Learn How to Create Fabulous Looking Bead Jewelry

So you want to become a bead jewelry artist? What are the first steps to this process? This will depend a lot upon what kind of learner you are. If you learn well visually video on demand services may be your best options for learning how to create bead jewelry. Video on demand services allows for very close up views that can make you feel just as if you are sitting directly in front of the instructor. You are able to see the construction process much more clearly.

Ask yourself now why do I want to make beaded jewelry? Some of the more common answers may be “just for fun and pleasure.” The beading hobby can satisfy an urge for creativity and designing processes. One of the obscure reasons or benefits for taking up the hobby of beading is emotional and mental benefits. As you focus upon what you are making with your hands and you see the beauty come to life it gives you a break from immediate problems that cause tension and stress in your life. The hobby becomes a personal time to recharge yourself.

We all have to find ways to de-stress and to allow the mind and body time to relax and/or escape from the every day push and pull of survival. Beading jewelry can provide that journey to an escape you never knew existed before.

There is also a great deal of added self esteem or self accomplishment and pride when you learn how to bead and actually start producing pieces of jewelry you and others find desirable. I think, well, I like this, but does others like it too. When you get confirmation from other people of their likes of your finished jewelry pieces the desire to create more seems to come soon after.

Some people just cannot do absolutely anything completely alone. If you are a person like this, then try introducing your new hobby of beading to others you want to spend time with and work as a group. You never know how much better two heads or three or more heads can be better than one and soon you got a partnership in a worthwhile business endeavor together. As for me, I like working as a solo artist.

Other immediate benefits of learning something new such as the art of beading stimulates new brain cells and creates new pathways in the brain helping to keep the mind and brain healthy. You may be able to ward off old age diseases such as dementia when you keep your mind and brain learning new things. I been itching for a long time to learn something new. Beading jewelry has been the answer to that itch for me.

In general beading jewelry is an econmical hobby creating fashionable jewelry which also is more economical than purchasing from retailers or other jewelry artists. You also will always have on hand a gift to give for any occasion of a trendy beading design. There are few women especially who do not appreciate sparkling beaded jewelry pieces. They are eye catchers and mind pleasers.

And last but not least, learning to bead beautiful beaded jewelry is one of those home business opportunities so many people would love to harness in our low job market economy today. If you progress to a home business other areas of expertise will open up to you such as how to market and sell that in turn helps to create more healthy brain cells and extra pathways in the brain keeping you alert as you age.

What kind of beads can you expect to find for a beading jewelry artist? Thousands upon thousands just about wraps it up in perfect detail as to what you will find in the marketplace of beads. You are not limited to just a few selections when it comes to beads. This is the part that makes beading so exciting. The variety and choice in materials one can use to create bead jewelry projects is a real eye opener for anyone who never knew it all existed before. It is a fun kind of a journey into a never before explored adventure.

Artists who design beads spin out shapes of squares, cubes, oblong shapes, rectangular shapes, cone shapes, helix and the common round shape. What types will you be using in your handmade beaded jewelry projects? Just any type your heart desires is the answer. There are no rules or limitations, just a few basic beading techniques to master and a well lit area to work in is about all you need to start with.

Beads are crystallized or glass like rhinestones that imitate diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Beads are also manufactured from plastic, acrylics, clay, stone, fabric, metals, woods, nut shells, horns, bone and teeth from land animals and sea animals. There are a wide variety of beads made from plant seeds and shells from the ocean. The list goes on and on.

A variety of string is available today for stringing or weaving beads into gorgeous designs for bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry. The string is much stronger than regular sewing threads, yet most usually can be cut with a strong, sharp pair of scissors. There are other varieties or wire and threads in which you will need to use your special jewelry tools to be able to cut into lengths you desire.

The type of fastener you choose to fasten or pull together and hold a bead bracelet or necklace depends upon what the project is. The fastener used for a single stringed beaded bracelet or necklace will be somewhat different from beaded projects of three or more stringed rows of beads.

It is possible today to begin wearing beautiful handcrafted beaded jewelry designs made with your own hands or to give as a lovely gift to someone special. It is not a hobby that requires a great deal of forethought, space or supplies. If you are interested in the art of beading and creating small fine works of art it is possible to start creating fabulous Looking bead jewelry today. Your rewards will come in many ways.

Written by: Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Helina


Helina is a pair of dangle earrings I added to Carmilita’s Victorian Collection. She dangles about 2 inches from the hook. Her focal point is the Antique Silver Plated Sun Design Puff Coin.

Materials Used:

2 Antique Silver Plated Leverback Earrings
16 Antique Silver Plated 1.75″ Headpins
2 Antique Silver Plated 2″ Eyepins
8 Antique Silver Plated 5 mm Jump Rings
2 Antique Silver Plated 26×9 mm Sun Design Puff Coins
8 Antique Silver Plated 4 x 5 mm Bicone Metal Beads
8 Aqua AB 6 x 4 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles

Helina’s Price: $15 (includes shipping). Purchase Helina from this site and receive a free gift in your package.

Purchase Helina here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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