The “Busy” Single Woman’s Answer to Jewelry Organization

Do you have quite a bit of jewelry? Would you say that you have a collection of jewelry? Is it full of diamond tiaras, precious emerald bracelets and necklaces? If you answered yes to the third question of this series then you need a hidden vault somewhere in your house for storage. If you answered no to question number three you can store and display your jewelry collection in the wide open space for you to enjoy every day of the week!

Who can really enjoy or even know what is in their jewelry collection if it is so valuable it has to be locked away in multiple vault units within a wall with a secret passageway and loads of keys and lock combinations to get to it? Who can remember all the number combinations to the combination locks. If you use combination locks, then you have to store away some place hidden all the combination numbers to those locks. I don’t know about you, but when I hide anything, I can never find it.

If you are reading this article now you are most likely one of millions of people who answered “no” to question three (above), and you probably still got loads of pretty jewelry stuffed away in closets in shoe boxes, in dresser and chest drawers, in the bathroom sink drawers, some lying next to your bed on the night stand and God only knows where the rest of it is stashed away at any given moment in time you are rushing around trying to get ready to go out some place. Suddenly, you realize it is time to put on the jewelry and you have that gut feeling like “I don’t have any jewelry,” when you do have lots of it, you just can’t see it right now so it feels like you have none. Whoops! I forgot about my stash in the little pink trinket box I bought at the Barrel many years ago when I worked there the first time.

Still yet, for me, it is always a problem to find any certain piece to go with anything I wear. The solution to my problem is to not try and match things up, just go with the first piece of sparkling jewels I find and the places they are is everywhere around me in drawers and boxes somewhere.
As you get older it helps to have a little color around the face, takes the attention off the age in the face and onto the sparkling jewels hanging from your ear lobes. The best advice here would be to get your tomorrow clothes ready the night before including the jewelry. Yeah, isn’t that what your mother use to do for you when you were in grade school? However, this is an unwanted task as an adult. After all, mother was the one who did that. Right? Who has the time to gather up their tomorrow clothes the night before when the night before is filled with other have-to items on the list much more important. The answer might be “to display your jewelry,” and not stash it away in the hidden crevices of the comfort den called “your home.” On display, you can see everything in wide open space.

The theory here is if you can see all your jewelry selections in wide open space while on display in your home you will be much faster at choosing the perfect finishing touches to your outfits tomorrow while doing it today. Does that make sense? It makes perfect sense to me!

Imagine this, you are putting on your clothes and right across from you hanging on the wall is a display of all your jewelry in the order in which you put it on, whatever order that might be. If it is anklet bracelets first, then make anklet bracelets first in the wall display left to right or right to left however you read. You will always be reminded of what you have and each time your eyes roll over the display you will begin to get a solid mental picture of what you have until before long you have memorized what is hanging on the wall display.

Ever try to memorize something that is in bits and pieces in different areas of your home? It is a difficult task. Now imagine this, as you slip on the last piece of garment for the day you swing by the display you been looking at all this time while getting dressed and as you quickly whisk by it you grab what you need and then onto the next room for whatever you need to do there while putting on the piece or pieces of jewelry you just grabbed from the display.

Try having several displays in different rooms you visit as you are getting dressed. This way, you can put on your jewelry one piece at a time as you pass by the displays. Few of us have servants to help us get dressed these days. When you are a one woman show and you have to do it all by yourself, wall, table and over the closet door displays work very well.

Have you ever bought something and forgot you bought it? Jewelry displays will stop that problem. Have you ever bought the same thing twice only to find years later you had one already? Wall or table jewelry displays will end that kind of noise as well. Keeping wall or table jewelry displays will help you “add” to your collection those things in which you do not have and have never had.

Have you ever thought of hanging necklaces and bracelets on a rack on the back of a closet door? Yeah, just open the closet door and there they hang! Be sure and put everything at eye level, so you don’t have to look up or down.

I am certain this type of organization would have made a world of different for Elvis, yet, we all know he had servants who probably helped him get dressed. All in all though, his jewelry collection was so vast, he still had to choose 4 or 5 rings for each finger every time he went out of Graceland. Of course, wearing 4 or 5 rings on each finger meant he always had a special gift to give away on the spur of the moment.

I am certain that had to be nerve wrecking for Elvis from time to time even with all the people he kept around him to hand him things. There is probably no way on earth Elvis Presley knew at any given moment in time exactly what jewelry pieces he actually had.

Elvis probably knew exactly what he had the few minutes after he bought something new, yet the older pieces, I am wondering how in this world did he keep up with it all. I think since his death, Priscilla has ordered it all organized and categorized and put on exhibitions, although some of it is still locked up in secret rooms because I saw Lisa Marie showing Oprah where the secret room was at Graceland on You Tube.

If you get a chance try and find that You Tube episode where Lisa Marie escorts Oprah to Elvis Presley’s secret room vault of jewelry. Oprah gasped as she entered the room!
Elvis probably would have liked jewelry displays hanging all around him. Had I been one of his servants, I would have made this suggestion to him.
See through plastic craft boxes are great for placing individual pairs of earrings. Earrings are one of those elements of jewelry collections very difficult to hang on the wall. The answer here is these plastic see through craft boxes and they are completely stack able!

If you have stacks of clear plastic craft boxes you still have to go through the stacks and open the lids, but once that small task is over, there you have it, a complete display of every pair of earrings you own all laid out in equal compartments.

There is more pleasure derived from being able “to see” what is in your jewelry collection preferably as you are getting dressed for the day. This is one added bonus of owning of a collection of costume jewelry rather than expensive tiaras, diamonds, rubies and emeralds that have to be kept in locked up vaults. You can display everything on your walls, on tables, hanging on racks over your closet doors and more!

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Cecelia

cecilia dangle earrings 3
Cecilia is a delicate looking, dainty little pair of dangle earrings, so beautiful she is in the colors of baby yellow and baby pink. Cecilia’s focal point is the yellow and flower beads. I have added her to my Flowers in Bloom Dangle Earrings Collection. She is finished off with silver jewelry findings. Cecilia hangs very elegantly about one inch from hook. I assembled this pair of earrings all by hand from an earring jewelry kit.

Materials used:

2 antique silver plated 11x15mm leverback hooks
2 antique silver plate 0.022 x1.75×0.07 ball pins
2 antique silver plated 4×10 mm Curly 5-leaf bead caps
2 antique silver plated 2×8 mm 6-Leaf bead caps
2 antique silver plated 4×5 mm bicone metal beads
2 pink 7×10 mm acrylic flower beads
2 yellow 6×12 mm acrylic flower beads
6 light rose 4mm swaroski crystal bicones

Meaning to the name Cecilia:

The name Cecilia brings to my mind “royalty,” in the most subtle form (christianity). It is a latinate feminine form of the Roman family name Caecilius derived from Latin caecus “blind.” Saint Cecilia was a semi-legendary 2nd-or-3rd- century martyr sentenced to die because she refused to worship the Roman Gods. They first attempted to suffocate her and when this failed, she was beheaded. Later in history she was known as the patron saint of music and musicians. The name “Cecilia” became popular or common in the Christian world during the Middle Ages due to the popularity of the saint. In England it was common spelled “Cecily,” and the Latinate form Cecilia began use in the 18th century.

Usage:English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German

One of my most favorite songs using the name Cecilia was sung by “Simon and Garfunkel.”

Cecilia’s Price is $15. This includes shipping charges.

Purchase Cecilia here: Carmilita’s Earrings

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Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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