Selling Jewelry Wholesale

Do you have that itch for independence away from the push and pull of every day work places? I know I do. I think, well, I will work here or there and it always turns out the same, yet we still have to do something to survive in this world.

I discovered bead fashion jewelry much by “chance” or at times I feel like it was given me as a gift to heal from emotional wounds I received. Whatever it has been or however it came to me I am finding myself with a brand new occupation. I have the spirit of an entrepreneur. Do you ever get that same kind of spirit?

Bead fashion jewelry in my opinion is sort of irresistible and not just to me. Let us face it, a lot of people like bead jewelry. Just what is so irresistible about bead jewelry and wholesale fashion jewelry in general. Well for one thing very high profit margins that lies within this intrinsic beautiful art that is actually wearable.

It is true wholesale fashion jewelry has plenty of profit making potential, which makes it ultra attractive to anyone who likes to sit and design it. Along with these benefits are the mental and emotional benefits of relaxation and seeing the beauty of it all first hand. With relatively small investments at the start fashion jewelry enables individual entrepreneurs to turn small investments into large profit gains. It is within a world of its own namely an entrepreneur specializing in jewelry. Yes, I am finding myself within this place at the moment.

As with me, many new fashion jewelry businesses begin very simple piece by piece and sold first to just those in the immediate environment, however, the great twist to things now is having internet and computer skills providing a potential for fashion jewelry to be sold worldwide via the internet. Easy sales begin to ignite a fiery passion for more sales that continues to grow a business maybe you did not even think of at the start was going to grow into anything at all.

My passion is bead fashion jewelry and I am seeing the learning is quite possibly a never ending process, which is a good thing for a person who craves to learn new and interesting things on a continuing basis. There are basics that never change in which a person can with repetition perfect over time, yet, the patterns and the materials one can use goes on forever.

Someone is always coming up with something to make using beads, and after awhile you are one of those someones in the pot coming up with something new to make. The more you reach out for, the more you find within the world of fashion jewelry. Both men and women like to wear jewelry. It is an accessory that will never be obsolete.

As one sits and creates and creates, soon there is a treasure of wholesale fashion jewelry. The list is endless of how to sell and where to sell as well, but one main spot for sales is right here on the internet. It is a resource you can use from your desk chair to the post office and around the world without ever leaving your home town.

Other places and ways to sell is to regular retail businesses, home parties, booths in flea markets or craft shows, bingo s, festivals, school picnics, sporting events and on and on. Your overhead is low and actually comes to a complete stop when you are not actively selling. However, so do your sales come to a complete stop when you are not out there actively setting up a booth somewhere to sell, but here again, the internet never goes to sleep.

While you are sleeping there is someone on your shop at Etsy or your blog looking around that could be from anywhere. That is the great thing about setting up shop on the internet. Your sales go on while you rest, while you eat, while you sleep. It is another reason why people who have the entrepreneur spirit loves fashion jewelry for their specialty. Fashion jewelry is small and easy to package up and send to China if you need to all within a few hours of time.

I can be bubbly and enthusiastic, but few people are continuously bubbly and enthusiastic enough to be running around from place to place selling jewelry. I have more the quieter type personality most of the time which makes internet selling my greatest asset.

Figure out your greatest vehicle for sales and you have won half the battle in wholesale jewelry sales.

Carmilita Earrings


three piece sets rosemary


The necklace is 22 inches long.

The bracelet is approximately 8 inches long

The earrings hang about one inch from the hook

Materials Used:

26 inches of Antique Copper-Colored 0.35 mm Buddy Braids
1 Antique Copper 17mm Toggle Clasp
2 Antique Copper 2x1mm Crimp Beads
2 Antique Copper 4mm Crimp Covers
22 Antique Copper 6x13mm3-Branch Bead Caps
24 Antique Copper 3x4mm Thick Rondelle Metal Beads
22 Antique Copper 2x6mm Beaded Rondelle Metal Beads
24 Antique Copper 4mm Ridge3d Round Metal Beads
11 Turquoise 12 mm Czech Fire Polished Bead
36 Gold 8x5mm Glass Crystal Rondelles



Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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