Study the Personality of a Woman to Learn how to Give Fashion Jewelry Gifts

Where do you begin when thinking about buying fashion jewelry as a gift? Why not begin with evaluating the person’s personality type. For example is the person an intellectual, a romantic, an extroverted or introverted personality? Once you have determined the type of personality of the person you wish to buy for then go shopping.

A woman who is intellectual of course is one who has demonstrated a high degree of intelligence. She may appear slightly reserved. Her style of clothes are most likely classic simple lines. She may like understated jewelry pieces or something elegant and of superior quality.

Simple chains in gold or silver for a necklace might be other choices for the intellectual woman. Earrings will mostly likely be small studs or understated hoops. A thin bracelet with a few pearl beads or subtle gemstones also compliments the intellectual type personality.

A woman who is romantic in heart is an ultimate girly-girl type. She will love all things extra feminine. You might see this type of personality wearing skirts, dresses and blouses in floral prints. She likes to feel every bit of being a woman as she can and shows it in everything she does and wears. Her jewelry will match this attitude.

For the romantic at heart type woman shop for strings of pearls, dankly sparkling earrings and floral pins. Wrap it up in the prettiest baby pink or powder blue floral print paper. She is soft, sweet and delicate and will like different shades of pink, blue, purple and red. White is always in her wardrobe as well. White pearls are basic for this type.

The athletic type mom is all about something practical. She is on the go a lot transporting her children from one sport event to another. This mom needs lots of stud earrings in her wardrobe of simple gold, silver, pearl or diamond rounds, maybe a full small hoops now and then. She might dress up in dangle earrings, but her basics will be mostly something she can keep in her ears as a staple that she even sleeps in perhaps. She needs to be ready for her on the go lifestyle at the crack of a hat. A simple pair of diamond earrings that she never removes might be the absolute best option or even a small pair of white stud pearls would work for this busy woman.

The outgoing socialite or extroverted female personality is always wearing a big smile. Her face will someday wrinkle up in the same places she smiled in her youth. She is in the center of attention frequently, has beautiful straight perfect pearly white teeth that she loves to flaunt with every turn of her head. She is most likely a risk taker and her jewelry will express this behavior in her. Shop for bright, bold colors and interesting textures. Big chunky and geometrical designs will be in her jewelry wardrobe. The unusual and most interesting type of earrings you can find for her will be most likely your best options.

Shopping for the “naturalist” type woman who is concerned with the environment, recycled materials and let us preserve our environment type personality is one you need to choose “earth tones” like shades of brown, green, blue, orange and white. The jewelry she wears will most likely be made of natural materials, not necessarily precious stones. She may even like old vintage stones recycled into new jewelry designs as a way of saying she never throws anything away for garbage but uses everything she can in her environment for updated designs instead. She may like jade and agate stones in her jewelry collection that is probably on the simple line of designs.

There are women who are “electric” at heart and also many times the focus of attention in a bold and daring kind of way. She likes vintage and trendy styles in clothing and jewelry. Classic pearl stud earrings matched with art deco necklaces and bracelets would not be out of line for this type of personality. A mix of vintage and trendy styles gives her the ability to stand out in crowds even more than her basic personality.

Shopping for fashion jewelry gifts for others is not all that difficult. You just have to take some time to study the personality of the person you wish to give fashion jewelry gifts. No one woman falls completely in all the categories described in this article. More often than not, each woman is a mix of several different styles and may even change her style from season to season. I have given you some basic guidelines of what to look for. Visit my shop at Carmilita’s Earrings for more ideas along the lines of handmade bead jewelry.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Miss Sparkles. She is a 2 piece set of a sparkling glass bead bracelet and earrings in pink, peach and clear crystal glass beads. The earrings have 2 Czech Glass beads in baby pink. She fits the romantic spirited woman……and I see her very pretty with a white as snow coat in the winter season.

bracelet and earrings

This is the sweetest little bracelet and dangle earring set ever! I can see this set going from winter to spring to summer seasons. In the winter, it would look great with a snow white jacket or coat. In spring, anything pink or white and summer anything pink or white. It would also make a beautiful sweet 16 birthday gift.

Materials Used:
12 inches of 0.8 mm Elastic Cord
6 Peach 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Pink AB 12 x 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
6 Crystal Clear 12 X 9 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
18 Silver Plated 8 mm Rhinestone Rondelles with Clear Crystals

The Earrings to this matching set are made of:
2 Silver Plated French Fish Hook Earrings
4 Silver Plated Jump Rings 9 mm
2 Czech Glass Powder Pink Pearls 6 mm
4 Silver Plated Heart Bead Caps 10 mm
2 Crystal Clear Glass Rondelles 12 mm

Miss Sparkles Bracelet and Dangle Earrings Set price: $25 (includes shipping)

Purchase Miss Sparkles here: Carmilita’s Earrings


Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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