The Fascinating Queen Cleopatra, Her Jewels, Her Powerful and Seductive Personality

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt known to us in history as “Cleopatra,” was the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. The meaning to her name, Cleopatra, is from the Greek name Kleopatra that meant “glory of the father.”

Her family was of Greek origin and members of the Ptolemaic dynasty that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great’s death. The Ptolemies spoke only Greek refusing to speak Egyptian. Cleopatra learned to speak Egyptian. She actually could speak nine different languages according to most historian’s documentations. Among those languages it is said she could speak Middle Egyptian, Aramaic, Syrian, Nubian, and Persian. She obviously had been in contact with many, many different kinds of people and cultures. She also obviously believed in reincarnation as she thought she was the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess, Isis.

Cleopatra at first ruled with her father and then later with her brothers. Eventually she was sole ruler of Egypt. Queen Cleopatra had a set of twins with one of her husbands, Antony, “Cleopatra Selene II and Alexander Helios as well as another son, Ptolemy Philadelphus. Unions of marriage with her brothers as was their custom at the time produced no children.

Antony, father of her twins, committed suicide after losing the Battle of Actium to Octavian’s forces. Cleopatra also committed suicide shortly thereafter Antony’s death according to their traditional beliefs killing herself with a cobra bite on August 12, 30 BC. How ironic….my birth stone is in August and is the Peridot. It has been said the emeralds Queen Cleopatra wore were actually Peridot stones instead.

In this painting of her at her death, I wonder if she was really found unclothed like this. I see what looks like a crown on her head and some “dangle earrings.” Is she wearing a pair of pants that in my traditional Pentecostal belief system today would be a deadly sin? No, she is wearing what looks to me like something similar to a dress. Perhaps she thought pants were a sin to wear as well as so many of the Pentecostal people I come from.

Queen Cleopatra has remained a popular figure in Western culture having a legacy that was obviously passed on through works of art and many dramatizations of her life’s biography in literature as well as media. I am usually one the very last of people in my surroundings to learn of things and quite honestly I am just now learning about Queen Cleopatra. I find her to be fascinating. I do remember Elizabeth Taylor acting in a movie about Queen Cleopatra. I will now have to see that movie straight through. I rarely get interested in movies of any kind except something “comical.” I am interested now though in seeing the movie where Elizabeth Taylor played as Queen Cleopatra. I think also Elizabeth Taylor was probably much more beautiful in real life, but one never knows. Beauty is always seen in the eyes of the beholder.

Examples of dramatizations and works of art include: William Shakespeare’s tragedy Antony and Cleopatra, Jules Massenet’s opera Cleopatra and the 1965 film “Cleopatra.” She obviously has remained a vibrant woman in people’s hearts and minds for 100’s of years and most likely will never be forgotten. I am just now meeting her.

Little is known about Cleopatra’s mother. Some historians still speculate that her mother may have been the sister of her father who was King Ptolemy XII. Again, I can’t imagine my mother being my Aunt Geneva, who was my father’s sister. I am a lot like Aunt Geneva, but it is no telling what I would be like if I was her daughter as well as her niece. It is just fascinating how people create their own traditional beliefs and believe in those things with all their hearts, minds and souls.

There is also much debate surrounding actual ethnic background. It was believed for a long time that she was Greek, while other historians think she may have had lineage of blask African. I have read in many places that historians say she was Macedonian. Macedonia is in Greece.

When her father died the throne was left to Cleopatra, who then was just 18 years old and her brother, who was 10 years old. It is speculated by historians that it is most likely the two siblings married as it was Egyptian tradition at the time. Cultural traditions always seem like the absolute written word to follow engraved in stone.

During this period of time there was great political turmoil. After complications between Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII, she escaped to Syria. In Syria, Queen Cleopatra lead an army to defeat her rival and to delcare the throne for herself. She returned to Egypt thereafter having great military might and was in opposition to her brother at Pelusium.

Julius Caesar met Cleopatra in Egypt while in pursuit of his rival there and fell in love with her. It was then that Cleopatra had access to even greater military power enough to dethrone her brother and get a greater hold upon Egypt as Egypt’s sole ruler. Romantic love and passion always seems to fuel the power of already powerful women. Caesar was assassinated in Rome. Soon thereafter Cleopatra returned to Egypt in 44 B.C.

Cleopatra was now in a position to answer many questions about her partnership to the empire’s fallen leader. Marc Antony who was part of the Second Triumvirate ruling Rome sent for her. Cleopatra entered the city of Tarus exhibiting great beauty and personality. It seems right at this point I am hearing some kind of Egyptian music playing. I actually like that kind of music.

Antony immediately pursued her into a love affair that eventually produced three children. Two of these children were the twins named “Alexander Helios” and “Cleopatra Selene.” Antony had many reasons for pursuring Cleopatra. He saw Cleopatra as a chance for financial and military support to secure his rule over the empire. Again, love and passion creates powerful unions among already powerful people. Cleopatra also was motivated toward Antony for acquiring greater power.

