what to buy is what we must call this list.

In the old jewelry box you will also find broken necklace and bracelet clasps. Now how does that happen you wonder as you find each piece, and whoops, some broken beads or crystals with tiny chips. You begin to feel a little heart sick as some of these pieces were pieces you actually wanted to keep but now it is impossible. Cheer up. I have your solution. There are even prettier pieces than these that are broken. Add this to your list.
A good thing to know is if you find missing parts in good shape, lay them in a separate pile to make new pieces of jewelry later on. You will soon forget all about your favorite ones and have new favorite ones. The day you clean out your jewelry box will be a day of special cleansing in many ways.

The next step here is to think about what kind of clothes you wear on a daily or nightly basis. What are your favorite outfits? Visualize what is missing from each of them in terms of jewelry. Do you have jewelry in the correct styles and colors for every set of outfits you wear?

If you find that you do not, do not panic. I have the solution for you. Just know that these are obvious gaps you must fill in with new selections. Oh happy day you say, out with the old and in with the new!

Keep in mind those ethnic pieces you really loved at the time you bought them will not go with the usual attire worn in offices and the plain silver chain necklace with the cute little tea kettle charm will certainly look out of place at the company’s party. Consider removing the charm and using it for something else. A box, or bowl right now will probably make a good place for your recycled items. Just make some mental notes as you go along if your list on paper becomes to hard to keep up with. Some things are easier to remember than other things.

Adding to your new jewelry box or replacing items into a new jewelry box:

A focal point to whatever you wear is always an important element you should never overlook. Think of adding jewelry pieces to your collection that will enhance your entire look instead of just your clothes. Every outfit needs just one focal point in reality. Of course, you can have more if you wish, but why overdo things and why go over board when less may be the correct answer. At least one is your first objectives is to find just one focal point with jewelry to help enhance your entire look.

When you begin to shop for new jewelry try to go on one shopping trip in which you just look for jewelry that stands out from all the rest. Now I know this is difficult as there is so much jewelry out there in outer space and inner space it really makes it difficult to choose just a few pieces that stand out from all the rest. If you try real hard, you can do it. You spot some that stands out from the rest, now take it off the hanger and if it makes you smile, purchase it. We want our jewelry to make us smile and feel happy on the inside. With this technique you then match up the jewelry that made you smile to clothing that fits you well or fits the season in which you are in or the event in which you wish to attend. In most cases, the use of this technique will take you beyond a regular jewelry store retailer and into the hands of a handmade jewelry artisan or attend jewelry craft fairs and shows. Regular jewelry store retailers that produce mass quantities of pieces of jewelry just does not satisfy the person who yearns for “something more” than the ordinary.

I will just share with you here my complete process and journey when I started working as cashier at the Barrel. They require a specific style of dress each shift with very specific requirements in color and style as well as what earrings a woman can wear. I had to go through this very process to find what would work for me. I ended up hand crafting my own stud earrings out of glass cabochons and and stud earring backs. Perfect solution for me! Instead of happily choosing an outfit for each shift of work as I would do in an office environment I happily choose a pair of earrings with a pop of color on each side of my face for each shift. I put them on and they make me smile. I have a very satisfying collection now of glass stud earrings in an array of patterns, colors and glass designs all smaller than a dime (which is part of this job’s requirements).

I know this jewelry make over project is beginning to be a huge project! Look at it this way, wait for a rainy day in which you can do not much of anything else for your jewelry box makeover. Then, wait for a bright and sunny day to do your shopping. Sunny days usually brings a smile to everyone’s face anyway! Inner happiness comes in small pieces.


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Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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