The Effect of Gemstones Upon the Planets and People

The study of how gemstones affect the planets and human beings has been one of interest to people for many years. It is believed each gemstone holds power to draw cosmic rays toward it and ultimately effects the wearer of the particular gemstone. There are also beliefs that gemstones work as remedies for eliminating illnesses. Astrological and horoscope studies also indicate gemstones effect each person in the month in which they were born positively mentally. Other theories involve gemstone influence to the wearer by the time and date of wearing a particular gemstone, as well as, which finger the gemstone is worn upon.

In astrology there is a ruling planet, a primary gemstone and a secondary gemstone. For example, the Sun is a ruling planet, a Ruby is the primary gemstone and the secondary gemstone is Red spinel. The moon is a ruling planet, its primary gemstone is the Natural pearl and the secondary gemstone is tissue nucleated pearl. The planet of mercury is a ruling planet, it’s primary gemstone is the emerald and its secondary gemstone is green tourmaline. Jupiter is the ruling planet, its primary gemstone is yellow sapphire, and the secondary gemstone is yellow topaz. Venus is a ruling planet, its primary gemstone is the diamond and its secondary gemstone is white sapphire. Saturn is a ruling planet, its primary gemstone is blue sapphire and its secondary gemstone is tanzanite.

One theory states gemstones evolved out of the seven distinct rays reflected by the nine planets of the solar system. Seven colored rays are suppose to represent energy and are said to be at the root of at how gemstones eventually affect humans in positive and negative ways. Ever hear people say, “well there is something in the air today, I feel such and such way, or there must have been a full moon last night because I sure was emotional.” It is these kind of things in which astrologers study and thinks gemstones are responsible for those feelings in a round about way. Gemstones supposedly hold these positive and negative energies within themselves and works in ways which influence human fate, destiny, good health or ill health and so on.
I am not so sure I believe all that, but who knows except those who actually perform the studies and experiments and even they don’t really know. They just form theories about it all and write long reports about it all that the rest of us get hold of from here and there, like just what I said here.

Some people really believe certain gemstones can be worn to ward off bad luck or to entice good luck, such as wearing a “good luck charm bracelet or a good charm of any kind.” I say, well, to each his or her own and believe whatever you want to believe about such things as this. To me, it is kind of like chit chat and maybe even a bit of nonsense like the continued belief that at some point in time we will find out we can live on Mars instead of the planet earth!

In fact, this sounds like a good NEW religion for people to make up, write some rules for everyone in their group to follow and require everyone pay them a fee for being of their group. Sounds like another money making scheme to me. And let us not forget, if a new religion is formed and I am sure there is one out there somewhere that centers upon gemstones and planets in which everyone in the group is required to wear a ruby on a certain day or for a period of time, then everyone is required to wear diamonds a certain period of time, and anyone caught not wearing something the group has ordered for them to wear will be executed, bounced out of the place or hung from the highest tree, or perhaps at one of their last ceremonies everyone will dress in the same color, wear their hair exactly the same and each have on a ruby, a diamond, a sapphire, something to represent each planet and they all band together and commit suicide. I did read of several groups like this that called themselves religious groups. One group had everyone in the group wear a pair of Nike tennis shoes just before they all drank deadly poison and died together.

Written by: Connie Limon

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Materials Used
2 Antique Silver Plated 11 x 15 mm Leverback Earrings
2 Antique Silver Plated 0.026 x 2.75 Head Pins
4 Antique Silver Plated 2.5x7mm 6-point bead caps
2 Black Onyx 12 x 16 mm Semiprecious Nuggets
2 Caribbean 8 x 5 mm Glass Crystal Rondelles
2 Black AB 6 mm Glass Crystal Bicones

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