Retail Stores Will Stand Apart From Everyone Else When Offering Handmade Jewelry

One excellent way of being different or somewhat set apart from other jewelry retail stores is to offer “handmade jewelry.” The jewelry pieces and jewelry collections available from individual jewelry artists is endless. Offering handmade jewelry in your jewelry retail store surely provides an opportunity for shoppers to find truly unique gift ideas. People will begin to see your jewlery shop is not just like all the rest. Doesn’t it get a little boring to see the same styles of jewelry in every jewelry store you go into? Shoppers feel the same way and when shopping for the person who has “everything” already, a unique handmade piece of jewelry or a collection of jewelry can sometimes break this boring cycle of having the very same thing everybody else has. You might even look for a handmade jewelry artist who will agree to make specific styles of jewelry just for your shop! People like finding items for themselves and to gift to others in which are hard to find just any place on the block. Unique is one of the keys to making sales!

Consider partnering with several handmade jewelry artists to provide your customers with a variety of jewelry styles and collections. Our markets are simply bubbling over the top with materials that provides handmade jewelry artists an endless array of creating possibilities. You might even set up a special display or corner offering customers a variety of materials such as cabochons, stones, beads, shells, jewelry findings, just everything that will also draw in the handmade artist to purchase their supplies from YOU.

I think it is important to create legal contracts with your chosen handmade jewelry artists to assure your jewelry store alone will receive their creations. Do some research about what people like to wear or give as gifts and have regular meetings with your chosen handmade jewelry artists to help supply you with items your customers will purchase. Sets of matching items such as earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings, key rings and other items helps to build your final sales. Your goal is to create repeat buyers from the casual buyer as well as to keep bringing in new buyers.

As always, remember to offer excellent one on one personal service. Set up your jewelry areas with comfortable chairs, tables and mirrors and spend time with your customers helping them choose pieces that are right for them or to give to others as gifts. Offer beautiful gift wrapping services as a free service. People are so busy these days, it is often an added incentive to visit the jewelry store that will end the sale with a beautifully wrapped package ready for the gift giving.

More often than not, there are handmade jewelry artists in nearby locations. I suggest making personal relationships with these professionals to get the very best and most unique for your own handmade jewelry sales. Of course, online as well, there are many handmade jewelry artists you can find.

Knowing the specific techniques and materials your chosen handmade jewelry artists used is also a great benefit when offering pieces to customers. Spend time talking to customers about the pieces of jewelry you offer, how it was made, and how many are available, exactly what materials were used in the making of the piece….all this information is helpful when trying to sell your handmade jewelry pieces. The better a person is able to connect to your jewelry pieces the easier it is to make and build sales as well as gain repeat customers.

Your goal as a jewelry store is to entice customers to come back to you for that special anniversary, birthday or wedding gift. Change your displays and offerings of pieces, contract for a certain number of pieces and then move onto another line or even another jewelry artist for new lines and displays. If you find a handmade jewely line that sells exceptionally well, then off that on a continous basis.

It is my feeling that whatever the occasion, handcrafted jewelry just never goes out of style and will help keep customers coming back to you and is definitely an option to help you stand apart from all the rest!




Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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