Last Minute Decisions for a Jewelry Gift for Your Girlfriend

You have been planning for weeks a special getaway trip for your girlfriend’s birthday. You have finally got the entire thing put together and suddenly you remember the most important detail of it all……the gift. You was planning to pretend this trip was all there was and right at the most special moments of all you were going to whip out a wrapped up gift to give to her. You want something small so you can hide it from her throughout the trip. You want something to help her forget she has just turned 30 years old as she has been complaining about getting old. What could be more perfect than a gift of jewelry at this time? You got it. A piece of bead fashion jewelry would make this trip complete.

This particular girl has been by your side now for going on 5 years through thick and thin, up’s and down’s she has weathered some storms with you. You really want to make her feel so special because you know you care about her way beyond anyone else you ever dated. The problem is you are not exactly the type of male who is open and always ready to express your deepest feelings of love and appreciation for her.

You know she needs to feel this from you and now is your big chance. She is turning 30 years old and has started to complain about getting older. You want to turn this around and make her feel young again or at least show her you see her as young as she needs and wants to be.

The trip to DisneyLand is just not enough you have said. There needs to be a final icing put upon top her cake. Now here it is almost time to take off for the trip and you forget to get the gift. Don’t think diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. Nowadays it is fashion bead jewelry. Fortunately, there are lots of places you can get fashion bead jewelry in a hurry.

Jewelry is now an expression of one’s lifestyle and personality even more than ever before. This is a plus for you as it makes giving her a jewelry gift the safest option. You have already spent tons of money on this trip and you know there will be hidden expenses once you get going and are there, so you really need to get her a special gift that is not too expensive.

Fashion bead jewelry is your answer here. Adorn the love of your life with a pair of trendy fashion beads to show her she is still just “sweet sixteen.” I am serious, this is your absolute best option here.

One of the most popular fashion accessories today is beaded jewelry. Beaded jewelry makes the perfect gift for any occasion because of all the different styles there is to choose from. You can never go wrong with a fashion beaded jewelry gift. Take my word for it. I know this to be the truth. Now what kind of beads should you look for? Mardi gras type beads, love beads, a string of Cloisonne beads? You have no clue. Right?
Mardi gras beads are associated with the Krewes carnival. What do you think of when you think of a carnival? Lots of bright color, loud laughter and gay, happy times. Right? This style of beads also stands for “fun and vibrancy.” This may be the style you want to go with to make her feel young again.

Love beads are more a sign of the “hippy culture.” The peace loving hippy generation marched for sharing love with one another. Love beads are usually made of colorful beads as well and stand for love and acceptance. This is also a good choice for this time in your loved one’s life as she might be feeling that she is getting too old for you to keep loving her.

Just what is a Cloisonne beads? Cloisonne beads are elegant looking and made just a little different than an ordinary bead. A metal wire is placed at the base of the bead. Within the partitions of the wire lies beautiful powdered glass enamel painted, polished and electroplated. Cloisonne beads are a sign of elegance and sophistication. With age comes elegance and sophistication. Get it? This might be the choice for you. You will have to feel this thing out for yourself. I am just giving you a few ideas here.

You don’t want to accentuate the age thing right now. You want to either try and take her back to a more youthful period of time or make her see her age is worth much more than just getting old now. You can say it perfectly with the right pair of beads.

Hopefully you still have enough time to go online where the selections are easier to find quickly and have it delivered before you leave for the trip! If not, then there are beaded necklaces in every jewelry retail outlet, might not be handmade beaded jewelry, but still yet close to the real thing of handmade anyway! If you have the time, purchase handmade beaded fashion jewelry. As a general rule, these will be of the higher quality.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Natalie: Looking for a pair of Christmas Gift earrings instead?
dangle earrings natalie

Natalie is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection. She hangs about 1 1/2 inch from the hook. The name “Natalie” has been a long time favorite for baby girls born around Christmas time. Natalie dangle earrings looks a little like a snowman to me when standing upright decorated with red scarves or some kind of red in between the balls of white snow. She also resembles a line of bells or lights you might hang on your tree as garland or anywhere else around your home at Christmas time. She definitely has a Christmas holiday spirit look.

These are quite detailed having several different components adding to their personality from very interesting millefiori glass lampwork beads to the tiny 4 leaf antique bead caps. I have added several subtle pieces to accent this pair of earrings creating a personality of “simple, yet cascading elegance. This is a very beautiful and unique pair of earrings.

I doubt anyone at your office party will be wearing the exact same combination of jewelry components. I made only one pair.

She would be suitable to wear for any kind of Christmas get together or for New Year’s Eve.

Natalie Dangle Earrings is also suitable for gift giving.

Materials used:
2 antique bronze French earring hooks
2 Millefiori Glass Lampwork Round Beads 8mm mostly white with red
2 sparkling 6 mm Christmas red Swarovski glass beads
3 very tiny 3 mm antique bronze 4 leaf bead caps

Natalie’s price is $15 (includes shipping)

Purchase Natalie here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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