Choosing Appropriate Jewelry For on the Job Best Performances

Did you know your professional career performance is directly related to “fashion and jewelry?” If you have not thought of this before, just sit and think about it for a minute or two and see if you don’t agree with me on this one.
Many jobs will have a code of dress you will need to adhere to. Choose your jewelry to match whatever the code of dress is for you in your corporation, business or job. Avoid trying to show off every piece of jewelry you receive as a gift or purchase for yourself. Limit your jewelry pieces to go along with the style of your company’s dress code. In some cases, your company may even inform you of what jewelry is appropriate while on company time.
People in creative positions are usually able to choose trendy eye catching jewelry designs. If you work in a more serious occupation such as a bank, office or hospital setting, choose majestic designs having a simple size and look. Always match jewelry to your clothes or outfits.
Wear a tight or short necklace for open-necked dresses like those having a V neck or shirt collar. Long necklaces are suitable for high-necked dresses or blouses.
Small necklaces or earrings should be worn with hair kept away from the face and soft make-up, and should help keep the focus upon your jewelry.
Stay harmonious when choosing jewelry pieces. For example, if you wear a watch that is gold, then select other pieces of jewelry with gold components to harmonize with your watch. You can also match up your gold jewelry with a leather watch band. Diamond jewelry goes well with a white metal watch or watches with black leather bands.
Selecting the appropriate and harmonious jewelry pieces matching your clothes and your work environment helps you to appear more confident. Confidence is a key element in work performance, and performance is bottom line or main goal for any job career or position.
Whether you realize it or not, the type of jewelry you pair up with your clothes actually either helps to make or break your work performance. It is wise to keep this fact in mind as you choose your daily wear jewelry pieces for the job.

by: Connie Limon

Carmilita Earrings

Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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