Famous People and Their Jewels: Princess Diana and Her Tiaras

Probably one of the best known famous women for acquiring exquisite jewelry collections is Princess Diana. As a whole the British Royal Family she was a member of accumulates extremely impressive collections of jewelry. Different members of the royal family collect specific pieces. Princess Diana is well known for combining an elegant look of dress with beautiful jewelry pieces.

Princess Diana had a collection of exquisitely beautiful tiaras. The most famous tiara was the “Spencer.” The Spencer Tiara was a wedding gift to Countess Cynthia Spencer from Lady Sarah Spencer in the year of 1919. And oh what a beauty it is. The tiara is made of large gold scrolling foliage adorned with tulip flowers and star shapes. Everything on it is decorated with diamonds set in silver. Just before Princess Diana married the Prince of Wales, her father, John Spencer gave her this beautiful gift of the “Spencer Tiara.” It is said that Princess Diana loved the Spencer Tiara very, very much.

The Spencer Tiara although worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day is not one considered as a “royal tiara,” as it belonged to the Spencer family. It was a combination of pieces from different periods in history and from different jewelers. The piece had gone through several changes and make-overs before Princess Diana wore it on her wedding day. The oldest parts of this tiara was on each end which came from a tiara once owned by Frances, Viscountess Montagu and left to Lady Sarah Spencer in 1875. The Spencer tiara has quite a history behind it.

The Spencer Tiara was a heirloom piece of jewelry and was said to have created a lot of pressure on her Diana’s head day of her wedding. Just think of all Princess Diana had on that day and all she went through and then to wear something on the head that she most likely ended up with a throbbing headache all for the sake of “traditions.” This tiara was worn by both Lady Diana Spencer’s older sisters, Jane and Sarah at their wedding even before it became more famous at Diana’s wedding.

Diana’s complete wedding ensemble was one of grand grandiose style. She wore a dress of voluminous taffeta with puffed sleeves and then on top her head was this elaborate Spencer Tiara. Princess Diana wore it many times after her wedding to dinners and balls. It was the tiara of her choice for many occasions.

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara owned originally by Queen Mary was worn by Princess Diana. This tiara was created in 1914 especially for Queen Mary based on a design first owned by Queen Mary’s grandmother. Queen Elizabeth wore the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara frequently during the 1950s. This particular tiara is part of Queen Elizabeth’s personal jewel collection: “The Queen’s Jewels.”

Princess Diana continued to wear the Spencer Tiara even though she was given the Cambridge Lover’s Knot to use as the Spencer was lighter in weight. Princess Diana was also very proud of her own family and one cannot argue with the fact this may have had a lot to do with her decision to continue wearing the Spencer Tiara. She seemed to have a lot of trouble finding a separate identity from the other royal family members and I would think even this one gesture of wearing the Spencer Tiara as opposed to traditional royal tiaras was one of those times in which she could express her own separate identity.

Today the Spencer Tiara is on tour with the exhibit: “Diana, A celebration.” I believe this was the same tour that was in my local area in Louisville, Kentucky a few years ago where a lot of Princess Diana’s clothes and jewelry was exhibition.

As the Queen of England, Queen Mary had to occasionally wear the state crown which is a massive headpiece of diamonds, pearls, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Some of other tiara choices were the Burmese Ruby tiara and the Russian Kokoshnik tiara.

With all the jewels contained in these tiaras one is lead to believe they are a genuine marker of being among the highest in social status!
The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara is made of diamonds and pearls straight from Queen Mary’s own personal collection and set into a silver holder. Queen Elizabeth II has been seen wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara for special occasions. She very graciously gave it to Princess Diana as a wedding gift.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Nicola

bracelets nicola

Nicola is a beaded bracelet I added to Carmilita’s Bead Bracelets Collection. She is full of elegant details and a beautiful bead combination. I made this bracelet from a bracelet jewelry kit.

Materials Used:

2 – 13 inch strands of Gold-Colored Buddy Braids Wire
1 Gold Plated 12 x 6 mm Lobster Clasp
1 Gold Plated 5 mm Split Ring
4 Gold Plated 6 mm Jump Rings
2 Gold Plated 2 mm Crimp Tubes
2 Gold Plated 4 mm Crimp Covers
1 Gold Plated 2 inch Head Pin
29 Gold Plated 3 x 2 mm Rondelles
21 Champagne 4 mm Bicones
11 Garnet 4 mm Crystal Rounds
4 Ruby 11 x 7 mm Crystal Teardrops
2 Dragon Blood Jasper 10 mm Semiprecious Rounds
1 Dragon Blood Jasper 20 mm Semiprecious Puff Coins

Size: Adjustable 8 to 9 inches long.

Nicola’s Price: $25

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Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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