Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Buying Tips

The first step in confessing an undying love toward your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day is to give her a “Promise Ring.” A promise ring is like a pre-engagement ring. The next step up is the engagement ring then the wedding band. The promise ring is a sign of being within an exclusive relationship.

A nice jewelry gift for the fashion conscious woman on Valentine’s Day is a bead anklet bracelet. You can give a bead anklet bracelet to your sister or girlfriend for this next Valentine’s Day celebration.

Earrings never go out of style for gift giving on any occasion. I have a sweet little pair of dangle pink heart earrings added to Carmilita’s Love Collection of Handmade Bead Dangle Earrings on my Weebly blog that would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Go here for more details:
Don’t forget about storage of jewelry when shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift. Jewelry boxes of all kinds make great gifts for mom, grandmother, sisters, girlfriends, wives, aunts, cousins. There is hardly no woman on earth that does not have some kind of jewelry she needs a beautiful place to store it all in.

If you are handy with wood and tools. Carve out a design all your own for her. I always adore anything more that is handmade. In fact, just about every piece of furniture I have in my house now is all handmade. I don’t have much in here, but what I do have, I either designed it and had it made or found it somewhere in a magazine and had it made. I love my handmade furniture almost as much as my handmade bead jewelry. I was dating a man at the time I got all my handmade furniture. He was a genuis at making furniture.

Do you have a litte granddaughter who is extra special? Surprise her with a three piece set of bead jewelry made from hearts and pearls. Just a simple little set of matching bracelet, necklace and earrings should really make her feel special.

You can buy your mom a Valentine’s Day gift. Valentine’s Day is one of the most special days of “love” throughout the entire year. Show your appreciation and love for mom on Valentine’s Day with a gift of jewelry. You could buy her a mother-child pendant or a new charm for her charm bracelet or even a ring having all her children’s birthstones.

Buying Tips

Before you head out shopping be sure you know how much you can spend. You want to find a nice gift for the women in your life on Valentine’s Day without breaking your budget. Consider purchasing fashion jewelry, handmade bead jewelry or plain metal pieces to keep your cost down. This will especially hold true if you need to purchase more than one Valentine’s Day gift for several different people.

Make it a little easier on yourself and purchase something similar to what the receiver wears now. Do you see her wearing mostly gold or silver jewelry pieces or is she really into the beads more than anything else. Honestly, I am seeing more bead necklaces, earrings and bracelets than ever before. I think a purchase of bead jewelry for any woman on your list would be a fabulous choice and one that will not break your budget. Maybe some of the women you want to purchase for this Valentine’s Day have never worn bead jewelry. Introduce them to a whole new world of handmade bead jewelry.

You need to think about age as well. Purchase age appropriate jewelry. You certainly don’t want to give a little girl something that is more appropriate for her grandma to wear. Think age appropriate when shopping for your gifts.

Shop early. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy a Valentine’s Day Gift. Even though the receiver may not know the exact day you purchased, it is still a good idea to give this some thought and not wait until the last minute for shopping. You might even find better deals to shop early rather than waiting until the last minute. If you shop online you will need some extra time for delivery.

Gifts of jewelry is felt to be one of the most “thoughtful” gifts you can buy for someone you love. Heart-shaped jewelry symbolize love and is a classic design for Valentine’s Day. Make the women you love feel extra special this next Valentine’s Day with a gift of jewelry.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Mallory:
dangle earrings mallory

Mallory is a sweet pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Love Collection of dangle earrings. She dangles a dainty one inch from the hook. A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Materials Used:
2 Silver Plated French Fish Hook Earrings
4 Silver Plated Beaded Spacer Beads
4 White Czech Glass Pearl Beads 6 mm
2 Pink Beautiful “A” Quality Fiber-Optic Glass Cat’s Eye Heart Beads These hearts are about 3mm thick and 8mm

Mallory’s Price: $15 (includes shipping in U.S.) International shipping costs are billed through paypal. Each order will receive a FREE gift.

Purchase Mallory here: Handmade Beaded Jewels

Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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