Fashion Jewelry Is One of the Most Popular Christmas Gifts

It is a rare woman who does NOT own some kind of jewelry. If you roam around much in the private quarters of any woman you are more than likely going to find somewhere a sparkling “ring,” or a “pin” or a piece of hair jewelry. More often than not you will find several pieces of sparkling jewelry and matching sets of jewelry laying around here and there or tucked away in drawers.

Roam through a woman’s chest and dresser drawers and you will pull out at least one piece of sparkling jewelry of some kind. A lot of women, however, keep their jewelry in nice jewelry boxes and others will even have special locking safes to store away their precious jewelry.

Jewelry just never is a “wrong” kind of gift to give a woman. You sometimes might have to figure out exactly what type she wears, but after that decision is made, rest assured that your gift of jewelry on Christmas Day will be among the most cherished a woman or man will receive.

Jewelry pieces usually has meaning and value beyond our wildest dreams. A pair of earrings given by a special man with wonderful memories of the time spent together has much more value to a woman who received the gift than anyone else who will see her wearing the earrings or just see them in her jewelry box.

From the beginning of time, jewelry has had special meanings. For some, because of its expensive value, it is a highly requested and special gift to receive. We can really understand why the diamond engagement ring is one that marks a very special relationship of “true lasting love.” The marriage wedding band is a symbol to everyone that the person has a particular soul mate somewhere in which they are legally as well as emotionally bound. Certain pieces of jewelry given at special occasions does have special meanings.

Giving a gift of a bracelet or necklace at Christmas definitely can create a cherished memory and make a special statement to all who witness the event. It says, “you are special to me.” Women love to feel special. If you want to create a closeness with a woman, give her a special bracelet, necklace or ring this coming Christmas season. Jewelry gifts create some of the most ultimate feelings. A beautifully wrapped gift is the final step. When the receiver opens up the box to find a sparkling piece of jewelry inside your heart will burst with gratitude. You will feel incredibly loved at that moment in time as well as the receiver of your wonderful thoughtful gift of jewelry.

There is just something extra special about sparkling pieces of jewelry. It is easy to fall in love with the beauty of these pieces. Fashion jewelry is always in style and can be some of the most glamorous looking jewelry you will ever find. Opening up a box with a beautiful piece of fashion jewelry can be extremely exciting. She will probably gasp with delight at first sight of what is inside the box for her.

Women love to dress up and put on jewelry as the finishing touch, look in the mirror, and say, yes, I am ready now! Fashion jewelry will not run up your credit card balances like rubies, diamonds and emeralds, and is just as beautiful, oftentimes even more beautiful. Fashion jewelry is definitely become more and more the choice for many gift givers at Christmas and other occasions as well. The variety in fashion jewelry is endless.

Fashion jewelry is great to buy for yourself at any time during the year to pep up your mood or to make an old outfit feel brand new. In recent years, fashion jewelry has become more the fad than more expensive jewels even for those who can afford the more expensive jewels. Fashion jewelry is sometimes hard to tell the difference from the real thing. If no one ask for the truth why tell. It is no longer true that fashion jewelry is just used to dress up toys and dolls. People are the real dolls dressing up in fashion jewelry today. Fashion jewelry can make a woman look like a “doll.”

Real diamond engagement rings, however, will most likely never be replaced. I for one would not want to receive a fashion jewelry diamond engagement ring, so there are some situations in which the real thing can never be replaced with fashion jewelry pieces.

Give fashion jewelry this Christmas season to everyone on your list and you most likely will have solved your gift giving decisions.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Eve

dangle earrings fancy jenny

Eve is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Dangle Earrings. She dangles about 1 1/2 inch from the hook. Her focal point bead is the Czech glass bead 12 mm in a black abstract design on deep red.

I named this pair of dangle earrings Eve as it is a great just-before-Christmas name, one that has everything: strong biblical roots, strength and simplicity, packing a lot of power into its single syllable. The oldest name in The Book is the name “Eve.”

These earrings are suitable for gift giving.

Eve is suitable for wearing to any kind of holiday party or get together.

Materials used:
2 gold plated 11×15 mm leverback earring hooks
2 gold head pins
2 Czech glass 12 mm beads in black abstract design on deep red
2 Sparkling Ruby 12x9mm glass crystal rondelles
2 antique gold plated 8x11mm decorative bead caps

Eve’s Price is $15 (includes shipping)

Purchase Eve here: Carmilita’s Earrings


Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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