A great celebration came with the return of Antony and Cleopatra in 34 B.C. There were crowds of people trying to get a glimpse of Cleopatra and Antony as they couple rode in sitting on golden thrones elevated on silver platforms. Again, right at this point, I am hearing some Egyptian music playing.
They were obviously worshipped by these crowds of people. Beside the couple sat their children. Since long before the birth of Christ, people lived according to traditions they create within their cultures and groups of people.

The life of Cleopatra was filled with drama, love and passion, war, and battles for more and more power. After one return from a battlefield Antony was told Cleopatra died. When he heard this tragic news, he became so grieved he committed suicide by stabbing himself to death. Sounds like a horrible way to die and one in which I would think the person just absolutely hated life and their own flesh. His life must have now become meaningless and he had no choice but to end his life as well.

He might have been filled with anger also about her death. For any one to stab themselves to death, I would think there must have been a terrible rage of anger and despair inside themselves.

Now, Antony was indeed dead and Cleopatra was still alive, yet, also following a traditional pattern of behavior she must die by suicide as well. She allowed herself to be bitten by an Egyptian cobra and died on August 12, 30 B.C. Cleopatra and Antony were buried together as their wish had always been. Even in the way she chose to die it sounds to me like a very intelligent choice as one would have to just be in the direct vicinity of a cobra snake and suddenly it would all be over.

They surely had a great love for each other that neither of them wanted to be alive without the other one, but then again, this was also a traditoinal belief among them in which they faithfully adhered to. Before the birth of Christ there were all kinds of traditional beliefs. After the birth of Christ, there still remains in our world thousands upon thousands of cultural and religious traditional beliefs. In some cultures it is believed “jewelry” is necessary for healing properties, or different types of stones promotes healing. In other cultures, to wear jewelry is a sin punishable in the afterlife in a burning lake of fire. As for Queen Cleopatra jewelry seemed to be a staple of her life at all times. She is even shown at her death wearing a pair of dangle earrings if that is indeed how she was found.

For centuries following the death of Cleopatra her life’s story has captivated people (including myself), historians, storytellers, the media and general public. Her great passionate love affair with Marc Antony and its tragic end became inspiration to William Shakespeare’s play of “Antony and Cleopatra.” In our movie industry several actresses, Theda Bara, Claudette Colbert and Elizabeth Taylor have played out seductive roles of Queen Cleopatra. She must have been a real sex bomb as well! In every picture I ever seen of Queen Cleopatra she is regal looking, sly and seductive looking. Through her eyes I can see how she felt passionate and seductive as she looked out onto the world.

Her life story is even more captivating because of her being such a powerful ruling woman in a male-dominated society. Most women in the days of her life were subservient to the men, rarely did the women occupy positions of rule and power as Queen Cleopatra.

She is noted to have held the country of Egypt together in an era in which Egypt was in chaos and filled with internal and external battles. It seems as if all she knew was to be in battle and constant pursuit of power and supreme leadership. She obviously intended to win every one of them in one way or another.

She was known to be an extremely intelligent woman, born to rule, with an extreme attraction for power. Her romantic affiliations and military alliances with the Roman leaders of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony as well as her exotic beauty and sedutive powers earned her a most prominent and enduring place in our world’s history. As stories are passed from generation to generation, however, we all realize some of it may not even be true and may be fascinating legends instead. Yet a lot is still well documented about Queen Cleopatra that tells us she must have been an extremely remarkable woman.

Queen Cleopatra definitely influenced fashion and jewelry. She was well educated, a writer, capable of charm and diplomacy as is documented by many historians. One of the most interesting aspects to me is the power she had over men and very powerful men. I so wonder what she really, really looked like in those days. We have many paintings and drawings of her that give us an idea of how she was seen to the artists who created them, but in reality, I wonder what she really, really looked like.

Her jewels are also of special interest to me at this time in my life. I wonder if she really wore “snakes” on her head as in this picture of her or if the snake headband just represents the way she committed suicide. It looks like a cobra snake in the middle of her headband in this painting of her, and history tells us she died from a bite of a cobra.

Her long earrings in this picture also fascinate me. I see many of these kind of dangle earrings in the year of this writing which is 2014. I wonder what the link is to Queen Cleopatra’s jewels and today’s jewelry fashion of these long dangle earrings. Is there some kind of sign or prophetic meaning here.

My neck is way too short to wear these kind of long dangle earrings. She must have had a long, swain-like neck if she really wore these kind of dangle earrings and she probably did. I see also in this picture her eyes and mouth are set in a “seductive” pattern as if behind the eyes she knows she is of great value “sexually,” which helped her to secure more power with the powerful men attracted to her. I notice the full lips and closed smile. I honestly see a closed smile as being a body language speaking about seductiveness or sexuality combined with great intelligence (just my opinion). Every time I see a woman smiling from ear to ear showing every tooth in her head regardless if the teeth are beautiful or not, I think to myself, “dense on the inside.” She probably was a very beautiful woman.

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