A Bead Jewelry Creativity Rush

Open your eyes to the popularity of jewelry visiting arts and crafts shows. You will see on display many varieties of jewelry designs at these fine arts and crafts shows. The displays may range from European period pieces of gemstones and pearls to African jewelry displays of bones and earthy beads. You will walk away with a greater appreciation for jewelry art and a head full of ideas for your own designs.

Jewelry artisans usually have on hand many different types of beads, bits and pieces of jewelry components of all colors, shapes and sizes. Just at first sight it may look like one big pile of “junk,” but seen with the creative eye of a jewelry artist beautiful works of art springs up out of those piles of what looks like to the naked eye just piles of junk laying around here and there. Then of course you got the real organized guys, but still all the many components that go into designing jewelry still may look like big piles of junk. It is hard to imagine how they ever ressurect anything that resembles a piece of jewelry. It happens and sometimes within a blink of the eye. Whal-la, there it is, you hold it up and it is beautiful!

Jewelry artists may also create replicas of beads using many different objects or bits and pieces of different things. In the place of stone an artist may use polymer clay. Instead of using diamonds, rubies or emeralds, a jewelry artist may use glass beads. They may replace wood beads with fabric wrapped beads. Why? A brain and mind that imagines the unusual and the unique needs more than diamonds, rubies and emeralds in their stash of jewelry making supplies. Visit with them sometime in their jewelry making art studio and see what I am telling you now is the absolute truth.

Some jewelry artists are really involved with a recycle process. Among their unique stash of supplies you may find old pieces of jewelry and old pieces of jewelry they have carefully taken apart separating each component to examine it carefully while mentally creating something brand new.
Not only old pieces of jewelry can be reused and recycled into new creative pieces. A jewelry artist may see great promise in something as simple as “bottle caps” from very popular carbonated drink bottles. People from different walks of life see differently and desire different types of jewelry that can only come from a recycled bottle cap.

I know that may sound odd, but to the creative mind of a jewelry artist, he or she sees many ordinary things in our environment in which can be turned into completely new and interesting pieces of jewelry to adorn our self with.

One method I just recently read about using bottle caps was to take beads and intertwine them with chain or leather that are then woven between the bottle caps. The end result of this process is a fabulous and glamorous trendy look in fashion jewelry pieces. And it all started with what? Bottle caps!

Visiting the arts studios of jewelry artisans or these arts and crafts shows can really be an eye opener as well as mind and brain creative stimulator. You will not walk away empty minded.

The art of beading is an exciting hobby to delve into as deeply as possible. There are many facets to this hobby from beginning work to intermediate work to very advanced beading techniques and jewelry creating designs.

I just recently saw a lovely pair of huge earrings made into crosses, all bead work, black and white beads woven together in the shape of a huge cross, very wide and reaching way beneath this woman’s chin in length. They were beautiful and a real eye opener of bead work art.

If you appreciate bead work art, when you see examples of beautiful creations like this, it just really wakes you up suddenly out of a deep dreary land most of us occupy in time and space. You will suddenly say to yourself, “WOW” those are really a beautiful example of bead work art. Whatever you like is what you will eventually be creating as well.

If you think about it what really makes creative people successful? Take for example, one of my favorite of all times creative people was “Elvis Presley.” Of course most of us will agree he was a stunningly gorgeous man, but was it his looks that really made him successful? No, is the correct answer here. It was the fact that he naturally done in his life what he loved the most which was to “sing.” He was a very talented actor as well, and although he flunked music in school and often said anything in the way of studying and school work was never his kind of thing, it was noted, he actually had a photographic memory, most of the time enjoying his time away from the set and reviewing his lines just shortly before filming it all. What we might not realize here is that in some of his movies, some of those lines may have even been his own lines instead!

For some people who are very much visual learners you might be able to just look at the object and be able to make a replica, for others, there needs to be some step by step instructions and for others not only written step by step instructions but a video of instructions is even better. We all learn differently.

There are many professional beading instruction videos available today both for sale and for free on the video sites such as You Tube. You can learn a lot for free and maybe all you will ever need to know all for free.

I have seen classes and full courses offered for bead work jewelry making or jewelry making that cost as much as $1,000 per class. Why pay that money for a class when you can sock it into supplies and get your training for free?

The best thing about learning from videos and self instructions is you can learn at your own pace, set your own schedule, do it in your spare time. There is nothing I loathe more than a class that only meets on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. Well, I might be right in tune at least one Saturday morning exactly at 9:00 a.m. during the year, but it is very doubtful, I will be as in focus for a jewelry class that meets only one time per week on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. I have to find ways of learning that fits my personality and time schedule. I find self pace learning the best, either by viewing photographs and written instructions or viewing videos.

I am hearing many high schools today are offering jewelry making classes. I say hoo-ray about that because jewelry making can be a definite life long skill anyone can fall back on for a little extra money or for a regular income.

Jewelry making is hot! The waters are very troubled right now and anybody who has just a speck of creativity within them should jump in fast and learn to swim in the troubled waters as much as you can. Jewelry will always be in our environments worldwide and with the addition of our markets opening up to each of us worldwide via the internet those who are able to create and love the process of creating jewelry are sitting on an absolute gold mine.

It all starts somewhere and usually starts with assembling a few beautiful beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings for yourself, for your friends and family. There are countless special occasions, events, and celebrations for which jewelry gifts are always appreciated.

Of course there is tough competition selling jewelry, but there is competition in every aspect of our lives. One clue to overcoming the competition aspect is to specialize and find your niche.

A person can either let that fact slow them down or just keep creating regardless of how tough the competition gets. At any rate, regardless of whether or not you make profits, your beautiful jewelry is yours to keep forever.

I love the jewelry I am making now. I am glad I did not buy it from someone else and made it myself. There is a little extra love there for things we create or put together with our own hands. I don’t know why that is, and you have to be a person who loves working with your hands to begin with to appreciate any kind of fine art such as bead jewelry making.

Written by Connie Limon, Bead Jewelry Artisan

Meet Candy:

dangle earrings wreath

Candy is a lovely pair of Christmas celebration earrings I added to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection of Dangle Earrings. She is made from a beautiful silver plated charm, same pattern on both sides.

I placed a dangle of a glass red crackle bead 6 mm and 2 silver plated filigree beads 3 mm to hang from the top of the wreath.

These are extra pretty earrings hanging about 1 1/2 inch from the hook.

Materials Used:
2 silver plated wreaths
2 silver plated French earring Hooks
2 silver plated head pins
4 silver plated filigree beads 3 mm
2 red glass crackle beads 6 mm
2 silver plated 9 mm jump rings

You will receive Candy ready for gift giving in an organza bag wrapped securely and placed with in a bubble envelope for traveling safe to you. Purchase Candy from this site and also receive in your package a special FREE gift.

Candy’s Price: $15 (includes shipping and one FREE gift)

See more bead jewelry selections here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Purchase Candy here: Carmilita’s Earrings

Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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