Cleansing Gemstones To Retain Healing Powers

There are beliefs among us that gemstones have healing powers. I can only speak for my own experience and know for sure I received a healing through the hobby of handcrafted jewelry. When I handle the jewels, the stones, the various jewelry components and assemble them together making a beautiful jewelry adornment I experience great relief of “tension and stress.”

It is a new feeling I have not experienced ever before. I can say for sure whatever the source is, I am experiencing now the healing powers of gemstones. I contribute the healing to come from the activity of creating which I contribute to prayers for help in a time of extreme emotional upheaval and crisis.

Many people feel like healing stones need to be properly cared for before their healing capabilities can be experienced. You might compare this process to a once cluttered desktop. During the time of clutter the owner cannot get much accomplished. Once the clutter is cleared away the owner can work more productively. It is the cleansing of the clutter on top the desk that sparks the flame to greater productivity or creativity. Some people believe it is the same with healing gemstone jewelry pieces. They need to be effectively cleansed in order to function appropriately.

It is felt “therapeutically,” gemstones release unwanted energies from the person’s body and aura. Again, I have to say I believe I have experienced this type of therapy while handcrafting bead jewelry. I do feel a release of unwanted energy as described above as being “tension and stress.” Tension and stress for me and anyone is certainly an unwanted energy that binds up the inside of us making us unable to function properly or productively.

But…..further in our study here of the healing power of gemstones is as those unwanted energies leave our bodies they may rest upon the gemstones that then must be cleansed in some way or another to in turn return to us their healing powers.

I can feel this sort of thing in “new” jewelry beads and stones and jewelry components, and after I have assembled them into a piece of jewelry, they are beautiful to look at and for a moment in time it seems I can feel the transfer of my personal tension onto them, then suddenly, they have to be stored away, and I need a new piece to transfer more of my own tension onto the new pieces. Sounds strange, but I am experiencing this now.
In order to revive the older pieces I store away I must now cleanse them and get rid of the tension that was transferred from me to them. Common methods of cleansing gemstones is running water over them, giving them sunlight, moonlight, and soil cleansing. I will choose sunlight, moonlight and running water. I can open my plastic storage boxes of pieces already finished and set them in the sunlight or the moonlight for sessions of cleansing.

There are also specific cleansing sprays on the market. Wouldn’t you know it. Someone out there observed that people with healing beads, healing jewelry will require a method to cleanse off the tension transferred onto these pieces and has created a product specifically designed for us, or is it specifically designed for them. Either way, it is a win-win situation for both of us. I still choose the natural method of moonlight or sunlight. However, it is believed by some people the commercial sprays (probably most who created the sprays to begin with) is the fastest, easiest and more effective way of all to cleanse gemstones and gemstone jewelry pieces.

Water may be damaging to certain kinds of stones, so I would limit the water method cleansing gemstones. Honestly, in judging by the number of dangle earrings I now have created from all the beads I need to handle, I must have had a serious bout of an emotional trauma requiring much more of a treatment than I realized.

I contend prayer sent me my relief, and it has been probably more expensive than the doctor’s prescription which may have been covered by my insurance. Yet, I think not as effective and I expect not to suffer financially at all from this remedy I received. In fact, I expect financial gain in a way that I never sought for through the lust of a dollar bill kind of feeling. God moves in mysterious ways for each of us, ways in which none of us may ever fully understand and what God does for us never brings any kind of harm to us, but only that which is good ultimately comes from God the Father in heaven who has sent me this particular healing remedy.

I do advise against water cleansing more if your water contains chlorine as the chlorine may eat away at the gemstone, not cleansing unwanted energies, but just destroying the gemstone completely. You don’t want this.

Bright sunlight is also another no-no as it may change the color of your stones, yet sunlight will loosen unwanted energies. Place the gemstones behind a windowpane and not out in the direct sunlight. Some authorities now advise against sunbathing gemstones, probably the group that has created the commercial spray for sale.

As for moonlight, I will use direct moonlight as I do not feel this is harmful. However, probably the creators of the commercial spray that you will have to purchase still advises you spray your gemstones with their commercial spray and then bathe them in the moonlight for a few hours. The choice is yours. I choose just moonlight cleansing as I feel the commercial sprays are more created for the money than anything else. Yet, be your own judge about it, and do whatever you think is best and whatever works for you best.

Another method for cleansing gemstones is if you live in the suburbs or a rural area, which I do, the gemstones can be cleansed effectively by placing outside on the soil or buried in it. This process is said to rejuvenate them with earth energy. Be sure your pets are not around during the process as they may dig up the gemstones and destroy them.

The makers of gemstone cleansing sprays tell us their product has solved all the issues involved with other natural cleansing remedies. They may have some good points which are: (1) sprays eliminate possibility of premature breakage; (2) sprays allow you to remain in constant contact with your gemstones; (3) Rhodocrosite, Fluorite and other soft gems are not at risk under the care of sprays.

There are claims that the commercial cleansing sprays provide many benefits such as (1) removing unwanted energies and the surrounding energy fields; (2) they can remove negative energies, emotional energies, thought forms, entity contamination, pain residues, electromagnetic radiation and accumulation of unwanted energy causing blurs. That is quite a list of positive benefits one might consider extremely valuable to abandon other methods of cleansing and purchase the commercial sprays instead.

Whatever method you choose, just know that it is necessary to cleanse gemstones from the unwanted accumulated energies transferred from you and the environment onto them in order to “unclutter” them and make them anew again with continued healing energy for you.

Written by: Connie Limon

Meet Azalea

dangle earrings azalea

Azalea is a beautiful blooming bouquet of flowers handmade dangle earrings. She dangles from the hook about 1 1/2 inch. She is made from an earring kit.

Materials used:
2 silver plated French earring hooks
2 silver plated 3 inch head pins
2 silver plated 2″ ball pens
22 Purple 5 x 9 mm Flower Beads
22 Pink 3 x 2 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Light Plum 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Rose Quartz 12 mm Semiprecious Rounds

Azalea’s Price is: $15 (includes shipping)

She will be securely wrapped and enclosed in a organza jewelry bag. She is suitable for gift giving for wedding gift or any other kind occasion.

I just can’t describe in words how truly gorgeous this pair of earrings really is.

Purchase Azalea here: Carmilita’s Earrings


Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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