So, just what is beaded jewelry?

It is a fabulous world of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings made from a wide variety of beads in an even wider variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Once you enter this magical world of glass beaded jewelry you most likely will never leave!

Glass beads are actually very simple and less expensive yet absolutely out of this world “stunning” works of art when artfully created into pieces of jewelry. Combine these exquisite little treasures with semi-precious stones or pearls and just see for yourself how pleasing they are to the eye and senses. Wear them and feel joy, happiness, elevated mood and sense of self esteem. Yes, it is true, all these things are true when you fall in love with beaded jewelry.

Women and men everywhere are now finding beaded jewelry made from glass beads and other kinds of stones and pearls are so easy to highlight and enhance any kind of outfit as you can mix and match the colors with absolutely “everything” you own in your closet.

Forget about just plain silver or gold jewelry. Step into the magical world of “beaded jewelry,” and experience a journey in jewelry like you have never known before. The feelings are “magical.”

Jewelry designers all over the world have finally learned “glass beads” instead of the more expensive precious stones such as diamonds and rubies are much more economical as well as “beautiful” in pieces of jewelry, on clothing, on purses, on shoes, on hats.

Have you ever seen anything in your life sparkle so beautiful as the “Swarovski crystals?” Well you might say, oh, you just have not seen some of the most beautiful diamonds and rubies in this world. I would have to say, I need to look no further as I am hooked and stunned by the shine and sparkle of the Swarovski crystals instead.

Swarovski AG  is an Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass (‘crystal’), headquartered in Wattens, Austria. They produce some of the most beautiful glass crystals you will ever see in a wide range of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes that can be assembled into a variety of jewelry designs. You wil be amazed at how beautiful the final product is.

Swarovski glass crystals are widely used by jewelry artisans all over the world from small to great to make amazing jewelry sets of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets for women, men and children.

Wondering what to give the little girl next door who sent your little girl a birthday party invitation? Give her a beaded bracelet made of pearl, glass beads and Swarovski glass crystals and watch her eyes light as she opens her package.

Buy exclusive handmade beaded earrings, bracelets and necklaces individually or as matching sets for every gift giving occasion year round. Women and men prefer exclusive and stunning jewelry made of colorful glass beads nowadays more than any other kind of jeweley. Don’t settle for just plain gold or silver pieces of jewelry anymore with a chip of a diamond or ruby placement. Shop for handmade beaded jewels instead.

Some jewelry artisans prefer to make their own lamp work beads. The process is heating a glass rod in a flame until it melts. As it reaches a molten stage, it is wound around a mandrel until a perfect bead is formed. There are many, many designs in the lamp work beads.

Believe it or not, some of the prettiest I have seen is on my website now. I have a pair of red and gold lampwork bead dangle earrings paired with gold jewelry components so perfect for Holiday Celebrations. I added these to Carmilita’s Christmas Collection. They are exquisitely beautiful. As light flickers through these beautiful red beads, there is a gold floral pattern inside the bead. I honestly would not trade this pair of earrings for a pair costing $1,000 or more. I have them for my everyday price of $15 with FREE shipping and in addition to receive a free gift with each purchase from that website.

It is a deal worth taking advantage of. What is the FREE gift? Just whatever I decide at the moment to place in your package. It could be a pair of stud earrings or another pair of dangle earrings. Don’t you just love getting surprises in your purchases from online retailers? A fancy jewelry store would not think of giving you anything extra. They mostly think of how much extra in money they can pull out of you. I purchased dangle earrings from a regular jewelry retailer online and did not even receive the “backs” to hook them onto my ears and for a price much more than I charge for exquisite handmade beaded jewelry. I never wear them. I always reach for beaded jewelry instead.

Bead Jewelry Artisans are some of the most creative people in art. Why is that, you say? It is due to the variety of colors, shapes and sizes of glass beads and other semi precious stones combined with the wide variety of gold, silver, copper, antique silver, antique gold, antique copper, gun metal jewelry componets.

The ideas for creative play with these jewelry pieces is absolutely endless. I can look at a pair of earrings and create a completely different looking pair just by changing the color of the jewelry components or the color, size, shape of the glass beads or stones. The variety here is what makes bead jewelry art so endless creatively.

If you have any kind of trickle of art creativity within you, I venture to say bead jewelry will get those juices flowing abundantly. If not, then just become a collector of these joyous creations and open up your world to a brand new collecting hobby. Find creative ways to display your collections and give, give, give to everyone on your gift list a fabulous piece of handmade beaded jewelry.

Carmilita Earrings

Written by: Connie Limon

Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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