Bead Jewelry Will Always Be Fashionable

Beaded jewelry has been around for thousands of years and it is not going out of style anytime soon. In fact, beaded jewelry’s popularity is on the rise. There are specific cultures such as some tribes of people who live in Africa that make and wear beaded jewelry as part of the everyday dress code so to speak.

Their jewelry is as much a part of their culture and appearance as clothes, if not more, as many groups of people in Africa wear very little clothing. You are more likely to see a string of beads or earrings in the nose and elsewhere on the body than even clothes.

Beaded jewelry has definitely become fashionable for millions of people around the world. In my life and I am now 58 years old I have never once thought of beaded jewelry, purchasing it and the last thing on my mind was to actually be one handcrafting beaded jewelry.

I actually first fell in love with the vintage Czech, Japanese and Chinese glass stones and started making stud earrings. I love the intricate designs and artwork on some of the Cherry Brand especially Japanese glass stones. The stories behind how those stones were made is remarkable as well. Much of it was made by Japanese rice farmers. After they worked in their rice fields during the day, they spent their nights crafting these beautiful flower designs and other designs onto glass stones. I don’t even look for anything else now. When I want a pair of earrings I look for stones or beads.

I enjoy wearing my handmade creations much more than any other kind of jewelry I have ever owned. Bracelets and necklaces have never been a big part of my wardrobe until now. Is it vanity? Not for me. I just love the creation process and the feeling that the piece is uniquely mine. Most of it is easy to make. There are more advanced beading techniques, but for the most part, everything is easy to make at least for me. You do have to be patient and have a steady hand plus good eye sight.

I have found some special lights especially made for jewelry making. One I am planning to purchase which is one of the simplest is a magnifier table base lamp. This lamp features a 3 1/4″ 3 diopter lens with 3/4″ 8 diopter insert lens to provide a detailed look at your work. The lamp has a flexible 12 inch gooseneck design that allows the user to adjust the lamp to various heights and positions. It is easy-to-operate with an on/off light switch. Cost for this particular lamp I am planning to purchase is $30.

Although the materials for making beaded jewelry is quite inexpensive the resulting works of jewelry art is what makes the piece valuable. The creativity involved in the design, if you design it yourself is the key component to beadwork art that gives it much greater value than more expensive jewels you purchase from regular jewelry stores.

Even if you assemble a kit from a pattern or design someone else created the end result in my opinion is always more fascinating than just plain jewelry you could go out and purchase from a jewelry store. I am amazed at how all the individual components fit together to actually make something that is wearable.

You can throw all the beads out on a mat and they are just beads of different sizes and colors combined with the jewelry components all laying there on the mat looks like one big mess of “nothing.” When assembled all together into a necklace or bracelet it is like hearing music in the air for me. I derive a lot of pleasure right after putting pieces together. It is like a “high” of some kind I am calling a “bead jewelry artisan high.” I hang necklaces and bracelets I make everywhere in my environment here, on door knobs, on drawer knobs just to view the sparkling beauty.

Fashion trends come and go from season to season, but stone or beaded jewelry I think will always be in our midst somewhere. It is here to stay and will never go out of style for some people. I don’t follow style. I follow what I like and nothing more than this.

Stone jewelry was worn by Cleopatra, kings, queens and other royal dignitaries and has been used to celebrate many different things in the lives of people world wide. Many celebrities wear bead fashion jewelry. Beaded jewelry can be personalized as well. Even though patterns are similar, beaded jewelry can be put together using so many different types of beads and jewelry components it is easy to come up with a unique line of jewelry all your own. The creativity and uniqueness of design is what it is all about rather than the price tag.

Those who create and wear beaded jewelry set a class and style of their own, and some sort of bead jewelry will always be fashionable.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan


Materials used:
2 silver plated French hooks
2 silver plated 8 mm crystal bead caps
2 silver plated eye pins
2 silver plated head pins
3 pink glass crackle beads 6 mm
2 Chinese porcelain 12 mm beads (painted in a Victorian rose design)

She will be shipped in an organza bag within secure wrapping.

Her price of $15 includes shipping charges.

Carmilita Earrings


Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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